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(Note: I'm not quite sure what a "cracker" is in slang anymore. Here I am using it as white people who take on the views of southern white red-neck racist with a barely concealed hatred towards African Americans. Also please note that by ghetto-ization I mean a composite abstraction of inner city highly self destructive dysfunctional culture that is strongly correlated to poor african-americans)

In the 1990s and the Oughts, the GOP used cultural manipulation to get people, that is mostly white people to vote GOP.

Might they now be engaged in a massive campaign to use fear of ghettoization of the middle class to transform masses of white people to think, behave and most importantly vote for the GOP and consequently against their own interest?  

Here's some circumstantial evidence:

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The truth is, we are already paying for Universal Single payer health care. We just aren't getting it.

This OECD study shows (see top graph on page 13) that the U.S. government already pays out more money, per capita, in health care expenditures than any other country, except Norway.

What that means is, we are already paying for universal public health care, we just aren't getting it.

If we changed to, say, the French system (argued as the best in the world) the amount of money the government spends on health care would actually go down. In other words, universal single payer means we'd all be in for a TAX CUT!

This begs the question: Why even ask for a Public Option?  

The compromise position ought to be Private Option - for those who want it.  


Would you give up an afternoon to walk with friends for health care if it got you free healthcare for life - because you are already paying for it?

87%49 votes
3%2 votes
5%3 votes
0%0 votes
3%2 votes

| 56 votes | Vote | Results

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There have been two important Dairies here concerning head winds being generated by those opposing the public's desire for health care reform.  

Maybe it's time we take it to the streets for peaceful public demonstration of the public's desire for Health Care reform.

This issue is vitally important for all of us.  

Demand is collapsing. The economy is in the tank. More and more people are without health care.  

Our massively inefficient health care system has helped to sink our automobile industry and contributed to the problem. Moreover, there's no sign of demand being restored soon. Health care reform can restore demand and salvage our economy and save lives.  It's time we did something about it.

Thanks to Fox News, we now no how.  

Our existing health care system is so massively inefficient that health care reform alone, could release purchasing power necessary to help improve demand in the over all economy and end the depression.  


Would you tea party for healthcare on a spring weekend afternoon in the not to distant future to get us some health care reform?

75%51 votes
5%4 votes
7%5 votes
4%3 votes
7%5 votes

| 68 votes | Vote | Results

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Tue Jan 20, 2009 at 09:10 AM PST

Ding Dong Bush is Gone

by The Wonder Moron

I've waited 8 long years to say this.

I've suffered 8 long years anticipating this.

Ding Dong Bush is gone,

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I'm not sure that I believe in anything these days. And the extent to which I believe in anything changes from day to day.  

However, as a lover of Geography and History, I do take note of the metaphors, the foreshadowings and allegories that take place from time to to time in History.

Things like the sinking of the Titanic, 9/11, Adams and Jefferson dying on the same day. The battles of Vicksburg and Gettysburg taking place at about the same time. The outcomes of Midway, Alamien and Stalingrad coming fairly close and in short order of time.  

Can we draw historical metaphor from yesterday's Miracle on the Hudson? Make the jump with me and help me build one.

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What does the wisdom of Solomon tell us about our politics, specifically the Republican and Democratic parties these last few years.

A friend of mine, about a year ago, reminded me of a truism: "Those that care the least control the relationship"

We all know the story of King Solomon's wisdome:

Two women claimed to be the mother of the same baby. Solomon said cut the baby in two and give each women half.  One women said fine, the other women said, no, let her have him.  The wise Solomon knew that a mother's love would never except the death of her child, and awarded the baby to the mother willing to give the child up if only to prevent the child's death.

Now think about our politics, at least for the last decade, but especially in the last two years.

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This is meant to be a provocative diary.

Sarah Palin is passing her self off as a Christian, a right wing, fundementalist, Assembly of God Christian.

But she's also a blatent, intentional, persistent, purposeful liar.

Now the Christianity I grew up with said that lying was a sin. It also said that if you intentionally persist in a sin even though you know it's sin and against Christ and all the teachings of Christ - then it means you really aren't a Christian


Is Sarah Palin a Liar or a Christian?

8%9 votes
51%57 votes
0%1 votes
39%44 votes

| 111 votes | Vote | Results

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South Korean youths demonstrated every evening, largley peaceful candle light vigils, in the hundreds of thousands, for over two months, against their nation's agreement to import U.S. Beef, after the agreement was created. The government struggled to back track, the sitting President, only five months in office after a land slide victory, plumeted to 17% favorability in polls.

Can't we do the same? Can't we have candle light vigils on the capital mall every night? I know this puts a special burden on the youth in the D.C. area, but this is what's needed. A lot of kids are home on holiday from school, many could make there way.

In Korea, the unions were largely behind this. Maybe this is time for young Kossites to organize a gathering.

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The fact is this debate, like so many others has to be made using the language of sound bites.

The better argument doesn't always win. Sometimes the better sound bit wins: Like "Flip Flopper" or "Compassionate Conservative" or "Reformer with Results" or "There's no there, there".  

So I launched this diary to throw out there a plausible response to "Appeaser, Appeaser, Appeaser" sound bite the Republicans have been using against Obama.

The Bush-McCain Foreign Policy can aptly be described as "Ready, Fire, Aim".

See how it washes after the jump. And kick in your own ideas of sound bite responses as well in the comments.

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Hillary Clinton lost 12 states in a row, until Rush Limbaugh stepped in to save her bacon.  

Will he be there for in Novemeber?


What impact did Rush Limbaugh's endorsement of Hillary have on yesterday's elections

20%11 votes
18%10 votes
35%19 votes
11%6 votes
13%7 votes

| 53 votes | Vote | Results

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Rush Limbaugh is BACKING Clinton.

Rush Limbaugh is a die hard movement conservative who will not be happy until the United States is a banana republic.  

Rush Limbaugh is telling conservative's to vote for Hillary.

Do voter's need a ton of bricks to fall on them to determine who is the best
Democrat to vote for?

Doesn't Rush Limbaugh nearly weigh a ton?

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There's been a lot of back and forth on Krugman's cascading posts on Healthcare issues that has been particularly hard on Obama's stated policy position.  

Some of the Obama people have concluded that Krugman is for Hillary.

Krugman may or may not be for Hillary, but his argument is based upon the Economic models appropriate for Commodities/Utilities.  

Healthcare is not a commodity or a utility, but health insurance is.  Like all utilities the cost goes down (and generally the quality goes up) as the pool of contributors become larger.  

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