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So, Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward (R-Lake Havasu City) recently went to the Bundy Ranch to defend Cliven Bundy from them "evil guv'mint revenooers" (that may or may not be an actual quote, but it captures the flavor nonetheless).  

After his wildly racist and disparaging comments were publicized, she took to Twitter to disagree vehemently:

OK, not so much "vehement", but "kinda milquetoast", and today she took to Twitter to rail against Donald Sterling!

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Mikel Weisser, the Democratic candidate who will face Tea Party Congressman Paul Gosar in November, on the April 13, 2014 edition of The Beatdown Report podcast.  We had a great dicussion regarding marijuana policy and 5 myths Republicans have about Democrats.

The Beatdown Conversation: Politics, Marijuana, and Poetry

Check out his website, especially if you live in AZ-04! Check out his website, especially if you live in AZ-04!


Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 02:34 PM PDT

Chris Muir and the Roots of Hate...

by The Klute

Because I must have masochistic political tendencies, I read Hot Air on a regular basis, and because I like to laugh, I read cartoons (well, OK, I read the The Comics Curmudgeon for snark with my cartoons).  

At the intersection of both is Day by Day, a webcartoon by Chris Muir, where people of all races, creeds, and nationalities speak as ciphers for his brand of dead-end politics. Need a woman to say something a man wants to say? Look no further than the pen and brushstroke of Chris Muir.  

And today, he has a sad.  Why?  Because to quote Stan Smith of "American Dad!", he's lamenting that he only has "most of the power, instead of all the power."

And that power is indeed white, in case you're asking.

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So, you might think the Amy's Baking Company saga couldn't get crazier.  You would be wrong.  

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So, we're long past the point where they're trying to hide it.  It's just out in the open, unapologetic, and proud.

Here's Barbara Espinoza of "Hair on Fire" calling President Obama the "first monkey President".

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So, Randy Pullen, the former head of the Arizona Republican Party, ousted by Tea Party Republican Tom Morrissey, decided he needs in on some of that sweet Obama hating action.  

When you read that statement, it's clear he's comparing Asia's values with America's values, and thus the millions of Americans who either have descendents from the Far East or are naturalized.  

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Sonoran Alliance is a prominent, perhaps the most prominent, conservative blog in Arizona. As you can imagine, the sturm and drang over there about the Pearce recall has been extremely sturmy and drangful.  Over a month later, there still coming to terms with what happened.

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