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Sadly, Boehner may already be more liberal than most of the dung beetles in congress, but that is beside the point.  There might be an opportunity for a congressional coup and I say that us, Democrats, should attempt it.

Traditionally, major parties nominate their guy and whoever is in the majority wins.  But there are loopholes available.  In 2004 the Montana Legislature had a slight Democratic majority, but instead of a liberal Missoulian ascending to the Speaker position, a conservative Democrat from Miles City was nominated by the Republicans and he carried the day.  So though I love Nancy Pelosi, I nominate...  

Jeff Fortenberry (R-Nebraska)

Jeff carries a 50.2 liberal rating and a 49.8 conservative rating.

I don't know Jeff, I simply googled this info.  But my point is as follows.  Nominate a centrist Republican and let the Republicans sweat about it.  Democrats agree to vote for the centrist Republican and maybe he can carry 26ish Republicans to carry the day.  Just an idea, whattaya think?


Mon Jul 02, 2012 at 10:27 AM PDT

Facts Twisted by Team Mitt

by The LIberal Monster


As America turns a blind eye to the “brilliance” of Mitt’s sunny presidency, they also open deaf ears to his bullshit.

We all knew in 2012 that Mitt flip-flopped, about a thousand times.  Abortion, gay marriage, Romneycare, etc, etc.  We all know that Mitt supports women through his stay-at-home-with-maids wife, and campaigns against women’s rights  I don’t even get me started on Mormonism.  But now the Mitt frog camp is manufacturing positive news?

There have been claims made by former Romney administration agents that Mitt had hired his own relative to write positive internet stories.  

“Most stories have been written to show a more human side to Mitt.  Mitt’s story about stowing Seamas, his dog, on his roof hit him the hardest during the 2012 campaign, so Mitt’s plan moving forward has been to deflect his negative criticism with more positive news about himself.  Even if the stories have to be manufactured.”

I call that pretend time stories being made up out of thin air.

“Seemingly innocent stories that highlight Mitt’s accent, or Mitt’s love of Boston Celtic basketball, or even the fact that he allows outsiders into his camp all make it seem that Mitt is a normal guy you could drink a beer with.  Trust me, Mitt couldn’t name you the Celtic’s Big Three, and he doesn’t even drink beer.  Mitt’s presidency seems to be even more insulated and isolated then the George W Bush regime, but with the United States on the up and up economically, Mitt has been seen as a savior to the media instead idols to demonize like W. Bush and Obama.”

    So why is this former Romneyite telling us this?

    “The last three two term Republican presidents have ended their tenures and countries in disarray. Nixon had Watergate, Reagan had the Iran contra, W. bush had the whole Great Depression thing, and I just know that something far worse is going to happen if we get two terms of Mitt.

    I can just feel it.”    

    Can you feel something coming?  



The biggest complaints I hear from Democrats in regards to McGovern’s two-state Texas-OK Strategy is, “But he’s not coming to (insert home state here), like he usually would.  How can I like a strategy that leaves us out?”

We understand being left out.  Texas Democrats have been an extinct creature since LBJ.  I mean, they’ve existed, but who would’ve known?  Why continue down the same downtrodden path of Iowa, then New Hampshire, then all the rest.  Especially when we see McGovern trailing or staying even in such Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Obama’s landmark election of 2008 was great in that the electoral playing field was expanded to levels not seen since LBJ. Obama campaigned in North Carolina and won.  Campaigned in Virginia and won.  Strong African American communities along with college and hi-tech areas in Virginia and North Carolina helped propel Obama to victory.  Indiana fell into his column because his message resonated.

McGovern’s outlook for 2016 are far bleaker then Obama’s eight years ago.  A successful GOP president has put Pennsylvania and Michigan, let alone Ohio and Florida out of reach.  But McGovern has an idea, a new campaigning idea.  Rely on the coasts, and campaign at home.  Bank on military men, liberal cowboys, and Aggie and Sooner fans to come out in full force and propel him to victory in his home state of Texas, and his elected/adopted home state of Oklahoma.  Areas Democrats have abandoned nationally for years.  45 electoral votes that Obama wouldn’t have dreamed of getting, and 45 votes to easily offset the 49 lost by Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Virginia.  And if McGovern’s message begins to resonate, and one of those toss-ups fall into our column, or even a wild card state combo of Kansas (down 45-35) and/or Montana (down 42-35), McGovern wins easily.  Then the entire electoral map is flipped upside down.    

