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Fri May 22, 2015 at 08:48 AM PDT

Memorial Day

by Vetwife

A pedestrian carrying an umbrella walks through a Memorial Day display of United States flags on the Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts May 23, 2013.  According to the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund, the flags are planted on the Common for fallen
A member of U.S. Army honor guard stretches out a flag before placing it at the headstone of a grave at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, May 26, 2011. The United States will commemorate Memorial Day this weekend. REUTERS/Jason Reed
Jeff Lee of Lantana, Florida, leans against the gravestone of his father, Frank Lee, during a Memorial Day ceremony at the South Florida National Cemetery in Lake Worth, Florida May 27, 2013. REUTERS/Joe Skipper
This is not Veterans Day weekend.  I wonder how many people really think about the losses of wars.  I wonder how many Americans think of  The hurt and the pain and yes how it affects our living vets.   Take a minute and think of the ultimate sacrafice.

I am happy to belong to a place that honors and remembers those everyday.  IGTNT is to be held in high esteem and those who remember everyday !!!!

This is a solemn time...  We do not say in good conscience. Happy Memorial Day.  We Say Remembering Those who have paid the ultimate sacrafice on Memorial Day.  There is nothing happy about it.   It is a very hard weekend as is the 4th and Veterans Day for our living vets, those especially who are fractured and suffering from PTSD.   They remember the one dying , saw the destruction including their own from the death of their brother or sister in arms.  They suffer this weekend.  

I am thinking of all of you who are reminiscing this Memorial Day.   Let the War Machine Stop.   Let the lilies of the field flourish and let us stop tearing homes apart with useless war.  

Please think of me and my family as we get through this weekend with a PTSD vet who suffers everyday from survival guilt.  

Thank you IGTNT.
Thank you to all those who sincerely step back and remember those who have lost family and friends.

I am feeling a little blue today so bad news for Scott always cheers me up.  

Scott cannot get anyone to cooperate with his demands lately.   I laughed out loud when I read that the hospitals are telling him to go look things up himself regarding financial data.  I felt it was fun for even the The Villages to shrug him off in a letter responding for some of his requested info.  

On top of that.... He needs a chef.   He wants a lot.   He might want some taste testers to go with that low paying chef job he has advertised for....  
Ahhh...still a little blue but feeling a bit brighter.

TALLAHASSEE — When Gov. Rick Scott ordered state agencies to come up with a list of “critical needs” just in case state government shuts down this summer, he got a defiant response from many:

Everything we do is critical.


This follows recent pushback from the state’s hospitals, which Scott had asked to provide financial information for his new state hospital funding commission. The commission holds its first meeting today.

Instead, the hospitals shrugged, responding that they weren’t sure what Scott was asking for or told him the information he sought was already in various state reports.

This has been especially true in the state justice system, where elected public defenders and state attorneys are constitutional officers who don’t answer to the governor. What’s more, the state courts report to the judiciary.
Climb in the clown car and run for president... People will for sure pay attention.  Sue someone in your hissy fit Ricky.   That is how you usually get attention..  You think inside your bubble you and your republican tea party can just shut down the State government and not all areas are criticial.  Not everyone has a piggy bank in every room to smash.

Pssst....By the way Rick... Hurricanes are critical.  Shutting down Hurricane states in the middle of Hurricane season is not real smart but then again no one said you ever stayed  even one night at a Holdiay Inn Express.

You all know that we made a journey on behalf of vets to DC.   I posted a diary of how exciting the trip was and how much work was accomplished but there was a whole lot more to the story.  I did not want to intertwine the stories as one was all good and the other side of the journey was un nerving.  I did not want to take away from the  other story but did want to share what Paul Harvey used to say, " The Rest of the Story" with you folks.

When people such as me, wander away from the homefront, we can expect some setbacks or problems of some sort but for me things are always extreme...I mean the mountaintop high or the valley depths.   They are never just OK.   There rarely is boredom in my life...It has been that way for years and years and years.

