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A citizen reporter was removed, intimidated, held and given a citation for "possessing" a camera in the WI Assembly gallery. It's against house rules to shoot video from the gallery, but NOT to possess a camera. Oh BTW, If you have a permit, you CAN carry a loaded weapon in the same location. WTF.. Welcome to Fitzwalkerstan!

Possession of a Camera-A Crime in the WI Assembly


Citizen Videographer Arthur Louis captures Voter ID Law advocate Representative Joel Kleefish voting for others in the Wisconsin State Assembly!..

Joel Kleefisch is Keith Olberman's Worst Person In The World from SSWIDTMS on Vimeo.

 Voter ID supporting legislators have some "Spalinin" to do!

Guaranteed, to NOT put you asleep!

Kathleen Vinehout's Speech starts ag 24:30


Vinehout Interview


Vinehout 2

Vinehout 3


Tue Jan 24, 2012 at 09:02 PM PST

Who Wrote WI Mining Bill?

by Thurston Howell III

It seems that this piece of legislation is SO good that nobody will take credit for writing.
Now that's real humility!


Thu Jan 05, 2012 at 08:34 AM PST

Walker Aide Arrested

by Thurston Howell III


Wisconsin continues to lose jobs in no small part because of Gov. Scott Walker's and the GOP "Jobs" agenda. (
Governor Walker
In a special ground breaking ceremony, Walker tries to spin his job creation failure into a success by encouraging Uline to move 150 jobs from their MN facility to Hudson.
Celeste Koeberl, a Hudson attorney and local activist sets the record straight on Walker's real jobs record!


Wisconsin State Senator Kathleen Vinehout speaks out on the present legislative climate at the State Capital and how citizens can help take back Wisconsin.


Mahlon Mitchell President of Professional Firefighter of Wisconsin takes aim at Gov. Walker and his attack on Labor and the Middle Class.


Sat Sep 03, 2011 at 07:09 AM PDT

Nurses DeKlined

by Thurston Howell III

Representatives of Minnesota Nurse's Association ask to meet with Congressman John Kline in his Burnsville office. Their attempts to speak with Congressman Kline were De-Klined.

The Minnesota Nurses Association sponsored a mock press conference featuring a 10 foot tall Michelle Bachmann puppet. As usual she spoke about Freedom and how God is warning us to make government smaller through his hidden messages in earthquakes and hurricanes. God spoke a different message to the nurses. "Feed the poor, clothe the hungry, heal the sick."


The local GOP  is blatantly running a fake democrat in an unnecessary primary in Western Wisconsin. They must think that Democrats will sit home on July 12th and let their fake win. Shelly Moore, the real democrat running to recall Sheila Harsdorf, ( a Walker follower ) speaks out on the issue.

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