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Before the Ping May, a rusty cargo vessel, could disembark from the port of Santa Marta en route to the Netherlands in late August, Colombian inspectors boarded the boat and made a discovery. Hidden in the ship's chain locker, amidst its load of coal bound for Europe, were approximately 40 kilograms, or about 90 pounds, of cocaine. A Colombian Coast Guard official told The Nation that there is an ongoing investigation.

The seizure of the narcotics shipment in the Caribbean port occurred far away from Kentucky, the state in which Senator Mitch McConnell is now facing a career-defining election. But the Republican Senate minority leader has the closest of ties to the owner of the Ping May, the vessel containing the illicit materials: the Foremost Maritime Corporation, a firm founded and owned by McConnell's in-laws, the Chao family.

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If you are going to learn anything from this weeks resignation of Brendan Eich it is the GOP now values gay rights and opposes fire at will employment policies.

If you believe that then some billionaires will soon be along to sell you the idea that God loves gays, their past positions were just policy differences, "Fire at will" is not supposed to apply (especially to CEO'S) and free speech t(T)rumps everything, except of course if you have a uterus and work at Hobby Lobby and or need contraceptives.

This was Mozilla's announcement

Mozilla prides itself on being held to a different standard and, this past week, we didn’t live up to it. We know why people are hurt and angry, and they are right: it’s because we haven’t stayed true to ourselves.

We didn’t act like you’d expect Mozilla to act. We didn’t move fast enough to engage with people once the controversy started. We’re sorry. We must do better.

Brendan Eich has chosen to step down from his role as CEO. He’s made this decision for Mozilla and our community.

Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech. Equality is necessary for meaningful speech. And you need free speech to fight for equality. Figuring out how to stand for both at the same time can be hard.

Our organizational culture reflects diversity and inclusiveness. We welcome contributions from everyone regardless of age, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender-identity, language, race, sexual orientation, geographical location and religious views. Mozilla supports equality for all.

In the upside down world of the GOP having a culture that reflects diversity and inclusiveness is now full on fascism. So People should not be fired for their opinions and the GOP will now be supporting fast-food workers and workers locked out by Kellogs? Of course not.  

They want Mozilla to know that you should not let go CEOs they like. Workers can get stuffed. So Republickers use the feedback tool to vent and offer their free dumbs about the poor put upon Brendan Eich.

Free dumbs below the squiggle.

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In their attempt to take down medicaid the New York Post delivers the best argument for single payer. The insurance led system for healthcare is awful.

Even when doctors do still treat Medicaid patients, they often have a harder time getting appointments and face longer wait times. One study found that among clinics that accepted both privately insured children and those enrolled in Medicaid, the average wait time for an appointment was 42 days for Medicaid compared to just 20 days for the privately insured.
People in the United Kingdom have an expectation that they can see a GP within 48 hours. As a result of a freeze in NHS expenditure that may not always be the case but the fact that it is not the case is causing a scandal.

Private insurance companies in the UK have to compete against free at the point of use.   They have to deliver much more than the basic if they want money. For optional medical treatments, if you are insured privately - there is no wait time. For free emergency NHS covered health care - there is no wait time.

Two day waits to see a GP compared to 20 day waits (if you are insured) under the  American system.


How long would you like to wait to see a physician?

7%2 votes
0%0 votes
25%7 votes
66%18 votes

| 27 votes | Vote | Results

Discuss is the brain bug of the American Conservative movement.

Their articles are often reasonably well argued and they tend to avoid the lunatic extremes of the Tea Party. However, in their argument against Affordable Care Act they lay out a rather sad indictment of the American Conservative movement. Their argument is America should think small.The side that claims the badge of the American Patriot declares America unfit.  America is Country that does not do big things.

More than anything, however, this rolling bureaucratic disaster and its fallout should serve as a check on expansive political ambitions and grand visions of social change.

That goes for politicians from both parties, and for projects both foreign and domestic; as Republicans learned in Iraq, simply willing something to happen, and throwing resources at the goal, is not the same as seeing it through.

