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Thu Apr 02, 2015 at 08:01 AM PDT


by Verdi

How would you feel if a county property Tax Collector charged $77,300 to find your address where they have been sending mails for over a decade and your address has never changed?

Likely not good! Based on the following California Revenue & Taxation Code, San Bernardino County Tax Collector charged me $77,300 for finding my address and sending mails.

Well, how about this? You have made every single property tax payments for 5 years in a row. Suddenly an unpaid bills appeared from 5 years ago!!! Realizing that there must have been a mistake at somewhere. You ask for the removal of penalties so you can pay your taxes.

Now, how would you feel if you were to get the following response from Tax Collector?  “The tax collector is unable to approve your request for a waiver of penalties under California Revenue and Taxation Code 4985.2, as the assessed penalties did not result from an error on the part of the Tax Collector.”

Here is the code Tax Collector is interpreting from. RTC 4985.2. “Any penalty, costs, or other charges resulting from tax delinquency may be canceled by the auditor or the tax collector upon a finding of any of the following:
a) Failure to make a timely payment is due to reasonable cause and circumstances beyond the taxpayer’s control, and occurred notwithstanding the exercise of ordinary care in the absence of willful neglect,… ”

What I am understanding from the above code is some protection for taxpayer. What Tax Collector is understanding from this code is that this code gives Tax Collector the right and protection to abuse taxpayer.

Sacramento, we have a problem! It is a problem when tax collector either does not understand the Taxation Codes or simply abuse them intentionally.

Late fees and penalties must not reach over 15 times of the original tax amount.  That is almost twice the amount of what you have paid in 5 years combined..

For one missed payment, should the Tax Assessor be able to charge an amount EQUAL to almost what you would have paid in eight to 10 years?

Founding fathers thought this kind of potential abuse by government branches and put it in our constitution to protect general public. Here is what the 8th Amendment says about it, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted…”

When something like this happens to even one of us, do you feel like your constitutional rights violated and do something about it?  Here is your chance, please support this petition:

I am not sure if a Tax Assessor swears in to protect our constitution or not. If they don't may be they should.

Charging $76,300 to find an address they have known over a decade or denying your rights!.... I am not sure what to call it!.... Would you call it corrupt or criminal?  Should this kind of Public Entity behavior change? Should this kind of a Tax Collector still keep his job and earn nearly half a million dollars a year?

After what happened and Tax Collector stopped answering any of my Property Tax related questions in a while, I needed to do something. This is why I am starting this petition with the hope of change for better.

Please support this petition for reasonable and just regulations. This petition will be sent to proper government branches, asking them to make following changes.

~ Amend the taxation codes, so such abuse cannot take place.  A tax Collector cannot sell a property for a a disputed amount.  ($45....YEP!)
~ Adjust the outdated 18% interest charge for late payments to Federal standards. (Short term rate +3 and penalties removed for reasonable cause.) It was 1980 when California legislation passed 18% late fee charges at a time when the Federal rates were ranging from 14 to 20% range. Now, Federal rates are around 0 to 2% range.
~ New laws needed to be put in place to hold employees responsible when they abuse existing codes and ability to sue them for damages.

Please support this petition. Please help to raise awareness to those issues.

I will also be on a Hunger Strike beginning April 6, 2015 to bring attention to this injustice and abuse of power. Please stop by, if you are near San Bernardino County Tax Assessor Office Building at; 172 W 3rd St, San Bernardino, CA 92415… Since I will be on a liquid diet, feel free to bring me anything liquid… :)

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Sun Aug 31, 2014 at 05:07 PM PDT

Gun Control Will Come....

by Verdi

The gap between poor and the rich widening.  

The gun control will come when the wealthy realizes that the poor can take away their wealth with guns.

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Following link was posted in a discussion board.  It was observed by many Republicans as humorous!  It is a gross, sick video showing a person with different opinions getting killed and then the life turns great, people are laughing and having jolly old time in the video.  If Republicans are finding this video as humorous, this only shows how Republicans have become so dehumanized to find this humorous…. Killing someone for his opinion…….

