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Reposted from laserttheliquidator by laserhaas Editor's Note: Romney and Bain have a surprise coming - and I'm beside myself. -- laserhaas

      It is axiomatic that when the Police see crooks robbing the bank, the bandits are not to be handed the keys to the vault and the manager escorted off the property. Yet that is exactly what is happening in the case of In re: eToys 01-706 (DE Bankr. (2001)). Make NO mistake in your presumptions here, this Blogger ('Diarist') is also a Victim, a Witness and a WhistleBlower in one of the largest cases of Racketeering in our federal systems of justice.

Bad faith public servants perpetuating manifest injustice in Breach of their Fiduciary Duty

                               does NOT alter the reality/ severity of the Facts!

       Mitt Romney sought to be "retroactively" retired from August 2001 (back to February 1999) - in order to dodge probable culpability as CEO of Bain Capital when the eToys frauds transpired. He has been able (thus far) to get away with such skullduggery; because they made a Bain Capital law firm partner (Colm Connolly of ) to be the United States Attorney in Delaware and protect Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital from being investigated (see Colm Connolly's DOJ resume and notice the time he was a Partner at MNAT is the very same time Romney seeks to be "retroactive" - ). The IMPORTANT issue at hand is the fact that MNAT and Paul Traub have (ALREADY)  Confessed to 34 acts of Perjury / deliberate Fraud. However, the [DEALaware] federal justice [improperly] ruled that no proof of Perjury transpired (despite the confessions) - (see Judge Walrath's Opinion pages 50 - 52 ) . What Her Honor [sic] was really "dodging" is the fact that she would have had to refer the matter to Colm Connolly "officially" and he would have then been required to recuse himself because of his connections. By (illicitly) declining to apply the law that is unambiguous (those who lied to the court MUST be removed); this justice has become duplicitous in an arbitrary & capricious manner (FBI calls such Civil Rights violation "Color of Law").

       On December 4, 2012, the court had (originally) scheduled an evidence hearing for the Emergency Motion to address Fraud issues (they named it the "Haas Filing"). This was the 1st pleading where I could finally name Mitt Romney and the court not argue that it was "politically" motivated. I am told (by a Paul Traub former law firm partner); that they intend to punish me for not "playing ball" until Hell freezes over.



Should one lay down to power & corruption?

9%5 votes
74%38 votes
0%0 votes
15%8 votes

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Reposted from laserttheliquidator by laserhaas Editor's Note: Mitt Romney and Bain Capital are going down for their 2001 eToys crimes It is ONLY a matter of TIME as to WHEN -- laserhaas

     Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have perpetrated massive frauds, through profuse acts of Perjury (34 lies to the Court are already confessed) - in the case of In re eToys 01-706 (DE Bankr (2001)). The organized criminal efforts are compounded by federal corruption also. We've started a White House Petition to get a (honorable) investigation by the Department of Justice and has released a story today - on those issues. (See Rmuse story "Tell the DOJ to Investigate Mitt Romney's Serial Fraud and Perjury")

      Tomorrow morning a hearing is schedule in Wilmington Delaware Federal BK Court (you can listen in on - if you so desire). It is on Bain Capital fraud and perjury issues in eToys (DE Bankr. 01-706). Unfortanetly (and to the ebol delight of B's anti-Laser gang) - the crooks have taken control of the evidence hearing and turned it into a "Status Conference" on the Haas Hearing/Filings. Not one single lawyer (and a couple of judges) - have any idea what the hell is going on.

       Good news is, the story is getting great attention. It made it up on, the Legal News Networks, Bankruptcy Conduct andeven the New York Times reflected on DU's posting the case


Are you starting to believe that we are gonna nail Romney & Bain?

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38%15 votes
25%10 votes
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7%3 votes

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Reposted from War on Error by War on Error

Like all things Romney, the letter of the law was stretched to the breaking point according to many journalists during both the GOP primary and the election.  

Three of Mitt Romney's decades long associates made $Millions from his campaign.  Was it all legal?

It would take a team of Federal Election Committee FEC, IRS, and DOJ professionals to sort it all out, but will they?  For that matter, to be all fair and balanced, will they do the same for the Obama campaign and it's attendent Super PACS?

I think it is important that they do.  This was the first year the new "let the money fly" policies, unleashed by the unfortunate SCOTUS Citizens United, took place.

