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Mon Apr 27, 2015 at 01:40 PM PDT

The Free Planet Project

by TimothyHorrigan

On Earth Day, President Obama stated that the earth is "the only planet we got."  Obama was apparently unaware of the fact that there are millions of earth-like planets just in the Milky Way Galaxy, not to mention those in the billions of other galaxies.

(Warning: this is satire)

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Scott Brown's US Senate race has attracted national attention.  Not long after he failed to be re-elected in 2014, he moved to New Hampshire and immediately started running for one of New Hampshire's Senate seats.

He is not the only out of stater running for an office at the top of the ballot. Bethesda, Maryland's favorite son Walt Havenstein is running for Governor.  Unlike Scott Brown, Havenstein has to exceed a minimum residency requirement.  I am a state representative, so I have a two-year requirement.  When I first ran in 2008, I had to have been an inhabitant of New Hampshire continuously since at least 2006.  (I had in fact been living in the state continuously since 1984.)  Walt Havenstein appears to have been living in Maryland between 2007 and 2012, which would be OK if he was merely running for state representative.  The question of his eligibility ended up before the state's ballot law commission.

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John A. Burt (R-Goffstown) and I both serve in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.  He has many good qualities, and he is far from the worst member of that august body.  Indeed, he is much better than average. He works hard, he sponsors an annual hot dog roast, and he keeps his floor speeches under five minutes in length.  

This summer (2013) he put out a rather odd video. He went out in a backyard (probably his own), clad in baggy basketball shorts and a pink polo shirt.  He fires an AK-47 and a 9-mm pistol, while giggling giddily about "cool shooting."

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I am a New Hampshire state legislator, and I will make this diary short because we have a "session day" today.  One of our colleagues made some extraordinarily distasteful remarks about the Boston marathon bombings.

I almost feel bad for Stella Tremblay, because we sat next to each other for two years while serving on the now-defunct petitions and redress committee.  She was good company and she was a hard-working legislator, even though she occasionally made a strange pronouncement or two.  She seemed pretty average until a few weeks ago...

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This 30-second clip from Willard M. Romney's acceptance speech on August 30, 2012 is the only 30 seconds I have seen of his hour-long speech. I boycotted his speech at the time, although I watched quite a bit of the rest of the 2012 Republican National Convention: I took a bus trip down from Durham, NH to Worcester, MA to see the New Hampshire-Holy Cross football game instead. It was much more interesting than the speech, and my team (New Hampshire) UNH won.

In this clip, Romney sneers at Barack Obama for "promising" to heal the planet. An all-white crowd snickers derisively.  Romney smirks as if he is Sarah Silverman smirking at Paris Hilton. Romney promises to help "you and your family" instead, as if "your family" doesn't need a healthy planet to survive.

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See also: "Mitt Romney in His Own Words"

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Jeanine Notter is a first-term Republican New Hampshire state representative.  Just weeks into her first term, she became legendary for suggesting that cancer patients should hold bake sales to pay for their treatment instead of relying on health insurance.   This year she told the House State-Federal Relations Committee that birth control pills cause prostate cancer, even though birth control pills are typically taken by women, who typically don't even have prostate glands.

In addition to making dumbfounding pronouncements, Rep. Notter hosts a cable TV show "Chatting with Jeanine" where other politicians can make pronouncements of their own.  She hosted an especially thought-provoking discussion a few days ago...

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Sun Jul 22, 2012 at 07:33 PM PDT

Mitt & Medicare back in 1983

by TimothyHorrigan

I have access to a research library which has a database of Wall Street Journal articles going back to the 19th century.  Just for laughs, I decided to see what if anything may have turned up in the Journal about the younger Mitt Romney.

On December 2, 1983, he was quoted in an article about medicare reimbursement rates: "Hospitals Scramble to Track Costs As Insurers Limit Reimbursements" by Burt Schorr (Dec. 2, 1983, p. 31).  

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Many Kossacks are buying lifetime subscriptions (or being given them) which will (amongst other benefits) hide the ads.  I didn't buy one  because it wasn't in my budget.  Those ads are provided by Google Adsense/Adwords--- and until this month I enjoyed seeing them there.  I had Google ad placements on my own website, since 2004, and maybe I will have them in the future, hopefully the near future.  (At the moment, they are not being displayed, for reasons which are not entirely clear.)

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Sun Nov 13, 2011 at 05:34 PM PST

Occupying the Workplace

by TimothyHorrigan

Back in 2006, a group of pranksters called "ImprovEverywhere" pulled an amusing stunt at a Best Buy store in New York City.  A large number of people, supposedly 80 of them, bypassed the usual application process, donned khakis and blue polo shirts and showed up for work.  

It took the real employees a while to notice that there were imposters standing around the selling floor.

This stunt took place a few years ago (as you can see from the now-obsolete cathode-ray TVs on the shelves) but it is still timely today.  I would  now like to suggest the next logical step after "Occupy Wall Street"...

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(This is adapted from the intro to my webpage about Obama's July 31 messages.  I am a member of the currently notorious NH House of Representatives, and I was famous for a few days about a year ago.)

I am not crazy about the agreement that the President and the Congress arrived at to end the debt ceiling crisis, but it's better than a financial meltdown, and it's better than a constitutional crisis. Hopefully, it will work out in the end. Hopefully, I will continue to be hopeful.

My biggest concern is that Obama won't be able to make good on the promises to protect programs which benefit the middle and working classes. Working people do not have the highest-paid lobbyists on their side— and the Republicans are openly hostile to working people.

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This may be overkill, since I am an obscure member of the 400-member New Hampshire General Court, but here is a press release I have been sending out:

Press Release from Rep. Timothy Horrigan
Re: Federal Debt Ceiling Crisis

Rep. Timothy Horrigan (D-Durham) has called upon the President and Congress to remember the United State Constitution— as well as commonsense— during the ongoing negotiations over the debt ceiling

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Ovide Lamontagne was the opening speaker at the much-hyped but relatively little-attended (4 Presidential candidiates, 246 or so other people) Concord, NH Tea Party rally.  If you are not from New Hampshire, you probably haven't heard of him yet, although he will be a key power broker during the Presidential Primary: he is a longtime republican activist who almost beat now-Senator Kelly Ayotte in the 2010 primary and who is expected to run for Governor in 2012.

His speech climaxed when he held up a great small pamphlet (the U.S Constitution) with an evil 4052-page book (the Internal Revenue Code.)

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