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But birthers don't want proof of what they don't believe. They want to hold onto doubt regardless of evidence.

It's like drawing a saddle on a dinosaur. It doesn't make it accurate. It just shows one's convictions trumping overwhelming evidence. The birthers position is like asserting the earth is flat because when they flew around it they had their eyes closed.

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Republicans have got to love John Kerry. Seeing him speak must make them purr in delight. They must love him the way a little league team would love an outbreak of chicken pox for the opposition. When he got up at the Democratic National Convention and said, "John Kerry reporting for duty." (This being the tersest thing that Kerry has ever said.) It must have been the moment when the Republicans knew they were going to be in unbalanced and unchecked power a while longer.

So, I say this with all the love in my little liberal heart: Kerry shut up. Please, just shut up. Leave politics. Retire. Go away. You've gone as far as you can with your political career. Thanks for your public service (to the Republicans). Now stop making speeches.

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Okay, all you non-Christian, 'people of no faith', unchanged, atheists, scientists, Democrats, agnostics and secular humanists. I've had enough!

You people don't hold a monopoly on virtue deficiencies. This is just propaganda. No longer will anyone believe that only the godless can be morally objectionable.

No, times are changing. And as people of faith have gained political power and celebrity status - they have captured the public attention. Soon it will be very clear: religious people are just as human as regular humans.

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Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 03:22 PM PDT

Mad Science (SATIRE)

by The Sardonic Sideshow

This is a humor piece. If you like it, please recommend so that others can read it - thanks!

Let's face it, ever since science started trolling the churches, kidnapping God-fearing folk and brainwashing them with their 'theories' - they've gained momentum as a group. They have  gotten their agenda passed through the courts - their doctrine is now taught in schools and their followers are regularly shown on PBS.

This powerful lobby is single handedly responsible for us ALL having to needlessly learn algebra. The monsters!

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This 'Hammer' ain't too legit to quit!

(go ahead and roll your eyes - I deserve it)

I wanted to make sure everyone had this:
Tom DeLay's Transgressions
Unprecedented four admonishments by unanimous votes of the bipartisan House Ethics Committee

  * K Street Project (1999) - Admonished for threatening Electronic Industries Alliance for not hiring a Republican as its president.  The Ethics Committee itself initiated this investigation.
  Source: "Ethics Panel Chastises DeLay For Threatening Trade Group," The Washington Post, May 14, 1999


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Thu Sep 22, 2005 at 08:45 PM PDT

The Whisper Campaign

by The Sardonic Sideshow

Did you hear that George W. fell off the wagon? The National Enquirer, written specifically for the inquiring minds of America, reports that Bush started drinking again under the stress of Hurricane Katrina.

In short, this rumor - whether it's true or not - is suppose to hint at - whether intentionally leaked or not - that Bush isn't a heartless, uncaring, CEO president. He's very sensitive, caring and compassionate conservative. So caring, in fact that it drove him to drink.

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Sat Sep 17, 2005 at 06:08 PM PDT

The Monitoring of America

by The Sardonic Sideshow

Our nation is being run by a bunch of hall monitors! You know, the runny nose, bed wetting, finger wagging, prying, personal record keeping kids that irked us in elementary school. Guess where they are now? They're hopped up on power, stoned on their own righteousness and out to tell us regular people exactly how we should be and what we should be doing.

Here it is:


  • If you are against abortion - you shouldn't have one. I'm serious. Don't get one. You really should follow your conscience and not terminate that pregnancy.

  • If you are against gay marriage - please - please - please - don't marry someone of the same gender. It will end badly, I'm almost sure of it.

  • If you are for prayer in schools - you should pray while in school. Just because you're at an institution of learning doesn't mean that you shouldn't check in with the Big Guy in the Sky. Go on, pray.
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    Wed Sep 14, 2005 at 11:58 PM PDT

    Shock and Awe Circa 1812

    by The Sardonic Sideshow

    "See, free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction." -- President Bush, Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 3, 2003


    In 1812 the United States decided to invade Canada.

    Really. It's true.

    Canada was still a British colony at the time. The British army was busy with a little dude named Napoleon, known best for his namesake desserts. The English were interfering with American shipping interests. There was a desire to get the British out of North America altogether. So, congress thought it was a good idea, at an opportune time and we invaded the Canadian provinces.

    The attack on Fort McHenry in Baltimore inspired the poem,"The Star Spangle Banner." Yes, our national anthem was inspired by our valor in a war we started Canada. A nation that has been figuratively and literally looking down on us ever since.


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