Any thoughts on how to lessen the pain for the Floridians and Ohioans abandoned this 2016 election cycle?



We started almost 6 months ago in Tulsa.  

Then we started all over again 5 months ago in Wichita Falls.  

And now, having followed Tim McGovern on his Democratic primary campaign trail for almost half a year now, and today we are starting over again.  

We start today in Dallas as the official Democratic nominee for president, Tim McGovern calls North Texas his official campaign capital.  Today we start with a mountain to climb, and an imposter to remove.  Today we start with a ton of confidence despite the odds.  Today we start with a new electoral map, say McGovern.

“Why only follow the whims and follies of a few states?  Why should the Ohios and the Floridas basically get the nod on who rules our great nation?  Today I introduce to the American public the Texas Strategy.”

For those of us who’ve followed the candidate this is old-news, but to newbies the idea is this: If an Obama map isn’t possible, why not try this map:

McGovern is a born and raised Texan, proudly and loudly from Wichita Falls, an Air Force guy who found his wife and life calling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Oh, and his grandfather is George McGovern, can we call it presidential blood?  Tim is a representative for the 3rd district of Oklahoma, even though he roots for the Aggies.  He is a Democrat in a heavily Republican area, and he thinks he can do it on a national level.  

We believe in him.  A lifelong liberal, an Air Force pilot turned congressman who won convincingly in dark red Oklahoma.  A real person you could drink a beer with.  Watch a Cowboys game and then watch a Michael Moore documentary.  Tim can resonate with liberals and conservatives alike.  

But what do you think?  Can Tim’s two-state Texas Strategy work?  Why or why not?


Today, is the Wisconsin recall.  All the news articles leading up to this day has been overwhelmingly in Scott Walker's favor.  However, even in Montana I can feel that this election is going to be pretty close.  

I will tell you one major contributing factor into a loss was the underwhelming effort from the urban Milwaukee area.  Mainly the poorer minority and African American neighborhoods.

Quit believing the Republicans down at the coffee shop, and the talking heads on the TV.  President Obama drives in the voters that usually never voted.  

The Clooney fundraisers are just fine, but Obama needs to start campaigning everywhere.  Barack needs to be setting up these Sunday afternoon in a Milwaukee downtown park fundraisers.  You don't get alot of money, but you get alot of voters.  

How many showed up to see Obama in 08 in Milwaukee?


Fri May 11, 2012 at 12:18 PM PDT

Mitt = Biff

by The LIberal Monster

Biff Tannen was a jerk in high school, bullying kids who didn't quite fit in.  Biff learned his place in society, became somewhat soft spoken, but was still a jerk when left alone to his own devices.  As a grizzly, old man he was confronted with time travel.  After going back in time he gives his younger self the ability to become extremely wealthy.  So wealthy we almost forget that he's a jerk.  Sound familiar?

Does this mean Obama = McFly?


If you could go back in time, I would...

42%11 votes
15%4 votes
3%1 votes
15%4 votes
23%6 votes

| 26 votes | Vote | Results


Now we know the terrible, horrible truth!  Michelle Bachmann is a secret Swiss terrorist out to destroy the very fabric of American life and culture.

How can we trust such a person?  Such a person who holds such nefarious ties?  The cheese, watch, and bank lobbyists have had their Manchurian Candidate this ENTIRE time!  I demand to see her birth certificate.  I demand to see her VISA, I demand to check her Cheese drawer.  There better be some goshdarn American cheese in that drawer!  I want evidence!  I bet she drives a Volkswagon!

To think: we might've had a secret neutral, bank-friendly socialist spy in the White House!  


As I sit and write this diary in chilly, snowy northern Montana I wonder why its not chilly and snowy.

Its January 3rd, 2012 and though it snowed briefly on the last day of 2011, the temperatures rose and the white melted away by noon.  That's how quickly snow melts after a December snowstorm in Las Vegas!  And its not just where I live, even in North Dakota 400 miles east is enjoying higher then average temperatures.  Al Roker let us know that some mountainous areas of New Mexico was the only place in the US to be snowing on Christmas day.  

