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It is my understanding that many people who are not currently insured will be visiting the California exchange, and if their income is low enough, and they are not offered insurance through work, they will get insurance through MediCal.

I spent today cleaning out the closet. Among other items I came across was a brochure sent to this household some years ago (circa 2008-2009) when we qualified for MediCal.

Here is what it says in the brochure, sent by Health and Human Services:

"When a Medi-Cal beneficiary is 55 years of age or older at the time of death, the State will collect from his/her estate the cost of Medi-Cal services received including insurance premiums paid an d payments made to managed care on or after the 55th "birthday."

The brochure goes on to detail exclusions, such as if your spouse has survived your death, they won't go after the estate until the spouse has also died. And they exclude a household where a child survives a parent AND IS UNDER THE AGE of 21.

So is this still in place?

Again, this is not something I found out about by watching Fox news, or the RW Denouncers. It is right there inside the brochure issued by California Dept of Health and Human services.


Prez O has legal authority to end "shut government down"crisis." He should refer to US Constitution & do exec order


A young couple with diplomatic connections to Belgium, stopped for lunch at a New York Country Club. Armed not with grenades or bombs, but a baby and a mother's breasts, they came to understand the Looney Tunes scope of the activities of our militarized police.


Neijens, first secretary of the Belgium Mission to the UN, told the New York Post that a female employee of the club quickly interrupted Roseline’s perfectly legal and proper feeding of her baby with this sharp rebuke:

    “Please leave immediately, you are disturbing the members!”

When Neijens protested and said it would only take a few minutes, the female staffer insisted that Remans finish in the restroom.
Understandably incredulous at the blatant ignorance on display at such a high end establishment, Mr. Neijens inquired why a baby would be asked to have lunch in the restroom when adults are not.

The Greenburgh Police Department arrived minutes later with Detective Scott Harding apparently yelling, “Close the doors!” with two other diners ordered to leave the terrace. Mr. Neijens described the chaotic scene as something straight out of a Western movie with the officer walking around like John Wayne with “one hand on his gun, one hand on his Taser.”

The officer warned the couple that they were trespassing despite the fact that country club staff had given them specific permission to dine.  He also said that some fearful members thought Mr. Neijens’ black backpack indicated they were terrorists. Most laughable if not actually true, is what the officer came out with next when a tearful Ms. Remans asked why terrorists would breastfeed at a ritzy club:

    “In Sri Lanka, babies are used by terrorists.”

The full story is at the following link:


So with regards to the amount of "intelligence" that our various alphabet agencies acquire, utilize and supervise, the FBI stepped to the plate. In the following article, the FBI  informed  us citizens that  the only reason the various agencies dropped the ball on one Tamlin Tsarnaeva is because of their reluctance for the USA to become a surveillance state. (Source: UK's The Guardian" with the link to the article here:  )

So even though Tsarnaeva was interrogated some five years ago, shortly after a trip to the Chechnia region of the former Soviet Union, and he was found to be scarey, for some reason his activities were not followed up on. (or so we are being told.) That would require more man power, and more resources, apparently.

Meanwhile, my friends at various Marijuana Liberalization orgs are telling us that some over the last few days, nine San Diego, Calif. dispensaries for state- approved distribution of Medical Marijuana were shut down.

Are the priorities of this Administration a bit ass backwards?

Yes, maybe we simply cannot afford the surveillance of the state approved medical dispensaries. It takes a lot of man power and monetary resources from DEA, DOJ, and even ICE to supervise those who support marijuana being grown, distributed and smoked. Perhaps if we convert the DEA and DOJ officials and agents in charge of supervising the marijuana grow movement,  to the real problem here in the USA, we could actually succeed in thwarting the tragedies that our various agencies should stop, but  don't.

Like others before me have stated, marijuana's "deadly side effects" include: sleepy, happy,  and hungry. The activities brought about by mad bombers include death, amputation of limbs and other injuries.

However, by converting these  vast resources to actual problems, it might not be possible to switch round our foreign policy. Without Nine Eleven, there would have been no justification for the two wars that have waged over the years. Without the April 15th bombing, our national policies toward the Chechnia region would not be effectively promoted. And in the wake of the new tragedy, think of all the money that can now be allocated to again beefing up DHS and the military.

