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This diary is shorter than diary's are supposed to be but that's kind of the point.  I've seen lots of analysis about why Romney lost.  People are pointing to demographics and turn-out and Republicans are blaming Sandy, but I think it's more simple than that and I hope that we can get the focus of the analysis but on one simple point:

Romney lost because you cannot lie your way to the Presidency.  Maybe you could in the past but you can't do it any more.  That's it.  End of story.  

Yes, the mainstream media did a horrible job this election cycle of holding Romney's feet to the fire (the failure to continue to push him to release his tax returns being the most obvious example).  But the Obama campaign and other parts of the media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, the gay wizard Nat Silver) are powerful enough that, as long as the people continue to support the truth and spread the truth, you cannot lie your way the Presidency - not any more.

If liberals lose to the truth, I could live with that.  But I have to think that, as long as the truth is out there, liberals are only going to get stronger and more powerful.


Tue Oct 16, 2012 at 06:42 AM PDT

Romney the business man

by Trevor Shane

One of my closest friends told me that he was voting for Romney last night.  I was shocked.  This friend is smart and pretty independent politically but he voted for Obama last time and I couldn't understand why he'd switch votes this election.  When I pressed him it was because he values Romney's business experience (referencing Bloomberg's work in New York as a positive example of what a business man can do in office).  We didn't have too much time to talk about details but my friend, who really is open minded, said that if I sent him an email rebutting his argument, he read everything I sent to him.  Below the fold is the email I sent him.  I hope it sums things up pretty well and can be used by others having the same discussion.

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I'll keep this simple.  This is what I would love Obama to close with at the next debate.  This, in sharpest, powerful detail, tells undecided voters everything they need to know about this election:

“This election is about a choice and that choice is clear. If you look at every economic policy endorsed by my opponent and the Republican party, every single one of them will amounts to a hand-out to the richest Americans.  Every single economic policy endorsed by my opponent will lead to the rich getting richer.  Now, they’ll tell you that, by making the rich richer, it will benefit benefit everybody eventually.  They’ll say that, if we make give-aways to the “job creators” then eventually that will help the middle class too.  But Republicans having been telling us that for twenty-five years. For twenty-five years, the Republicans have been telling us that their policies will eventually lead to benefits trickling down to the middle class.  

Well, what has happened during those twenty-five years. Absent eight great years for the middle class under Bill Clinton, when taxes on the wealthiest Americans were actually raised, we’ve got twenty-five years of the rich getting richer—wealth beyond anybody’s wildest dreams—while the middle class has become weaker and poorer.  And, while we’ve been waiting patiently for the benefits to trickle down to the middle class, what do the rich do? They close down profitable factories in the United States because they say they can make more money that way. They outsource jobs to China. They take their money outside of America and place it in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts. They look for every possible loophole in the tax code so that they can pay less taxes and give less back to America while America keeps giving more and more to them.

Now, I’m not demonizing the rich.  In fact, under our plan they get a tax cut.  They just get the same tax cut as everybody else—not by percentage but by dollar value.  If a middle class family gets a $3,000 tax cut then the rich get a $3,000 tax cut too.  That’s how the tax system works. Under my plan, the rich don’t get a tax cut amounting to millions of dollars that they can then park overseas while the middle class waits for some of that money to trickle back down to them.  We’ve been waiting for those benefits to trickle down for long enough! Now the middle class is just starting to come back. I wish we could have done it faster but we are doing it. Jobs are on the rise. Middle-class wealth is on the rise. Home values are on the rise. People in the middle-class no longer have to worry that getting sick or injured is going to drive them into bankruptcy. So, in this election, you can trust a guy who tells a room full of his close friends and donors one thing and the rest of us something else, or you can trust the team that’s finally got this great country of the United States of America headed back in the right direction.

That’s why I’m here tonight asking for your vote.  Thank you and God Bless America.”


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