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Almost 6 years since 9-11 and the evidence is undeniable.  I do not fear Al Qaida

But I, and other Americans have plenty to fear from the Bush Administration.  Far more than we do from the entire world of terrorists.

When it comes to Al Qaida, clearly they haven't killed as many innocent men, women and children than Bush has.  They'd like to - I don't doubt that - but they don't have Bush's budget or resources in getting folks killed.

And no enemy of the United States has used the tool of terrorism and the fear it generates more often or with such effective consistency as Bush, Cheney and the junta who works for them.  Their tool has always been terror.


Who Do You Fear Most?

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Actually the e-mail which came from Carville's address was signed by Rich Harris, who explained that he was answering because Mr. Carville was out of town.

Any of us who travel on the big time circuit understand how vital it is to have someone physically back at our home base to answer e-mails... Who among us could read, let alone answer emails while away from our desks and ergonomic support seats?  

Mr. Harris also shared that James had received a lot of e-mails in support of keeping Howard Dean as party chair, but he knew that I was somehow already aware of that.  I appreciate his confidence in me.

His complete and friendly email to me after the jump ~


What Will Carville Do When He Reads My E-Mail?

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With our opponents stumbling and ready to be beaten it's time to remember what winners who become champions do.

When they knock their opponent down they don't offer a hand up.

They step on the neck of the opponent and they cut off the air supply.

They go for the jugular and finish the other team off so their opponent not only loses, they are demoralized and thoroughly personally defeated.

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Fri Aug 11, 2006 at 12:41 PM PDT

Osama Kicks Bush Ass Again

by The Angry Buddhist

American Public Beaten Down Into Subservient Sheep
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave Shuts Up & Does As It's Told

"Do whatever you have to do to me to keep me safe. I will suffer any indignity, follow any ridiculous rule or request, strip naked at the age of 80, let you touch me wherever you want. What can I do? We have to follow the rules for the good of us all."

But the Angry Buddhist says just remember when you're being herded through lines like brain dead cattle at the airport, being prodded by the snotty dregs of the barrel's bottom who make up the TSA screeners and "helpers" that 8 fucking $ billion dollars a month gets pumped into the Iraq Civil War to help fund the development of more terrorists and the further riches of Dick Shooter Cheney and his ironicly lesbian producing ancient sperm cells.

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Gather round gentle followers and lend an ear as your Angry Buddhist tells you the exciting tale of military genius, George W. Bush.

Just yesterday he stood proud before the cadets at our nation's Naval Academy and delivered our National Strategy for Victory in much the same way Dwight D. Eisenhower once delivered the D-Day plans to the Greatest Generation's best generals.

And just like that other former Texas Governor who went on to become a military genius war President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, our Warrior in the White House chooses to only make his important speeches at military locations surrounded by thousands and thousands of armed troops. Let there be no doubt about who is the Commander in Chief and who he is commanding.

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The call came on The Angry Buddhist's cell phone during halftime at last night's Lakers vs Nuggets game. As it turned out the caller on the line had the biggest Nugget of the night.

It was my phone buddy, Karl. Karl Rove. He had told the President he wouldn't call any more journalists and leak on them. So he called The Angry Buddhist instead.

As you gentle followers all know - I am not a journalist. I am, as widely acknowledged, the 21st century Jiminy Cricket.

So with a good 12 minutes before the 2nd half, I took the call.

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Tue Oct 11, 2005 at 03:57 PM PDT

Redefining The Democrats

by The Angry Buddhist

In this Bush era soon to be known as The Blunder Years, the Democrats have been a failure as an opposition party.

First they caved into Republicans and allowed the 2000 election to be stolen from them after Gore beat Bush by over 500,000 votes. Then instead of responding to "Get Over It" with "Crimes and injustice against our democracy are to be prosecuted, not gotten over!" they went home and licked their wounds. Most of them have been as bad as Bush has the on the Iraq war and terrorism. And they rolled over and played dead while hapless John Kerry was slimed and slandered in the last election.

Today, the best the Democrats have been able to offer as a party is righteous indignation, justifiable criticism, and no backbone, no solutions and no clear enunciation of who they are and what they stand for.

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Your Angry Buddhist has spent some serious time meditating on the future of America and I have come back from the mountain top to share the clear vision that made itself apparent to me.

As you grok my revelation, its obvious wisdom and clarity will make undeniable sense to you.

Do not let my brilliance anger or intimidate you. Instead enjoy the cloud parting view that now awaits you.

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Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 11:22 PM PDT

Beware The Opportunivores

by The Angry Buddhist

When your Angry Buddhist was on his annual trek for deeper wisdom far in the backcountry of Yosemite's High Sierras not that many years ago, the noble and learned National Park Ranger taught our humble group about the Opportunivores of the wild.

They were the animals who based their existence and survival by feasting on the carcasses of others. They took every advantage of illness, weakness or injury as their means of doing business.

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Wed Sep 07, 2005 at 06:44 PM PDT

Step On Their Throats

by The Angry Buddhist

The Democrats need to have a talk with Lakers coach Phil Jackson about how to treat an opponent you've got reeling.
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