And does any Adminsitration need to curtail activities on one front, such as the Drug War front, to another front, that is, the War on Terror front We have seen over the last few months that there is always more money to expand all the "wars" on everything - what with the nation's Social security system still having that 2.3 trillion dollar surplus.


Security and any of the other things our nation can no longer afford. If our elderly have to live as though they were in Romania at the height of the austerity there, so be it!

I mean, it is not that we don't have the money. It is simply that there are so few people in the political Class who actually  give a friggin' Fig.

For instance, Homeland Security has a lot of money -and apparently right now, county officials across the nation are clamoring for the contraptions that that agency has devised. These contraptions are called MRAP Bearcats,  and they cost about one million a piece. Apologists for these items make exuberant statements on how the MRAPs can keep our Counties safe from everything from school shootings to theater shootings to hostage situations etc.

Don't know exactly what I mean? Take a gander at the link about two thirds of the way down. It describes how a MRAP Bearcat has been ordered up for Marin County California, one of the most affluent areas in the nation. Income annually is something like 43K. Home prices are around $ 600 K for a starter home.

But County officials feel that the County residents just are not safe enough without one  of these vehicles. Did I mention yet that MRAPs were developed for use in the war zone of Iraq, to protect our troops from, IED's? I lived in Marin County for over twenty years, and although I experienced the deteriorating roads, the inability of the County to provide for mass transit, its strange and wayward and inept Hospital System (for profit, although somehow Marin Gen Hospital always has non-proft status,) the lack of mental health resources, and much more, one thing I never worried about was any IEDs. And I don't seem to remember any other people in Marin worrying about IED's either.

Of course what do I know? I am not an elected official. After all,  officials in 66 other counties in California are  also ordering these vehicles. So surely there must be some real purpose in all these expenditures.

Here is the link so you can hear and see for yourself what this  is all about.

My final comments for the moment on this topic: Marin County has one primary  main road, Hwy 101, that is plagued  by freeway traffic jams quite often. I have no idea how you would get that cumbersome vehicle from one  end of the county to another during a crisis - but Hey - maybe Homeland Security could devise a 12 million dollar helicopter that could fly the thing from the north end of the County in San Rafael to the south end during any crisis that occurs during rush hours!

Anyway, the design is sleek and delightful and good to know that the coming 22% decreases in Social Security checks, the shut down of over fifty schools in Chicago and a hundred or thousand or tens of thousands of other wicked cutbacks will enable the Federal Government to keep our country's military contractors devising such needed items!


Although voters are stepping into the voting booth, to try and strip our tax dollars,
local resources and destruction of lives away from the drug war, our nation's military is amping those actions WAY  UP!

Over the last fifty years, even casual observers of our military strategy understand that this nation always has ships in the seas surrounding, and boots on the ground, in those places where drugs are available. For instance, over the past thirtyyears, the USA has had a covert presence in the nation of Columbia, with one of our major "war Pivateers," DynCorp serving to "aid" the government there. In fact, I first wrote about this back in August of 2001 -

Today, I opened my web browser to note how Yahoo News is touting a story on our increasing militarized efforts of "stopping" the Drug Wars" as these actions take place off the shores of Latin America. Funny that no matter how much our local economies are suffering, there is always money to stay involved in stopping what hasn't stopped yesterday, and what won't be stopped today or tomorrow.

The crew members aboard the USS Underwood could see through their night goggles what was happening on the fleeing go-fast boat: Someone was dumping bales.

When the Navy guided-missile frigate later dropped anchor in Panamanian waters on that sunny August morning, Ensign Clarissa Carpio, a 23-year-old from San Francisco, climbed into the inflatable dinghy with four unarmed sailors and two Coast Guard officers like herself,
carrying light submachine guns. It was her first deployment, but Carpio was ready for combat.

Fighting drug traffickers was precisely what she'd trained for.

In the most expensive initiative in Latin America since the Cold War, the U.S. has militarized the battle against the traffickers, spending more than $20 billion in the past decade. U.S. Army troops, Air Force pilots and Navy ships outfitted with Coast Guard counter-narcotics teams are routinely deployed to chase, track and capture drug smugglers.

