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Who are we?  Are we just human?  Just "ugly bags of mostly water"?  Or is there something more to us?  What is it about ourselves that is so wonderfully varied, strange, beautiful, curious and even horrific?  Why do we end up hating/fearing the different, instead of being fascinated and wanting to learn more?

I have seen the enemy, and it is US.

Suicide sucks.  It hurts more than just the person in pain who couldn't bear it any longer.  It acts like a growing thing, a cancer that can slowly expand and engulf those around Victim Zero.  It's controversial.  We argue over it, debate legalities and religious notions, we despair over it when people with potential, or just people we love, die.  The still-living people it hurts are collateral damage in the war within ourselves.

And it makes me weep.

Leelah Alcorn was only seventeen.  A young person who was living an oppressive life of rejection by her own family and religion, stifled within the confines of the incredibly negative world-view her parents were trapped in.  It trapped Leelah, too, and it eventually killed her.

What goes through my mind whenever I see yet another kid destroyed by the use of religion to justify their parent's bigotries (forgive me, I know it's vulgar, but it still seems right):

religion is like a penis

Makes so much sense!

More over the orange Requiem swirl.

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I'm all over that!

Some folks may have heard me mention the Koch brothers, two of the richest men in the world, but do they know WHY I keep slagging these guys? It's not because they're filthy rich, or because I'm jealous of their "business acumen".  I put that in quotes, incidentally, because the things they do to further their business interests are not what I'd call acumen I'd want to learn.  Ugh.  It's because they're filthy Climate-Change deniers, environmental felons, shady businessmen, the true founders of the Tea Party, supporters of the Libertarian Party (and, no, they aren't as freedom-loving and good as they claim--these guys like Ayn Rand and her trash-"philosophy" of Objectivism, which is just another term for outright selfishness), supporters of the John Birch Society (which their father helped to create), huge polluters with no real regard for human life and they are buying the U.S. government in chunks--usually folks in the Republican Party. (I'm sure they "own" some Democrats, too)

More after the deliciously non-food, wiggly Cheeto.


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Many people seem to think the words "morality" and "ethics" are two different things because of the baggage the word "moral" carries with it, IE: religion. Yet, both terms describe behaviour, one chosen (ethics) and one being dictated to, or imposed upon you through religion (morals), yet both share many, if not all, of the same kinds of rules: don't steal, don't kill, don't rape, don't abuse people/kids/animals/the planet.

But, get this: we use them wrong. Morals are the chosen set of rules and ethics are the rules given to you from outside, such as the methodology of a business or the dictates from one's faith. Yeah, I've been using the words wrong, too (I used the incorrect understandings in a comment on another diary just the other day, dangit). But, I'll continue using the common understanding of them for this diary for the moment, because for me, and probably many other people, they have few enough differences between them to be no different.

I'm probably too late onto this particular bandwagon, but after reading several of the resultant diaries written in response to a pair of disastrous forays into calling us atheists "inhuman" or asking mind-bogglingly silly questions about how morals came to be if not from religion or how do atheists come by their moral-compass if not for the already-established cultures of faith and the responses therein, I felt I had to write this anyway.

Some of the following was said in a comment I wrote in one of the diaries, but I'll add some of my own history and a few other ideas to it here. My apologies for it being so long, but I tried to shorten it and still publish it before it became irrelevant. Please note that, while I can be an arrogant little shit, I've been attempting to weed this bit of nastiness out of my rather argumentative personality (with some failures, I'm sure), and so the opinions expressed here are just that, opinions. I'll try to keep it SFW, but an F-bomb or two might drop by for a visit. Hop over the sacred Orange Spaghetti Noodle for more...

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...But we certainly will keep trying!  It's one of those things that many people are so frustrated with: the sheer intransigence of the far-right and the religious right.  There is a lot of overlap with these folks, but one is not always the same as the other.

Now, there may be evidence that there may actually be a physiological reason for their beliefs.

Hop over the cheese-doodle to see what's on the other side!

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Sandra Red-Sky, the Gangrel
Sandra Red-Sky, my Gangrel character in the Winnipeg vampire LARP, that occult-following, Satan-worshiping lifestyle.  :-/
I came across a Kossak's diary the other day--it's a month old now, but the tone of it kept niggling and niggling at me until I finally could say why:  We're accusing 35 year-old Jacob Rush of hypocrisy while showing great greasy gobs of it ourselves.

We defended Colleen Lachowicz (D-Maine) in 2012 for her hobby of playing WOW as an Orc when the Republicans and other nits were getting on her case, but we turn around and then pull that shit on someone else?  Wait.  Whut?  Get all up in arms for a fellow Dem, but a GOP is a fine target...  Why?  Because they're unpopular?  So high-school.  

I get rather angry in places in this, mostly because I just get sick and fucking tired of seeing gamers being mocked for liking something other than going to bars, movies, monster-truck events or other mundane activities.  Is it any wonder so many of us keep our hobby in the shadows?  No one likes being laughed at for something truly creative and so fucking harmless.  It's not actually an unusual pastime at ALL--I'll get into that below.

More rantery after the cheese-doodle...

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