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When I left work this evening, I texted my wife to let her know I was on the way home and ask if there was anything she needed me to pick up. As I closed out of the SMS window, I noticed my twitter notifications were showing unusually high numbers.

That's when I realized, I was on the radar of... THE FREEPERS...

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I spent most of the day today arguing the nerdly technical aspects of the Facebook Poll Incident -- wherein some numbnuts posted the poll question "Should Obama Be Killed?" using a third-party poll generation application on Facebook -- in Cory Bantic's excellent diary.

And while my responses tended to focus on the intricacy of database design and cross-server application interaction, I've been pondering the greater question of why someone would do something so dumb. The internet tends to bring out the worst in people, the thin veil of anonymity (which is not as real as some think) gives people the stones to say things dumb, hurtful, sometimes illegal. But beyond that, there is an inescapable conclusion.

For anyone asking for/praying for/encouraging others to facilitate the death of our President, the only possible excuse is racism.

The proof is in the answer to this question: "Then What?"

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Tue Aug 25, 2009 at 10:38 PM PDT

My Encounter With Ted

by ThatsNotFunny

Ted Kennedy, the Lion of the Senate, has touched so many lives throughout his long career. I had a strange, very brief encounter with the Good Senator from Massachusettes a few years ago, and it's a story that will always be close to my heart.

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I have two vents!

Obama may already have my vote, but he doesn't have my vents. Here's one of them.

Dude, look at that vent. Yeah, it's got some dirt in it, but I think it's awesome. The dirt makes it kinda... I don't know... edgy, no?

The other one is below the fold.


How many vents do you have?

21%11 votes
1%1 votes
13%7 votes
25%13 votes
9%5 votes
5%3 votes
23%12 votes

| 52 votes | Vote | Results

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I solved the whole thing. You can thank me later, don't worry.

With everyone carrying on about the mess caused by the Michigan and Florida legislatures' impasse regarding how to seat their unwelcome delegates, the answer is staring us right in the face:

Let residents of Michigan vote in Pennsylvania, and let residents of Florida vote in North Carolina.

I'm sure you have some questions, because you look like the sort of troublemaker who would dare question my wisdom. Let me ask them for you and answer them in a Rumsfeldian kinda way, below the fold.


The solution put forth in this diary is...

8%6 votes
30%21 votes
11%8 votes
22%15 votes
1%1 votes
7%5 votes
17%12 votes

| 68 votes | Vote | Results

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If someone you knew passed away, would you send their family and friends a photocopy of a condolence card?

Of course you wouldn't.

But in diaries all over this site, the passing of someone dear is almost always followed in the comments by the obligatory posting of an animated .gif of a flickering candle.

It's time to end the practice of copying and pasting a heartless html tag as a substitute for genuine, emotional response that these friends and fallen heroes deserve.


Gif Candles...

24%44 votes
33%62 votes
42%77 votes

| 183 votes | Vote | Results

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This possibility came to me while watching Sen. Specter on MTP talking about coming back from easter "recess"...

As we've already seen scores of times, as with Judges Pryor and Pickering, as well as our favorite mustachioed villain and amateur architectural critic John Bolton, Bush has had no qualms about using his presidential privilege of Recess Appointments.

One scenario that might play out is Gonzo resigns during this, or more likely, a subsequent recess (depending on how long the Administration thinks they can stall), and the President appoints a new "loyal bushie", bypassing congress' advise and consent hurdles.


How likely is a Recess Appointment?

46%69 votes
40%60 votes
13%20 votes
0%0 votes

| 149 votes | Vote | Results

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When I was in kindergarten, it was rampant. You couldn't walk down the hallway without fear of catching it. And back then, there was no medicine to take. If you weren't "on base", you were a sitting duck.

People were afraid to admit they were infected. I doubt anyone reported it. Who would you tell? The nurses? They had their own agenda. They didn't want to hear it. If you tried to get help, you were laughed at. The stigma was worse than the disease.

This is from a conversation I had with my father about perhaps one of the least talked about public health issues confronting our nation: Cooties

If you think it can't happen to you, you're wrong. In fact, chances are, you're infected. But there is hope. I should know, I'm a Cooties Survivor. More below the fold...


Fill in the blank: "Cooties _____":

4%5 votes
7%9 votes
17%20 votes
10%12 votes
5%6 votes
9%11 votes
7%9 votes
7%9 votes
24%28 votes
6%7 votes

| 116 votes | Vote | Results

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My hometown high school football coach has quit:

A veteran central New Jersey high school football coach has resigned after being told by school officials he could no longer lead his team in pregame prayer.

East Brunswick coach Marcus Borden was told last Friday by Schools Superintendent Jo Ann Magistro that some parents had complained about prayers Borden initiated at pregame meals and before the games.

After being told he would have to stop leading or taking part in the prayers, Borden stepped down from his position, just hours before his team's 21-0 loss to Sayreville that evening.

As expected, some in the blogosphere have been leapt to his rescue. But HWJR? (How Would Jesus Resign?) I submit to you, humble readers, that He wouldn't have.

Mo' below the fold...

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Novak said "bullshit" on the air.

So fucking what?

Of all the so-called "bad words", why is shit among them anymore?

(more below the fold)

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