I am figuring it out.  This is how it starts!  When you have a crazy idea, it is so far off from the norms for people to accept, you plant the seed in a form that is hidden undercover of humor, as it was done in this video.  What seems to be so odd and unacceptable under normal circumstances gets pimped, accepted and spread by extreme fringe elements of the society, as it has been done on this MB.

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Wed Jun 18, 2014 at 05:13 PM PDT

Benghazi and Captured Suspect!

by Verdi

Conservatives Quickly Label Latest Benghazi News A Distraction!

Well, you would think that Republican/conservatives would be happy with the capture of a suspected terrorist….right?  Wrong!  Those are Republicans and country does not mean shit if they can score a political point.  It sounds like Republicans would much rather let terrorist go free so they will have talking points and investigating the issue countless time at taxpayers dime.

 I am not sure if Republican Party and its' followers can scoop any lower?  Who wouldn't be happy for capturing one of the Benghazi suspect?  Republicans!…  They see the capture as distraction!!!

“Almost immediately following the reports that Ahmed Abu Khattala was in U.S. custody, conservatives furthered their distraction meme, questioning the motives and timing behind Khattala's capture.
Fox News' Kennedy suggested that the news was timed to boost Hillary Clinton's book tour and distract from her role in the administration's response to the Benghazi attack.”
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Mon Jun 16, 2014 at 04:45 PM PDT

Climate Change Denial! Here we go again!

by Verdi

There is a new Climate Change denial ‘study’ started to circulate in right wing.  It was supposedly done by some scientist in Texas University.

 Scientist, today, has proven that if the molecule structure of our atmosphere were to be altered the way it has been in recent century that the atmosphere will trap more heat or reflect more or less of certain UVs.  It is very simple.  The biggest molecular change in our atmosphere today is the increasing amount of carbon dioxide, which is mostly man made.  I don’t know why is it so difficult to understand such a simple concept but some don’t seem to get it.  

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Sun Jun 15, 2014 at 01:16 AM PDT

Iraq Mess!

by Verdi

I had written following excerpts (edited) on 3/9/2011, more than 3 years ago in regards to how oil investments could be effected in Iraq versus another, somewhat unstable, country.  
~  “Kurds are in the area spread over Turkey, Iran and oil rich areas of Iraq but has never had their independent government of their history of existence.”  
~  “When it comes to Iran, it will be a bigger threat US interest and peace process because of their support to Shiites in Iraq ……the Iranian threat to Sunnis and Kurds are going to increase with their continuing support of Shiites”  
~  “However, the biggest problem is likely to arise as soon as USA leaves Iraq…Prior to US enforced balance in Iraqi government, Sunnis enjoyed all the oil wealth from Kurdistan area all the way down to Kuwait.  When US leaves Iraq then the area will no longer be as safe or stable….due to everyone wanting those oil resources combined with centuries long ethnic animosities. ….It has a very high chance of things are getting really messy there but the real question is when will USA leave Iraq?”  
~  “IMO, the political stability of Iraq versus the other country....there is not much difference.  I can say the other country maybe better off because their stability is organic versus the stability in Iraq is due to US forces and as soon as USA leaves the country, the stability will also be out the door.  So take your pick... I would take the other country’s potential problems over Iraq's....”
Again those were written for comparison of two oil investment in two different, someone unstable countries.  Today, the concerns about Iraq has come to reality.  If a person, on the street like I, had somewhat of an idea what was likely to happen after US left Iraq, I am pretty sure the government also had similar expectations.  However, the government also knew what they could do is limited. We either commit troops for many years come and continue on failed policies and hope something good will come out or simply let the Iraqis solve their own problems .


What should US government do in Iraq?

66%16 votes
20%5 votes
12%3 votes

| 24 votes | Vote | Results

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