But it also goes for voters, whose hope in governmentally driven change gives those politicians license to act. Americans do many big things well, but American government doesn’t. The best way to avoid future grand debacles is to agree that we won’t do them together.

America, the nation that placed a man on the moon, the nation that built the Hoover dam, the nation that was at the forefront of economic growth and invention is no longer a can do nation. No internet. No Teflon. No satellites. None of that. America as a Country can not do big things. To the brains of the American Conservative movement, the Country that won the cold war through heavy military Keynesian build up must now settle for small things. Ignore the BRIC Nations and forget moving forward.

America to Republicans used to be a Country that was the shining beacon on a hill. Now it must switch that light off and shy away from the big issues.

To Conservative America, the Country can not do what every other developed Country on Earth can do and deliver near universal health care (never mind care - insurance).

So much for the Right claiming to support American exceptionalism.



Rand Paul has "mutually agreed" to no longer write for the Washington Times. Home of the birthers and every far right conspiracy theory.

New ideas at the Washington Times consists of this:

Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Real American. Real Patriot.  Obama is a communist wanting to destroy America. Cut the spending as government over reach is destroying the economy. Don't cut the spending because America is becoming a second rate nation. Real America is real America. Liberal Media is Liberal Media. Ted Nugent for President. Ronald Reagan, "Tear Down this Wall", Obamacare, Long Live Sarah Pailin.
Exciting new ideas at the Washington Times
Sarah Palin real leader. Washington Liberals are RINOs and Communist. Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan. Real American. Real Patriot.  Obama is a communist wanting to destroy America. Obmacare is evil. Cut the spending as Barack Obama racked up $17 trillion in debt. Cut the taxes because cut the taxes. Support the tax reform. Liberal Media is Liberal Media. Real America is real America.  Ted Nugent for President. "Tear Down this Wall", Ronald Reagan, great President,  Obamacare is bad, Long Live Sarah Palin.
(not quite actual articles but pretty much

So this is just laughable.

The Washington Times said Tuesday that it had independently reviewed Mr. Paul’s columns and op-eds and published a correction to his Sept. 20 column in which the senator had failed to attribute a passage that first appeared in The Week.
The newspaper and the senator mutually agreed to end his weekly column, which has appeared each Friday since the summer.
“We expect our columnists to submit original work and to properly attribute material, and we appreciate that the senator and his staff have taken responsibility for an oversight in one column,” Times Editor John Solomon said.
“We also appreciate the original insights he has shared with our readers over the last few months and look forward to future contributions from Sen. Paul and any other members of Congress who take the time to help educate our readers,” Mr. Solomon said.
Standard statements are Ronald Reagan cut taxes. New thought in the GOP says taxes were cut by Reagan. (Reality = highest tax hiking President in history but forget that as it was on the poors).

It really is hard to plagiarise a Republican. This is a conversation with them: tax cuts cuts, tax cuts tax cuts, stop the spending stop the spending,spending, spending cuts on that are bad and communist,  cuts on military are bad, stop abortion. Women who get  abortions are bad baby killers. Bomb the Middle East. Cut the taxes.  

Rand Paul achieved such a level of dumb this happened :-

The newspaper and the senator mutually agreed to end his weekly column, which has appeared each Friday since the summer.r

The final votes have not been cast but the excuses are already in.

Virginia was stolen. Starvus was a commie plant.

Cuccinelli should have won. Damn Acorn.

Seriously, they have the defeat tied up already. If Cuccinelli  loses by less than the vote of Starvis then suddenly a libertarian candidate was working on behalf of the Democratic Party.


If Cuccinelli loses by more than the Starvis vote it will be because he became moderate and if he had stuck to his agenda he would have won if it was not for those election stealing liberals who do not vote Republican.

Yeah, also serious!!11!!!!

The most amusing thing about the Virginia election will be Republicans crying about their victory in New Jersey.