Unless and until the IRS and DOJ do some serious accounting into both campaigns, how will we know that both sides followed the letter of the law and/or find conflicts of interest in order to tweek Citizens United policies if needed?  

And if they don't take both campaigns' finances apart, checking each and every jot and tittle, how will any discrepancies be found and addressed before 2014 and 2016?

Can we, the citizens, demand an accounting?

The following is a cursory compilation of the questions other investigative journalists are asking about how the Romney Campaign and its Super PAC money flowed.  

I thought it might be helpful to put them under one roof for others interested in fair and just elections, as well as making sure that Citizens United hasn't unleashed a new, lower set of "worst campaign financing" practices that will be used to enrich grifters instead of improving the democratic process.


It is critical that audits be done to assure clean elections in the future because of new Citizens United issues

100%51 votes
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Reposted from laserttheliquidator by laserhaas

     Finally, after many years (and the arse kicking on Bain Capital issues we helped make happen) - even though the election is over - decided to tell of my battle against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Though I am SUPER greatful to and reporter Rmuse for their help - this case is NOT about me - it is about cronyism & corruption by a system gone crazy.

Here's the link to the story in full

Meet the Man Who's Battling
                      Romney and Bain’s Bankruptcy Fraud for 12 Years

Case Summary

     What Mitt Romney sought to be "retroactive" from is the 2001 case of eToys. The Bain Capital (secret) lawyers lied to become the eToys attorney and the creditors attorney and then snuck in their partner as President/ CEO. Then they sold eToys (basically for free) to Bain Capital/ Kay Bee Toys (CEO Michael Glazer). (For more on Kay Bee Michael Glazer fraud - with the same crooked counsels - see Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story "Greed and Debt" The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital).


If Romney was CEO in 2001 - during eToys Frauds - is He Guilty?

85%286 votes
1%5 votes
10%34 votes
2%9 votes

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Sun Nov 25, 2012 at 11:41 PM PST

Bain Capital deserves Justice

by cjunk

Reposted from cjunk by laserhaas Editor's Note: more -- laserhaas

I just saw this petition at  Its not getting much action but I think it should.  If any one actually sees this posting please take a look and if you agree sign up, sounds enough like a cover-up conspiracy to me that I really wanted to know more.

Reposted from War on Error by laserhaas Editor's Note: Other Bain Capital investigation (insider trading and bid rigging) COLLUSION! -- laserhaas

The collusion of Private Equity consortiums has changed the landscape of investment opportunities, tilting the scales always in the favor the wealthiest 1%.  This new landscape began to flourish in the early 1980s and has mushroomed in such large scales, that only acts of Congress can recreate a level playing field.  Few have faith that this will ever happen.

I will share my personal story below depicting how, in fact, the present system is designed to squash/kill entrepreneurial enterprise.

What I find mindboggling is the fact that the stock market investment opportunities are  now in the hands of Private Equity Firms who collude.  These firms have bought up so many small companies, merging them into controlling behemoths it is astonishing and, quite frankly, beyond the budgets of "news organizations" to track and report.

The stock market has become a sham where rubes go to gamble and/or quant-designed computer programs buy and sell huge volumes of shares at lightening speed, gleaning huge gains whether the stock price goes up or down.  

We rubes don't have a prayer against this playing field, with rare exceptions.

I know it's not new news, as Wikipedia broadcasts the consortium collusion between the Private Equity Firms here.  Here's the Wiki named colluding consortium PE Firms who have been joining forces to buy control of everything.  Just to mention a few markets they are gaining control of:   medical supplies/services, donuts, communication monopolies, African retail outlets, and construction materials.  The major consortium colluders listed are:

Bain Capital, The Carlyle Group, The Blackstone Group,  Thomas H. Lee Partners, Merrill Lynch,  KKR, Silver Lake Partners, TPG Capital, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Providence Equity Partners,  Vornado Realty Trust, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
Recently the NYTimes broadcast that the Private Equity Firms actually collude with each other to determine who gets to win the buyout bids.  If Robert Kennedy or Teddy Roosevelt were here, they would stomp all over this trend towards monopolization of markets!

What I find stunning is the little reporting on the impact of the consortium collusions.

On the one hand, we have the conservatives shouting "Free Markets"  "Free Enterprise" "Entrepreneurs this, Entrepreneurs that" while, at the same time squashing the chances for "the little guys" with their behemoth enterprises controlling most market sectors now.

