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I'm finished being an active participant on this website.  As much as it saddens me--after all, I agree with the stated goal of this site so very strongly--I can no longer participate in the madness and hate that festers here like so many sores and boils.

A lengthier explanation after the fold.


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What a rally; what a day.  My wife and I were simply too tired to drive back from Dublin last night, short drive though it may be, so I'm quite sorry for the delay here.  This is our second time volunteering at one of Obama's speaking events, the first being at UIC the day after his announcement in Springfield.  Much as with that event, we saw first-time voters, lots of people who typically aren't as involved in the political process and a ton of fired up Ohioans ready to turn this state blue.  Pictures and too many words after the fold.

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I don't often post; I only do so when I have something of substance to say.  Hopefully I'm not too late to the game with this one.

Let's face it: we're an optimistic bunch.  I can't recall how many times we declared victory during '04 (both during the primaries & the general), or even this year (HRC has it locked!  Obama has it in the bag!).  We hang the mission accomplished banner up on a given candidate faster than GWB slaps it up on an aircraft carrier.  Much like the villagers did to the boy who cried wolf a few too many times, I've tried to stop listening to those who prematurely declare victory each time McCain continues to spout Bush's lines or Obama delivers one his incredible speeches.  That said, I don't think our self-congratulatory tone has ever sounded so shrill as with the selection of Palin as McCain's VP.  Underestimating our opponents--something we Democrats are downright professional at--could easily spell disaster.  In the interesting of doing my part to help prevent that from happening, please indulge this excessively wordy schmuck  in what I hope is a hard, honest and reflective look at our new opponent.

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As an firm Obama supporter for exactly one year today, I'm about as pleased as can be with the chain of events over these last few days.  But, hidden beneath this happiness is an honest feeling of guilt.  HRC is a fine candidate, even if I could never back her with as much tenacity as I would Obama or Edwards (though I most certainly WOULD back her).  Still, perhaps I was raised in too much of a "there are no losers, only degrees of winners" environment because now I can't help but feel guilty because my guy might just end up winning.


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This is the first time I actually have the gumption to write a diary.   I’m growing frustrated with some of the rhetoric concerning the recent dust-up between Iranian and US vessels, such as referenced here.  Some Kossacs (with notable exceptions, of course) have been talking right out of their collective derrières on this subject and it’s annoying the piss out of me.  As such, I would like to give a little first-hand insight as a vet of the US Navy who spent quite a bit of time in the gulf in 1997-1998 (please recall that we’ve kept one carrier group--a minimum of 7+ ships--present there since the first Gulf war).

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