The sophistication and violence of the traffickers is so great that the U.S. military is training not only law enforcement agents in Latin American nations, but their militaries as well, building a network of expensive hardware, radar, airplanes, ships, runways and refueling stations to stem the tide of illegal drugs from South America to the U.S.


Than he needs to realize he is going to be watched carefully by those who were less than enthused about having to vote for him.

Unfortunately for the American public, by the time most Presidents are campaigning for their second term, they have lived inside a bubble for so long that  they have no real understanding of reality.

For the entire time period of March 2012 until the day after the November election, Obama's head was filled up with polling numbers, vote count analysis, and state by state details regarding which state populations would go for which message. In addition to needing to  process all that, Obama faced  the continual body and brain numbing experience of always being "on." This process produces burnout and exhaustion.

What saves democracy for a nation is when a President or other elected leader  has always been faithful and true to one simple reality - whether deeply engrained ideals are embedded inside the soul of the person holding office.

It has occurred within a recent timeline. For instance, we saw that brave enactment of ideals in the first few political activities of Nelson Mandela. And his handling of how he would not let the old bodyguards of the former South African leader's entourage be fired on account of their being white. A few decades earlier, we saw this when examining  the life and times of San Francisco mayor, Harvey Milk, who never forgot his original declaration of wanting to contribute to the struggle for equality of his gay brothers and sisters. We observe some currently elected officials, people like Maxine Waters, and like Bernie Sanders, holding on to ideals. We notice that they are compelled to stand for their ideals and to see that their ideals become issues that are politically supported and elevated.

In a  nation wherein so many decent individuals have courageously gone out into the streets and shed blood: instances like Haymarket riots; the Wobblies, labor and union protests; Suffragette protests; the Civil Rights movement of the fifties and sixties, and the Peace movement and environmental movement, both of the later from that same time period, and all that energy  for ideals such as decent pay for workers, decent working hours and safe conditions, the end of child labor, the end of discrimination and segregation, protection of the environment,  becoming the results, then it is most important that we reflect on those matters. And that we always demand to have leaders that represent ideals.

This has never been as difficult as it is today. We now live inside a political process that is mostly broken. To hold onto ideals is to condemn oneself to being outside the given Big Money environment of both parties. Many of us have been made aware of how none other than Rahm Emanuel was the chosen enforcement officer of stripping ideals from the Democratic Party platform. He spent the time period of 2005 to 2008 traveling around the nation, and seeing that candidates running for office were more "centrist" than progressive. And in that activity came the birth of the "Blue Dogs."

If you live inside California, you most probably have become painfully aware of how Diane Feinstein must approve of your ideals before you an run for office locally under the Party's "Big D." Among those who have not been given the nod by Di Fi are none other than Cindy Sheehan, and myself.

This is perhaps not a new phenomena. Let's go taking a stroll on memory lane. George Seldes, who was a Chicago Tribune correspondent during the late Nineteen teens and up until 1929, relates the following conversation that he had with Dorothy Thompson -another famous news reporter of that era, and the wife of Sinclair Lewis:

Thompson told Seldes in 1935 that while en route by ocean liner from France to NYC, how one  F. Sinclair, a Big Money Guy, took her away from the table where they were eating in order to talk privately with her.

"See those folks at the table who were eating with us?" F Sinclair asks Thompson?

"Yes," answers Dorothy.

"Well, all of us are the ones who actually decide who gets nominated as candidates to run for the Presidency and who gets to win that office."

Among those he meant was an important associate of the Gianinni family, who had established Bank of America.

"We give money on both sides of the aisle, so that no matter what, one of our people is always in a place to do our bidding."

"What about FDR?" asked Dorothy.

"Our support for him was a major misjudgement on our part. We saw to it that he had money and of course, we fully expected for him to say the sort of things that he always said. We just didn't expect FDR to act on those statements."

Business man F. Sinclair went on to state that the Inner Circle of Power Brokers was attempting to raise some five to twenty million to defeat FDR in 1936.

But the voting machinery was still non-hackable back in that era. And FDR had millions upon millions of everyday people to vote him back in.