My Story

I was once one of "the little guys."  I learned a hard lesson:  The easiest way for the consortium colluders to kill small businesses is to ramp up an economic crisis and freeze credit.  I know this first hand.

In 1988, I invented a fashion product.  

1989 first year sales were $125,000, the first purchase order was $25,000 (what a scramble to produce that was).  

1990, second year sales were $250,000.  The product received "Most Innovative Product Award" in a fashion magazine.  

1991, third year we were snuffed out.  

I sat in front of my friendly banker that I had done business with for 11 years (3 other small viable businesses) with $60,000 worth of purchase orders received for just one week of August, 1991.  

A huge world-wide retailer's $12,000 "test order" for Christmas was included, which would have been at least 10x for the XMass order.

I couldn't get a dime of credit anywhere.  I tried everywhere.  Why?

The Savings & Loan crooks had moved from Dallas to New England in the mid 1980s and croaked the banks with bogus deals.  Bankers in my town actually went to jail.

From Wikipedia:

In January 1991 the FDIC seized the bank and placed it into Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.[16] To avoid an expected bank run due to panic, the FDIC insured all accounts, even those above the $100,000 insurance limit, with the total cost of the bailout estimated at $2.3 billion.[16] The FDIC indicated that a panic at the Bank of New England would have created a systemic risk to the entire financial markets.
The FEDS moved in and seized control of banking in New England.  There is a commercial chain reaction when the FEDS move in and take control of banks:  Lending freezes.

Lending freezes kill small businesses.  

My business was snuffed out and I lost everything, including my house.  My other three small businesses, which were 11 years running, were snuffed out because my customers were snuffed out.

Consortium collusion kills small businesses.   These groups wield huge power with the banks whose own investment groups are part of the consortium colluders.  When they choose, they can croak the economy.  Wh

1991 was a literally a blood bath in New England very similar to what happened at the end of the 8 year GOP reign in 2008.  Several small business owners, unable to get their annual bridge loans, actually committed suicide.  The unemployment rate jumped to 13.5%!

Why?  Just like every other so-called Financial Crisis, the Big Kids cause the system to crash.  The Big Kids, with some exceptions, have little to lose because they have enough to support a few generations of their prodgeny stashed in secret offshore bank accounts like Mitt Romney has.  In short, when you have hundreds of $Millions to fall back on, the rest of the money these people play with is funny money to them.  For that matter, they mostly play with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY anyway and make their fortunes via fees.

In retrospect, perhaps I should have gone to Bain Capital.  Oh, wait!  I hadn't heard of them and I didn't belong to a Country Club where I might have heard of them.  Then again, I was too small potatoes for them anyway.

The Private Equity Consortium Colluders have now put the entire world economies at risk.  In time, if not stopped, we will find our purchasing options becoming more and more limited.

In communism, the State controlled the monopolies and that didn't end well, although China seems to be booming.

What will it be called if the Private Equity Consortium Colluders own everything?

And at what risk will it be, if America elects a key player in the Private Equity Consortium Collusion as President.  I shudder to think.

Will they be stopped?

End of my story

I'm retired now, on a fixed income.  I don't dare place my nest egg in the hands of Wall Street.  The most I can receive on my nest egg is 2% interest.  Utility costs are skyrocketing.  Food prices are skyrocketing.  Gas prices are skyrocketing.  The cost of a new car is double the price of the first home I built.  And Medical co-pays are such that I just don't go to the doctor EVEN with Medicare.  

It seems to me, the new playing field is designed to strip my generation of every dime we have via inflation and medical costs, forcing us then to use our property equity as ransom IF we have to use the health care system for any major medical event.

TO THE YOUTH, the new system is designed in such a way that you stand little chance to receive any inheritance.

WE MUST BANISH THE GOP and DINOS from government locally, state-wide, and nationally.

We need an FDR revival!  We need to reign in the Private Equity Consortium Colluders before they actually BUY OUR GOVERNMENT!

End of rant.


