I am sending a personal thank you to each of my representatives in Indiana to let them know it was their adherence to pushing social and economic agendas that are discriminatory and proven false that sent me away from my home state. I just finished a Master's of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue and have two B.S. degrees from Purdue.

I continue to be dumbfounded by your insistence on legislating morality (as Evangelical Christians see it) and failed economic policy. I am not an Evangelical Christian, so I'm not sure why I need to live by their moral code.

Restriction of abortion rights, continued resistance to gay marriage, obvious racism, restricting voting rights, allowing the likes of Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh to set the tone and policy goals, the shunning of Chris Christie because he said Obama was helpful, the religious fanaticism that ignores non-Evangelical Christians, and the refusal to admit being wrong on anything are just a few of the non-economic parts of the GOP agenda that drive me up the wall.

State specific, I've seen more action on restricting abortion and attempting to defund Planned Parenthood than on jobs. And now the Indiana GOP is planning a tax cut, and I'm seriously amazed at the stupidity of that idea. There's several reasons this is a terrible idea: first is that we will only have a surplus because we had to slash spending due to the economic downturn, second is a surplus is good protection against economic downturns. We need to increase state spending on infrastructure, education, R&D, and the like to match prior spending levels.

So congrats, sir, on being obtuse enough to send me and my Purdue degrees running from the state I grew up in and love.

I sent a variation of this to each of them, including Joe Donnelly who may as well be a Republican in my book.