So maybe I'm overblowing things, the conservative media believes its all overblown, but even in Canada, CANADA!, had its first snow-free Christmas since records have been taken.  So where's the Global Warming news articles?  

Maybe I will be happy for the warming, so we won't hafta endure those negative 40 degree windchills anymore....


Do you believe in Global Warming?

66%28 votes
14%6 votes
4%2 votes
14%6 votes

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Here's my conspiracy theory, and I believe, how #OWS will help ruin this theory.

Since the last few financial collapses in US history have been man-made, in so much that corporations are run by men, that this last one was and continues to be created by the Oh-One percent-ers, the .01% of those people who control like 50% of America's wealth.

Destroy the economy by cutting jobs and shipping them overseas.  Slash their own tax rates so our social system falters.  Shutter even the infrastructure repairs, so that  finally such a pent-up demand for jobs, that supply drives wages and salaries downward.  

Then, after waiting out ONE presidential election, come back to swoop in like saviors when their man is put into office.  

My conspiracy theory was that once any R was elected then all those mega-millionaires would start hiring once again, at lowered wages.  All the rich conspired against America and wanted to wait.

But, #OWS began, and hopefully America will open their eyes, and the companies will start hiring soon.


Imagine Elizabeth, a freshman, a smart, shy Oklahoma girl who just arrived on a scholarship to George Washington 1966.  She had boyfriends before, but this was the 60's, it was a time to be crazy, it was a time to pose nude?  

Of course she didn't.  Of course she has integrity and morals, and thus worked her ass off to get through college.  But...

She is an older lady now, but back then?  Almost 50 years!  I think she prolly was a hotty.

Poor on Brown for insinuating she is ugly.  He had the benefit of modeling when he was a young stud.  So why don't I get to dream about a young hot Elizabeth Warren?  I'm glad she didn't, as it bolsters her cred, I could see how even recently she might've posed.  I mean....She's kinda a little MILFy ain't she??

Please know that I wrote this in jest, but since I am a

But truly, this should be the Liberal response.  Warren is STILL a beautiful woman.  And we would have been blessed to see her naked.  Scott Brown?

We are all cursed for seeing Scotty Brown's junk.


Aside from ruining her you want to see Elizabeth Warren naked?

76%159 votes
7%15 votes
10%22 votes
5%11 votes

| 208 votes | Vote | Results


As the recession seems to loom over us like a doubtful injury plagued superstar player from your fantasy football roster, I wonder if anybody truly cares of its causes or repurcusions for moving forward.  

If there are able bodied progressive, liberal people out there reading this, sitting at home collecting benefits in a red state, then I implore you to "Go Mid-West Young Man!"  And women too!

Why flounder away in South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Indiana, when you could find employment in a new state.  And oops, in the mean time tilt politics in America.  

North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming are desperate for jobs, and small enough in population to influence one voter at a time.  Go online, go to newspaper websites for the major cities (ahem towns) in those states and check out the help wanted.

I'm sick of going to chamber of commerce meetings and the job service reporting that there is 70+ jobs available....while the rest of the nation falls apart.

If you would like more information from me personally on job relocation in those states let me know.  We need more liberal, progressive folks out west.  Come get a job, and vote liberal.


Tue Aug 30, 2011 at 09:57 AM PDT

Its Jobs...Stupid!!

by The LIberal Monster

The Fox News Clan works well because they push an idea of the day all day and by the end of that day that all the Republicans can talk about.  

So.  Let's make it about Jobs.  My plan is to comment on every diary, every article, and every tidbit related to Jobs because it should be the Liberal cause to push job creation.

We have 14 months to do some work.  If you think its too late for Obama to push a job creation program, then I think Obama will lose in 2012.

I just posted on an article on how Regulations CREATES Jobs.  Please if you have any links to any other job creation sites let me know.  My goal is to make my diary page a beacon of job discussions.  Thanks.


Can Barack Obama win in 2012 WITHOUT a massive jobs program?

22%2 votes
77%7 votes
0%0 votes

| 9 votes | Vote | Results

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