I am aware of the Private Equity Firms Consortiums & Collusion

59%13 votes
18%4 votes
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22%5 votes

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Reposted from laserttheliquidator by laserhaas Editor's Note: Story finally breaks on Romney 2001 secrets.... -- laserhaas

  Just released an hour ago, Rmuse at has published the long awaited article on what Mitt Romney is hiding from (and seek to be "retroactively" retired from) in August 2001. The story is entitled "Public Records Reveal Romney Profited From Corruption, Fraud and Racketeering at Bain" [Capital] (linked)

Public Records Reveal Romney Profited From Corruption,                                                            Fraud and Racketeering at Bain

      To sum it up, Bain Capital attorneys committed Perjury to become the eToys Debtor's counsel, Creditors attorney and place their cohort in as President/ CEO. Then they "betrayed" their sworn duty to eToys, the shareholders and creditors for the sake of their secret client Bain Capital/ Kay Bee. When a bribe attempt was made and reported to the Delaware Department of Justice; a Bain Capital law firm attorney

(Colm Connolly - pictured right) was made the United States Attorney on August 2, 2001 and was a MNAT law firm partner in early 1999 (the SAME Exact time period that Mitt Romney is seeking to be "retroactively" resigned from). (Please see Dept of Justice Office of Legal Policy archived Resume of Mr. Connolly [here]).

The story is finally OUT by an up & coming Matt Taibbi type in the making (PoliticusUSA reporter Rmuse). Please read and spread the word to stop this Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital criminal disaster from trying to become an Al Capone in the White House?


Saturday November 3, 2012 9:55 p.m. Pacific

Story picking up legs to go viral - Local ABC Affiliate, Alternet and Legal News

Alternet is competitor to PoliticusUSA - for them to quash such is GREAT
(they can only reprint full article with copyrights written permission)


Can you help make this story go viral?

71%37 votes
3%2 votes
13%7 votes
11%6 votes

| 52 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from tigercub by eXtina

Staples/Bain News:

Romney acknowledged at the time that there were no other cases in which a separate class of securities was created for the benefit of one individual. He also said that as an investor through Bain, he had never seen that kind of a device used before.

Romney created this special "fake" stock for the guy's divorce settlement, then ripped off the ex wife. Romney designed this fraud from the ground up. Perfectly legal evidently. Just like the banks during the economic collapse. But putrid and rotten like a lawyer's toe fungus. That's Romney's Bain Capital. A spoiled brat pseudo-religious boy's club sticking it to the women who don't roll over and kiss their feet.

Sleazy as hell.

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Reposted from distraught by eXtina

The Nation has revealed that Mitt Romney made a fortune off of the auto-bailout, by investing in a hedge fund's scheme involving an autoparts manufacturer called Delphi.

Delphi, now in the possession of its hedge fund creditors, told the Treasury and GM to hand over $350 million immediately, “because if you don’t, we’ll shut you down.”


The automaker had left the inventory of its steering column and other key components in Delphi’s hands. If Delphi laid siege to GM’s parts supply, the bailout would fail and GM would have to be liquidated or sold off—as would another Delphi dependent, Chrysler.

Delphi then off-shored its production to China, screwing tens of thousands of American workers in the process.
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Reposted from laserttheliquidator by laserhaas

       On Monday, October 22, 2012 - this brief (here) was sent to the Delaware Federal BK Court, the United States Trustee, the Department of Justice and various parties of interest. Yesterday, I wrote a Diary "here".

       Today I am told that the Philadelphia SEC Prosecutor (Paul Rihn) has been removed from the case and it is no longer a matter of importance to the SEC. I also spoke to the FBI in Los Angeles for 36 minutes. He was real smug and declined to give his name. Now the Delaware Federal Court has REFUSED to docket the item that provides proof of one of the reasons Mitt Romney seeks to be "retroactive" from August 2001 - back to February 1999.


Unless we force this case to get the attention it deserves  Romney may steal this!

UPDATE: Story Summary

     It is REAL simple folks. Romney is dodging 2001 (retroactively) back to February 1999. The attorneys in eToys have ALREADY confessed to lying under oath deliberately (and the U.S. Trustee said in parts 19 & 35 of this brief [here] - that they did so AFTER they were Forewarned - not to do the very crimes they went ahead and did in secret).

     The attorney for eToys (MNAT) and the attorney for eToys creditors (Paul Traub) and the CEO of eToys (Barry Gold) are ALL still LYING and hiding the fact that they worked for Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital. When we sold eToys for approximately $100 million to Bain Capital Kay Bee - MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold reduced the prices to less than pennies on the dollar. Lying to the Court 30 times and CONFESSING it was Intentional.