In my opinion any one of the things that happened to us could have ruined the trip but we are troopers.   I think the beginning of obstacles  started in North Carolina when we were running behind schedule on meeting up with Fergie Jr.  The ride was wonderful but Vet was beginning to hurt a lot as he is scheduled to have surgery soon as soon as he gets off a wait list.   He was in a great deal of pain but trying not to complain.  We had to stop more than normal due to this disability and pain.

  I called Fergie at 6PM at Rocky Mount exit and told him we were running behind but if traffic kept being great we would possibly get into Richmond by 10 or so.    As we traveled north the rain clouds gathered and traffic picked up.  It was a Friday night, so that was not unusual until we headed right into Richmond.  

 The rain was pouring, the windshield wipers were at fast pace and it was dark on the interstate except for the millions of taillights glaring into my eyes.  I had called Fergie again to get a meetup point but it had turned crazy.  There was more traffic than I had seen in Downtown Atlanta.  What the heck was happening?  I saw many many cones and detours along with flashing lights everywhere and people traveling out of Petersberg , Va. bumper to bumper at approximately 70 MPH, almost like they were rushing around an obstacle course.  My nerves were a bit frayed and Jack's were not in the best of shape.  Sierra was very quite but she was probably a little un nerved as well.  

 I kept looking for the exit and called Fergie again and this time I was upset saying, " What is going on here". I mean there is all kinds of construction and traffic and I cannot find where you are."  He said, " It normally only takes 5 minutes to get through Richmond at most anytime, I don't know.  We will meet up tomorrow".  Ok there was some pressure off but I still had to find this area he was speaking of.   Finally....the exit !!!   Well as I make it off the exit of 95, there was so much construction I was not even sure I was on an exit ramp.  Detours.....cones...rain and lots of torn up ramp and police cars everywhere with lights flashing.   As I came to the first motel I saw....I was told.. NO VACANCY.   Nasscar was in town and there were no rooms at the inn... ANYWHERE ......
Well this wasn't good.  We were bone tired.  I had to tell the travelers we were stuck in a strange city , with no vacancy due to Nasscar.   We kept looking.  There were several motels in this area.  I found a pretty fair looking motel FROM THE LOBBY,  which turned out to be the Cockroach heaven of all motels in the area.    Everyone else must have known it and there was only one room left.  It was three times the price it should have been.  I was worn completely out and if this was the last hope for shelter, we had to take it.  Sierra was walking around inside taking pictures of the cracked sink, the mold and no TV.   The place smelled of smoke and the couple fighting next door were very loud.  I did not want to stay but I was so very tired.  We had no wifi..We had no cell service and the phone from the room didn't work.  The phone did not work for outgoing calls.  I go to the lobby that is all sparkling and clean and smelling of lemons and make a phone call to tell Fergie the vehicle has stopped and we were out of the traffic and rain.  We agree to meet the next morning.   I was so tired I even ignored the couple in the next room but Sierra had taken pics of cracked sinks and dusty vents.   I had to spray the beds and inspect the sheets which seemed clean but I carry Lysol anyway.  I fall out until the phone call from Fergie wakes me up at 9AM.  People all over are packing up and Nasscar has been rained out.  Oh well the rest of the day would make up for shattered nerves.  

We pull into DC and for a Saturday, the traffic was still heavy but at least the rain had stopped.   We start looking for a Hotel and I was somewhat familiar with the area we stayed in as it is only two miles from downtown DC on New York Avenue but not the very best part of the city.  It is on the metro line and pretty easy to navigate from place to place and was a good consideration.   A Clarion was across the street from where we stayed but all in all I was happy with the little Budget Motel that was reasonably priced.  It was clean.  It was internet friendly and a few steps from the Metro transist.  The room was spacious and quite.  After the last motel that we stayed, it was the Ritz in my opinion.