If Cuccinelli loses tonight, the menu for tomorrow's GOP is each other.


As Mark Twain said, "A lie can run around the world six times while the truth is still trying to put on its pants."

We all know Republican website authors find it easier to spread lies than breathe. However their lies readily become accepted as fact, sometimes just among themselves (see Unskewed polls, $716 billion cuts), sometimes those lies can become "bi-partisan".

It has now become Conservatruth that the website cost US taxpayers over $500 million.

Almost every Republican leading blog has run with the story that cost $634 million.

The $500 million cost has even been accepted as fact on the front page of Daily Kos.

Everyone has now accepted a new truism. cost over a $half billion.

Time to get back to some truthiness.

The values of contracts awarded to CGI Technology and Solutions are publicly available. This spreadsheet details all of the contracts given to CGI since 2007. Yes 2007, the year George Bush was a lame duck, economists were talking of a credit crunch (not even imagining a banking collapse) and Hillary Clinton was going to face Rudy Giuliani in November of the next year.

Scroll to the bottom of the spreadsheet, the amount awarded is $640,880,247

Yep Rush was right, we can all go home now and celebrate our free dumbs and cry over lost taxpayer money?Yeah? No.

Well let's delete the expenditures that could not possibly be related to the ACA. Anything before January 20 2009.

Wow still cost $600 million. Time to get the tricorn hats out and march with Ted Cruz. Well you can only make this assumption if you think that the administration knew what the Affordable Care Act would look like after it passed Congress before a bill was even presented to congress.

Wow you can filter. The only item you can filter on Treasury Account Symbol Initiative is "AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT". Wo Ben Ghazi, the stimulus only cost $14 million. Let's just remove that cost.

Hmm, you can filter by completion date. The website had a go live date of 1 October 2013. It would have needed to be available for testing on 1 September 2013.

That gives you The $93 million maximum cost contract is listed so is the cost of all of the supplemental additions as a result of the Supreme Court and States changing their local rules after the contract was awarded.

So the actual cost to taxpayers for a site as extensive as $55,744,082. The cost of all of the supplemental work as a result of changes forced on the ACA by a Republican Supreme Court and Republican States who could not wait to deny their residents health care, $63, 933,755. Total cost $119,677,837. Nowhere near $500 million, $634 million or $eleventee blumptee.

This by the way is a still high estimate of the actual cost of the website, because it will include other supplementals. Even The Blaze (ffs) estimated the cost of to be nowhere near the $634 million figure. They are claiming the full $93.7 million maximum cost.

The Sunlight Foundation estimates a cost of $70 million for the site,with the other costs being largely indirect.

This is a fair chunk of change. is not however a homepage on geocities back from the day Yahoo was king.

Websites that have complex backends that need to a simple front end are incredibly expensive. This is a website that needs to interface with insurance companies, assess eligibility and level of subsidy available, and produce different results for different states. It needs to be secure, it needs to be crash proof and it needs to cope with high traffic levels.

None of that is cheap. And at 1/10th of the cost of the United Kingdom's failed healthcare database, it is however pretty good value, despite the yes, major issues that do need ironing out and urgently.

Finally this contract was not a sweetheart deal for CGI from the Obama administration. The original contract was awarded in 2007and meant that 16 contractors would have an Indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract. Think zero hour contracts for IT suppliers. They would have an order without bid for a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $4 billion.  The idea of the contract is to be able to streamline major system development. The contract ends in 2017.


According to Red State, the problem Republicans are having is because they don't talk enough about abortion.

Well I haven't recently come from outer-space, so I know the average GOP platform is gun, gods, tax cuts, ban gays and ban abortions. I'd have thought that after Akin, they would have understood that they talk too much about abortion, in between fapping over Raygun.

No, not quite.

According to Red State "Social Conservatives" are not supposed to talk about abortion.