                                     THAT is Fraud upon the Court by Perjury

      Instead of being investigated, arrested, indicted and prosecuted - Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have gotten away with this crime for 11 1/2 years - because a Bain Capital attorney was made the United States Attorney (Colm Connolly) on August 2, 2001. Connolly's resume shows that he was an MNAT law firm partner (Bain Capital attorney) from March 1999 to August 2001. After he became U.S. Attorney - he refused to investigate and or prosecute his BOSS (Romney) and his partner/ clients (MNAT, Traub, Gold etc) - for 7 years.

   Colm Connolly's federally archived resume (here)

   GWB's August 2, 2001 nomination of Colm Connolly to be US Attorney (here)

     It is a BIG friggin story that a Federal Court is messing with the Court records

                  For the sake of protecting Bain Capital/ Romney Organized Crimes

                                They don't want to admit their Cover Ups


Has corruption and cowardice become the norm in America?

84%42 votes
2%1 votes
6%3 votes
8%4 votes

| 50 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from laserttheliquidator by laserhaas Editor's Note: The mystery of Romney in 2001 - is exposed! -- laserhaas

       Have been busy, mostly to no avail, trying to get this story out on Mitt Romney's as CEO of Bain Capital. To help explain the real mystery behind the 2001 "retroactive" retirement plot. It is amazing that, even with confessions of lying to the court more than 30 times and that they admitted it was deliberate; everyone is scared that Mitt will get in and remains afraid to call a rogue what he is.


Bain Capital's Toys R Us is in possession of the stolen property of eToys.
        Mitt Romney's Bain Capital is benefiting from Perjury, Fraud and Federal corruption that began in 2001. When their schemes were about to be exposed, they arranged for one of Bain Capital's law firm partners (Colm Connolly) to become the United States Attorney in Delaware. Who then refused to investigate 101 + felony violations and confessions to 30 + acts of Perjury.
        Romney/ Bain's secret law firms are MNAT and Paul Traub.

         MNAT mergered Bain/ Romney - The Learning Center with Mattel in 1999
         (Mattel lost $2 Billion and there was NO federal investigation published)

         Goldman Sachs took eToys IPO in 1999 and MNAT also represents GSachs
         (the pump-n-dump of the stock was above $78 - but eToys only gets $18)

         MNAT confessed it lied about Goldman Sachs to become eToys attorney.

         Paul Traub has also confessed he lied to the court - about Barry Gold.

         You can read my brief sent to Delaware Court yesterday - here;


Romney has, thus far, been successful in burying the 2001 eToys Frauds, Perjuries and Federal Corruption; do you think that is right?

7%3 votes
65%26 votes
0%0 votes
7%3 votes
2%1 votes
17%7 votes

| 40 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from Digging up those Facts ... for over 8 years. by MBishop1

First the Bain back-story ... that is impacting Middle Class American Jobs, even as you read this.

Here Is What's Happening at the Bain-Owned Auto Parts Manufacturer Sensata

by Dave Johnson, -- Oct 16, 2012

Bain Capital purchased a sensor manufacturer that makes key components for our automobile supply chain, and named it Sensata. They immediately announced they closing a factory in Freeport, Ill., and sending the manufacturing and jobs to China to save money. (This is significant because China is engaged in efforts to dominate American auto supplies. See China Cheating Costs 400K Auto Parts Jobs and Why The Latest Trade Complaint Against China Matters. )

Bain/Sensata brought in Chinese workers and made the Freeport workers train them. Bain/Sensata is moving the equipment out of the Freeport factory and shipping it to China right now. The Freeport employees have set up a camp outside the factory that they call Bainport and are trying to stop the Bain trucks that are moving the equipment out for shipment to China. Supporters were arrested this week, trying to stop those trucks.

This is an opportunity for Romney to show the public that he actually means it when he says he wants to do something about companies sending jobs to China! Here is his former company, people who know him, sending jobs to China right now and there is no one in a better position to put pressure on them to stop this than the former head of the company, and on top of that a presidential candidate!

Did Romney show up to stand with the workers -- that his "harvesting" Business Model routinely sends to the 47% Unemployment lines -- all without severance pay?

Hell no, he didn't.  Turns out Mitt Romney kind of likes the cheap labor-pool in China.  Despite his tough talk to the contrary.

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