In our times, Obama campaigned as a progressive in October of 2008. He made statements that only a progressive would make. But he tipped his hand to everyone when he told "Sixty Minutes" the last Sunday in Nov of 2008 that he thought that Paulson was doing a good job. Next, the American public was startled to witness some four years of his relentless overlooking of the crimes of those on Wall Street, and his relentless overlooking of the crimes of the previous Administration. His lack of conscience on those matters  made many of us wonder what disconnect occurred between the Obama of October 2008, and the Obama of 2009 through 2012.

The Big Money/Inner Circle of the Elite supported Obama, and he has been true to them.  This Administration has not been a friend of ideals. Not financial ideals, with such legal protections as Glass Steagall, an economic  regulation stripped away by Clinton's signature, and certainly not environmental ideals. For what I mean by mentioning the environment of late: witness the Obama Administration stance on the BP oil disaster. And the EPA under Obama shutting down the air monitoring stations, so no one got any truth about radiation blanketing the country after the Fukushima holocaust. Then consider how it was the State Department, headed by Hillary Clinton, who asked that the Keystone XL Pipeline be allowed to be built, even though in building this pipeline, it would be destroying the aquifers of people  living in fourteen States in the USA!

And don't even get me started on how Obama sold people out by installing rat bastard Geithner as the Secretary of Treasury. This guy should have been indicted for RICO violations that he undertook when he was the head of the NY Fed - instead he gets to collude with re-appointed Bernanke to offer the Main Street wealth to the Elite of the Financial World. Expert tell us how some 4.7 trillions of dollars "loaned" out by Bernanke to the Biggest Financial firm in the world will never be repaid. Funny how that never gets mentioned by the Big Money owned Republican and Democrats seeking the elimination of some 4+ trillions of budget cutbacks!!!!!

Obama secured a second term ONLY because so many people were forced to hold their noses and vote for him rather than let the women-hating Republicans get in. But he should realize that fact and quit colluding with the Elite's agenda of bringing about the extinction of America's middle class.

There is a line in the Bible that I find  pertinent: "you may know a man by his deeds." That is truth regardless if you are a Christian or Muslim, atheist or Jewish. A President who allows cuts to Social Security to be on his end of a  negotiation offer can be seen as sadly lacking in ideals. Whether Obama took this stance because he is exhausted from a long campaign, or because he has decided that he needs to be "sophisticated" and "savvy"- a "New Age Style of Democrat" not bound to the old fashioned, "New Deal"  notions of sympathy for the underdog (And America's entire, remaining  middle class is now in underdog status,) then all those of us who voted for him largely because he was a necessary evil need to start holding  his feet to the fire.

And we need to keep holding Obama's  feet to the fire, until he wakes up from the curse of being inside a bubble of advisers, political consultants and "Yes" men and women. It won't be easy, but then nothing regarding enforcing ideals into legislation and policy ever has been.


It is a matter of debate right now, among progressive circles, as to if there is a fiscal cliff, or if there isn't and even questioning if it is all just kabuki theater.

And if the Fiscal Cliff really exists,  what exactly  is the basis of saying that the nation needs to trim some four trillions of dollars from the Federal Government's projected deficit over the next ten years?

A One trillion dollar a year deficit means that around six percent of the GDP is in the hole. If only most Americans had such a situation with their personal budgets!

But let's forget that for a moment. Let's instead say that it is indeed a good idea to get rid of some 4+ trillions of dollars being spent by the Federal Government over the next ten years. My personal choice would be ending the Drug Enforcement Agency - after all, the Feds have already spent over one trillion bucks on cracking the whips on drug users, and all it has gotten us is this lousy police state! But that notion of mine is right up there with, "When will pigs  fly, and take out the garbage on most Sunday nights"

SO back to reality: let's remind ourselves and our law makers that MOST IMPORTANTLY - Social Security is its own damn fund! And currently is supposed to be showing some 2.1 Trillions of dollars as surplus. (The fact remains that perhaps this money has been "borrowed" for any of a number of projects, going all the way back to the Vietnam War.)

But in any case, if Congress borrowed against it, they should admit it and replenish the Social Security fund - and quit pretending, like my Blue Dog Congressman does, that Social Security is contributing to the deficit. it isn't.

Here are two separate ways to reduce the deficit by 2.1 trillion apiece, while leaving the Social Security fund untampered with.

