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Fri Aug 19, 2011 at 12:22 AM PDT

really, I do care

by Miep

I'm sorry so many see it otherwise.

Sorry to hear it.

It's sad for me.

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Thu Aug 18, 2011 at 10:05 PM PDT

An Apology to Edrie

by Miep

Yeah, I know, I know. I'm serious here with this.

Below the croissant, please.

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Reposted from commonmass by Miep

Social and political satire is everywhere, in every time and every place. From the Ancient Romans to Stephen Colbert, in authoritarian states and free countries alike, writers and artists have engaged in it, and savvy citizens have consumed it in poetry, in the theatre, in novels, in cabarets, in newspapers, in film and television.

In this diary, I want to look at some satirists and social commentators working towards the end of the 19th Century and stretching into the mid 20th. As the title says, it's highly selective, highly subjective, and by no means comprehensive.

As the Daily Kos Light Opera Project gets underway (click on the link for the group's latest diary from yesterday), now is a good time to look at satirists of other ages as we at the DKLOP prepare to write and produce our own satirical musical production based on hate mail and pie fights from the Daily Kos archives.

Follow me over the divider-doodle for more...

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Reposted from don mikulecky by Miep Editor's Note: Yes!!! -- Miep

Where is all that wealth going?  Markets are falling all over the world.  I have  always been told  that socialism will not work.  I have always been told  that we who said that putting profit before people were wrong.  Now I want to know what greater harm socialism has ever done to people than this system is doing right now.  Can we estimate the magnitude of the harm?  Can we assess the damage? No, I'm not looking to blame any one.  We are all to blame.  Even we who knew the system was bad and would hurt us.  We are all to blame because we never had the courage or stamina or whatever it takes to say no to this system  It has demonstrated over and over again that it is for the rich and powerful not for all us ordinary people and certainly not for the workers of all kinds whose labor feeds and clothes and houses us.  Who will suffer from what this collapse brings?  Not the wealthy.  They always have the upper hand.  We have seen it again and again.  No, the weakest and most vulnerable will suffer even more now.  If you think this is a temporary problem that has a solution read on below.  I think you are wrong.


The crisis that we are in

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5%23 votes
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59%265 votes
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Reposted from jbou by Miep Editor's Note: Yay. -- Miep

I think we might be broken and we are going to go broke because of it.

Mr President, raise the debt limit any way you can. Then find something Republicans love and blow it the fuck up!

"Democrats contend that cutting gov't spending during a recession will suppress demand. Republicans counter that argle bargle."

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Thu Jul 07, 2011 at 07:59 PM PDT

The Tallest Girl At The Dance

by Miep

Reposted from a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires by Miep

I am thinking this evening about women whose selves involve extremes, extremes that we can't do anything about, or can't easily do anything about, and how those extremes of our selves affect our lives. I'd be interested in hearing any feedback here from women who also see their lives as being strongly affected by mind/body extremes especially, though as those of you who know me are aware; I'm always good on tangents, too.

Oh, and the guys can talk too. I don't mean to make this a women-only thing.

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Reposted from jbou by Miep Editor's Note: Just because. Also, I love lots of you, and even now some people on the Topix Forum. -- Miep

Perverts are great at getting elected to congress. What a clever bunch.

Eric Cantor would never tweet a photo of his penis, he just sends twitpics of his middle finger to tornado victims.

Kobe Bryant took  Weiner Ring Shopping.

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Sun May 29, 2011 at 01:05 AM PDT

Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?

by goinsouth

Reposted from goinsouth by Miep Editor's Note: Because this is so honest! -- Miep

Have we entered the dreamless age?  At least as far as dreams of a better world go?  Have we become so cynical or despairing that we have given up on the idea of ALL humans living peacefully, abundantly, happily, creatively?

I haven't.  And I challenge anyone to name an unchangeable reason that dreams of a world more just, more fulfilling, more celebratory of human differences, more respectful of our environment and just plain more fun are impossible now that we have more knowledge than any human generation in history.

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Wed May 25, 2011 at 09:29 PM PDT

Where do you move?

by Miep

Reposted from The Miep Channel by Miep

Pastiche diary, from a letter to a friend.

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Sun May 22, 2011 at 07:43 PM PDT

A Vulture Poem

by Miep

This is a collaborative effort between me and HoundDog. I provided the theme, he wrote the poem. I then edited it.

But he wrote most of it. And the parts I changed or added to, probably weren't an improvement. HoundDog is a great poet; I'm much too linear by comparison.

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Tue May 17, 2011 at 09:24 PM PDT

What are we going to do?

by Miep

Everybody so scared.

Well, it's obvious what we are going to do.

We are going to invent something different. We are going to draw on the best of the past and we are going to invent something different.

How long will it take?

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Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 08:30 PM PDT

Are You Controlling?

by Miep

Got a card from B-man today. Have had phone off for several days, for reasons outside the scope of this conversation, such as whim. B-man likes the post at times, which is, in its own way, rather charming.

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