We get a handicapped accesible room that is on the 1st floor instead of the second.   My husband is really in pain and has to lie down and try to get comfortable,  He is surely going to be down for awhile but we knew before the trip that he would endure discomfort.   i felt really bad for him.  We had some water we placed in the cooler in this motel as it did not come equipped with fridge or microwave but we did have the cooler.

  I turned the TV on and saw Baltimore was on fire.  Wow....we were only twenty miles from Baltimore and as I change the channel I see we are also in the middle of DC's second only to the inaguration, busiest time of the city, The Correspondents dinner..  Well, we could expect traffic.. That was a given.  I ordered pizza as I really want to just relax and take a bath and watch that Correspondence Dinner on the tube.  I would venture out the next day.  

I am not going to mix in the good stuff that was posted in the other diary as it would take away the un nerving stuff of this one.   The next morning after grabbing some pastries and milk and coffee from the station right next door, Sierra and I head out to the Metro and decide to go to the Smisthsonian.  This is where I nearly had a breakdown.

  Maybe people in large cities are used to what happened to us but trust me I went bonkers over the Metro transit system's subway.  OMG......It all was going well as we headed from the bus transist to get our smart passes and board the subway when the unthinkable happened.   I had Sierra by the hand and as I stepped into the train, the door gave one chime and doors slammed.   She was on the outside and I was on the inside...Terrified and hurt as my arm was caught in the door, she was screaming for me as I yelled to her.. I also yelled at the conductor to open the damn doors.   Doors did not budge as I squeezed one leg into the small space...I knew from riding Marta in Atlanta or hoped this was the case as long as the door was somewhat open the train would not move.  How long could I hold on to her?   How long was this crushing going to be on my right side?  Why wouldn't he open the doors?   She was hysterical but I could not see her..  It was blackened on my side and she could see me on her side.
Some passenger  said, " Get her at the next stop".  I said and barely remember, " Hell No.. I won't leave her."  It was at this point two very large African American males jumped up and it all seemed like a blur and started helping me.  God Love them.  They were pushing the doors..One on each side were forcing the doors open.  I felt the doors suddenly open as we three jerked her inside the subway car.   She said I kept thanking them but I was in shock and terrified as we fell forward as the train took off.   I do remember their size being large and if I knew who these heros were, I would hug them till they popped.  

I stepped off the subway as I made my way upstairs, I wanted to report that conductor but decided to do it formally because complaining to the guy in the booth would do no good and that I will do yet.  I found out later talking to people in the city that this happened regularly and a 5 year old child had been separated due to the Metro's lack of common sense within the last week or so.  I was also told by two Amtrak workers there were many lawsuits against The Metro.  We both regained our senses and went to check out the Science and Space Museum  and the Memorials on the mall.  I make a quick check to the motel via cell phone and hubby is hurting but telling us to be careful.  My whole right shoulder and leg was hurting but I was bound to continue on.   We took a cab back.  I learned to hail cabs in DC after than incident.  I used to hail them in Atlanta but that had been years ago.

My husband takes notes much like Former Senator Graham and I told him that when we met up with him.. In my husband's   notes he had mentioned he did not want to tell me about the yellow tape up around the room across the parking lot from us that said, " Police line do not cross".  I really did not notice but he had it recorded in his notes to try and be with us more...if possible.  The police and ambulance and other emergency vehicles had been at the motel during the second night and obviously there had been a murder, we later found out.   The tape was replaced with Big Dumpsters and that I did notice for room cleaning.   I never did get the particuliars but it obviously did not affect the folks on our side or the people at the Clarion across the street.  It did make us more vigil.

  When I took just a few steps outside to the store, my husband got in his wheelchair and watched us and we went and got our supplies.   He also insisted we not venture out past dark unless returning from meetings  and to be back before dark always if possible.   The day he explained some of this to us, is this day he had his cell phone stolen right out from under him at the store in broad daylight..I had gone to the store for a cup of coffee and he followed me to the store.. The kid was locked inside the motel.   A guy asked to borrow his cell phone for an emergency call and hubby had his Kindle.   He was in the wheelchair at the edge of the motel and edge of the store.   The guy puts the phone in his pocket and heads to his car as my husband snapped the tag number with the Kindle.

