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While General Petraeus prepares to testify before Congress this week about future troop levels in Iraq, the Army is expressing strong concerns about the strain that additional tours of duty will place on our service people.  

As the son of a World War II veteran, I understand the mental stresses that often plague soldiers returning from combat. When my father returned from war, he suffered from nightmares and other mental stresses – what we now understand to be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

(Congressman Tom Allen is a candidate for U.S. Senate)

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Below is my op-ed that appeared today in the Bangor Daily News.

(Cross-posted at Turn Maine Blue)

Americans are aching for leadership to end the war in Iraq.

Instead, they find the president and his enablers in the House and Senate doing everything they can to block legislation that will require him to bring the troops home by a certain date. Each day seems to bring some new proposal that purports to be progress.

Upon examination, however, they leave the president free to pursue his discredited policies and serve as diversionary tactics by politicians searching for cover. One proposal calls for the president to submit a plan by mid-October to narrow the use of U.S. troops in Iraq to fighting terrorists and securing borders and U.S. interests. It won’t bring home a single American serviceman or woman.

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Cross Posted at Turn Maine Blue

I wanted to share some exciting news about the June 30th fundraising deadline with you today.  In my first quarter as an announced candidate for the U.S. Senate, my campaign raised just under $1.1 million.  Nearly 9,000 people contributed to my campaign over the past three months, giving an average contribution of $122.

I could not have done it without you.  We raised more than one-third of our money from you, the netroots community.  Thank you for all of your activism and generosity during this last quarter.  Together, we sent a strong message throughout the political world about the power of the blogosphere and the importance of ending the Iraq War.

I am happy to spend some time in the next 15 minutes to respond to questions or comments.  Again, thank your for your help in this extraordinary quarter.


Thu Jun 21, 2007 at 03:41 PM PDT

Round-the-Clock Fundraiser

by Tom Allen 2008

I would like to thank Daily Kos and the entire Netroots community for all the incredible support this week!  

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Cross Posted at Turn Maine Blue

This spring, Senator Joe Lieberman crossed party lines to endorse embattled Republican Senator and fellow "moderate" Susan Collins.  On June 21st, Lieberman will once again cross party lines- this time to host a fundraiser for Senator Collins.  

We shouldn't be surprised.  Like Lieberman, Collins has been an unwavering supporter of President Bush's disastrous policies in Iraq.  Two weeks ago, both Collins and Lieberman issued yet another blank check to the President by voting for an Iraq War supplemental bill that contained no timeline for withdrawal of American troops.  And just last week, Joe Lieberman once again stated he is "happy" with the progress he sees Iraq.

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Cross-posted at Turn Maine Blue

Hello!  As my campaign for U.S. Senate in Maine is just getting started, I wanted to reach out to all of you and begin a dialogue on my race.  Input from the netroots community will be absolutely vital to my campaign, and I hope to have an ongoing conversation with all of you over the course of this important race.

Undoubtedly, the most important issue in this race is the Iraq War.  I have been an outspoken critic of this war since the beginning, when I proudly voted against the authorization to go to war in 2002.  My opponent, Susan Collins, voted for that resolution and has consistently voted in support of President Bush’s disastrous war policies.  

Today, I voted against the Iraq supplemental bill because it does not contain a timeline for withdrawal of American troops.  It is clear that the President will not change course in this war unless we use the force of law.  

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