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Sat Mar 17, 2012 at 01:59 PM PDT

Pelosi is right

by ThinkerT

On Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night, Alexandra Pelosi presented a counter-point video showing people in New York visiting a welfare office. Her goal was to present the "other side" of her previous video about racist and hypocritical folks in Mississippi by showing people taking welfare money in New York that are are apparently fully capable of working, yet insist on taking "free checks" instead. She used terms like "entitlement culture" and "freeloading welfare queens", and implied that she's shining some light on the argument by exposing that there are people out there cheating the system.

Putting aside her arrogance and confrontational attitude ("See, they didn't laugh as much!" "The left will be exploding on Monday!"), she's absolutely right. There ARE people out there cheating the system, and probably a lot of them. There ARE many people out there taking advantage of the "handouts" by the government to get free money and benefits that they're probably fully capable of earning on their own.

Where she's wrong is thinking that any of that actually MATTERS.


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There are two schools of thoughts on why Operation Hilarity is not a good idea; the moral objection of using a questionable, albeit legal, tactic, and whether the tactic itself is likely to be successful. Kos is obviously a believer in the "by any legal means necessary" school of thought, so I'd rather discuss why tactically, Hilarity could possibly end up hurting the Democratic Party more than it helps.

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