One - immediately end the wars. Period. Savings= 2.1 trillions of dollars.

Two: end the Bush era Tax cuts that Obama extended. Immediate savings= 2.1 trillions of dollars.

Total savings of above: 4.2 trillions of dollars!

Now to accomplish number two - the President and Dems in Congress don't need to do a damn thing.
Pete DeFazio, Democrat Congressman from Oregon, already pointed this out last week. If nothing is done, the Bush era, Obama-extended tax cuts for the Upper Two Percent END on Dec 31st. So we don't even have to worry that the President's "negotiating" skills will be needed.

If those two ideas aren't good enough - here is my final offer. The Bernie Sanders-insisted upon Audit of the Federal Reserve showed that the man Obama re-appointed to the Federal Reserve, one Ben Bernanke, has "loaned out" some 15 to 16 trillions of dollars to his buddies in Big Financial Companies around the world. These monies aren't even considered in the Deficit Discussions, because the way the Fed is handled is very simple - Bernanke can do what he wants to do, and it isn't supposed to affect anyone at all. Bernanke even told the public this during one of the interviews that "Sixty Minutes" undertook a year or two back.

But experts now say that of these 15 to 16 trillions of dollars, some 4.7 trillions will never ever be repaid. So how about the president sitting down in his cozy Oval Office and signing an Executive Order that simply captures these monies from the bank accounts where they are nestled. Our government officials have done this to various other bank accounts, such as Bin Laden's. And even to some national bank accounts. (I believe we have even impounded monies from the state of Iran. And Libya.) So there is precedent.

I doubt that Obama would have the cajones to do this. But it really is most unfair that it come out of the Social Security funds, as those are monies that we and our employers have paid in. In my case, I have been paying into the fund for some 40 years.


Fri Nov 23, 2012 at 07:03 PM PST

All I had was Seventeen Cents

by Truedelphi

I was recently shown a lesson in giving by a young lady dressed in her Army uniform.

What happened was this: I had gone one town over to shop at Grocery Outlet. "GO" has a lot of things that my family eats and uses, and often I end up paying about 40 % less for them if they are purchased at that store. It's one of the few places where i really see that I too have an "inner shopper."

So this was one shopping spree where the items that I bought almost took every penny I had on me. When the clerk handed my change back, I realized I now had 17 cents on my person. Apparently by buying two or three of each needed item, I could really  blow through my money a lot faster than expected.

Walking out the store's big front doors, I reviewed how there was more than enough gas to get home, and that I didn't really need to stop anywhere else, as I could get to the health food store some other day.

As I mused over the situation, an elderly woman stumbled around in front of me. She looked me in the eyes, and said very softly, "Honey, I hate to bother you, but I haven't eaten since yesterday. I wonder if I you could spare some change."

I took the coins out of my pocket, mumbled how sorry I was that it wasn't more, and went around her to get to my car.

My leaving her with just seventeen cents troubled me. She really did look hungry. She certainly didn't have any body fat attached to her skinny little silhouette.

As I opened the car trunk to throw the groceries in, I saw her approaching a young twenty-something in her Army uniform. "You know something," the Army recruit replied. "I don' t think I have a penny on me. Not a penny!"

The woman started to turn away, clearly disappointed. Then the recruit walked in front of her. "You know something, why don't you come with me over to my car? You could help me divide up my groceries and figure out if anything I bought today would help you out."

As she said this, I pulled my bags of groceries back out of the trunk. Several other people also followed the recruit over to her car. By the time the needy woman left our circle of help, she had more than several bags of food. And two older teens were offering to help her carry her stuff home.

Sometimes I  don't like to leave the house as it can be such a Big Bad Cold World out there. And then there are days like that one.


Fri Sep 28, 2012 at 12:31 AM PDT

Help a friend of mine STOP MONSANTO

by Truedelphi

It is important to make Monsanto responsible for LYING to the EPA about the fact that its product, ROUNDUP, contains aldehydes.

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This entry details how the Top Elite control more than their share of influence, and that they should be taxed accordingly. It also discusses the UC regents and their recent demands, and my major solution to those demands. My solution is offered in the last paragraph of the article.

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The Corporate Control over "Science," "Research" and the Altering of the Facts in the News

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