We social conservatives are often counseled to not fight on “divisive” social issues as they are presumed to be losers. Take for instance abortion. As early as 1996, a “truce” was declared within the GOP on the subject to soft pedal opposition to the normalization of in utero infanticide.
They quote the delightful Maggie Gallagher who claims that Cuccinelli is in trouble because he doesn't go on about social issues enough.
For an example of the truce strategy in action, recall the July 19 debate between Cuccinelli, a Republican, and his Democratic opponent, Terry McAuliffe, a man whose position on abortion is far outside the Virginia mainstream.

Debate moderator Judy Woodruff asked Cuccinelli whether he would push for tougher laws on abortion. The state attorney general responded: “I do not expect to use the political capital of the governor’s officeto be moving those pieces of legislation. My focus is on job creation and job growth.” Translation? He doesn’t want to appear to care about the issue enough to govern on it.


Supposedly forced birthers are told to shut up, all they need is to go on more about abortion and they will be successful.

The truce strategy demoralizes the GOP base and makes it hard for the grass roots to care about Republican candidates. Conservative candidates are advised to deflect or retreat when social issues are raised, and their refusal to speak clearly and hold the line allows Democratic candidates to adopt more extreme positions, energizing their own base and unleashing a flood of money at no political cost. Democrats are confident that their opponents will not make an issue of their positions. Republican candidates’ apparent discomfort discussing such issues makes it look like they have something to hide, confirming to many voters Democratic suggestions that GOP candidates’ positions are extreme.
Here are things you would know if you came from outer-space.

The GOP loves themselves tax cuts for billionaires.
If there is a budget, unless it is military related it should be cut.
They still hate gays, except when in public toilets.
They hate minorities, even ones they pretend to love.
They wake up each morning dreaming about how to restrict or ban abortion.

Their primaries are decided almost entirely on those issues. Their debates are based entirely on what of the above list they should put first.

Follow me below the squiggly bit to find out what happens when the GOP speaks more about abortion.

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Over at Redstate they are announcing the fight is over

Republican leaders in Washington, DC are signaling they will cave on the fight against Obamacare.

Heck, they are signaling they are caving on everything.

What do they want as a result? Revenge.
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Tue Oct 01, 2013 at 12:59 PM PDT

Please proceed teabaggers

by The BigotBasher

The absurdly named "American Thinker" is now claiming the scalp of a rich alcoholic. They are now claiming the scalp of John Boehner for being too moderate.

How does this work? The Moonie Times carried an article claiming that John Boehnernow owns Obamacare.

The Tea Party reacted. Strongly. They want him gone......


How should Boehner react?

4%2 votes
10%5 votes
6%3 votes
54%25 votes
6%3 votes
0%0 votes
6%3 votes
10%5 votes
0%0 votes

| 46 votes | Vote | Results

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Members of Parliament were not convinced by the latest call to War.

They voted 285 to 272 against another Middle East War.

David Cameron made the case for military action but accepted that there was no full evidence that Assad had used chemical weapons.

The Security Services released an intelligence briefingon the use of chemical weapons. It is convincing but there is too much history.

If this was 2002 immediate action would be supported. In a post Iraq War world, it is only too right to be sceptical. As it should have been in 2002.


Sun Aug 25, 2013 at 01:40 AM PDT

Donate to Cons. Get conned?

by The BigotBasher

This happened on Daily Kos

But instead, allow me to ask you to do the Christian thing and donate to this young man’s fund.  Yes, he assists in electing leaders who hurt my fellow Americans (and apparently himself), but he has two young, beautiful and innocent daughters who need him--and that is who the fund is for.  He does not deserve to suffer, much less die.  If you can spare anything, donate:        Put .07 cents at the end of whatever you donate so they know it came from Kossacks (or KosKids, as we are unaffectionately called on Redstate).

My ire goes to his employer.  Even though the ACA was a conservative idea, and even though it still doesn't cover everyone and essentially just forces insurance companies to stop engaging in their worst of the worst practices, it is the only thing we could get through and STILL Erick fights it tooth and nail.  

Results below
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