  As I walk out of the store he asks me if I have my cell phone and I said " No".  He said, " Call the police, someone with Baltimore tags took my phone".  OK... I am not shook as little was shaking me up after the Metro so I walk inside, call 911 and then my provider and shut the phone off and locked down.   The police arrive in about ten minutes, make a report and come back to the motel in just a few mintues asking my husband to identify the suspect.   They had caught him two miles up the road and surrounded the car.   He obviously tossed the phone but did not have time to toss out everything that was in the backseat and they requested a search warrant and cuffed him at the scene and towed the car.

 The two police officers who showed up at the motel were professional and pleasant.  This was refreshing. There were two  Police officers who were helpful and acted professional.  Baltimore could take lessons from these police officers.  

 The guy went to jail.  We got a case number but now without hubby's cell phone.  This trip was beginning now to add up as we were paying oui of our own pocket to begin with.  Between the extra cabs, the first motel trippled priced and now the loss of a phone, yes it is adding up.

The next part of concern came when we were supposed to meet Rep. Nugent to go to the capitol and not only did he make himself scarce but one of his aids tried to send us off on a mile long excursion when we asked for a nearby place to grab lunch while we waited for a joint session of congress to finish.    The capitol tour was postponed for two hours and that was OK.. What was not OK was to tell us to go to Union Station as the closest place to eat when we found out there was a public eatery right there in the Longworth Building, without my husband having to be in pain and be pushed in a wheelchair uphill for some distance... There was an intern working on the Ways and Means committe who shared the news about the Public Cafeteria not more than 100 feet from where we were.   That angered me.   Nugent was just oh so concerned for veterans and I hope to God he is challenged again because he was in typical teaparty form judging from his avoidance of a meeting he never kept with me.  

Now we come to the part of walking through the tunnel and a tea party congressman approaching our daughter.  This whole incident was wierd to me.  Congressman Mark Meadows from NC singles out our daughter, ignores both her parents, never speaks to them and talks to a 10 year old...Here is the video.   It is strange to say the least but to talk to a child and ignore their parents is very very strange... I did a background check on him and he did have three arrests before he became Asheville's rep.  I do not know for what.  He also approached her again on the outside over an hour later.   It was very creepy.  To this minute he has yet to answer or speak to her Dad or me even when spoken to by the adults.  The video is right here and somewhat concerning.   The look of concern shows on my face as I walk back to see what he stopped and said to Sierra.  She was talking to her Dad when he approached her.  He was telling her to call him.  Look him up...etc... Very strange.

The next downer was when we went to the Roosevelt Memorial and my husband's back completely locked up and I had to cut the tour of the Memorial Short when he could no longer stand the pain even in the wheelchair.  We were on our way out of DC and back home...a little wiser, a little more broke, and in more pain but definately through the obstacles...achieved.  We never meant for the trip to last so long but when one is suffereing, it just seems to take longer as we had to stop quite a bit.   I replaced a phone for him which emptied the bank but he has a phone again.  

Thanks for listening to the rest of the story.  Keep in mind that the pics of the sink and vent were supposed to be a nice motel in Richmond in a good neighborhood.  The police and crime scene was a very clean and friendly motel in DC.. Not the same Motel.   The top funky pics were made in Richmond at an extremely overpriced Nasscar weekend gauged price... The little motel in DC was fine except for the robbery and murder.

Well, all in all the good definately outweighed the scary stuff and I heard back from the Executive at CSpan today who is looking to have 90 for 90 and Dr. Reid on Washington Journal.  

I have been trying to plan a trip to DC for a very long time regarding the quest of making Veterans equal regarding Pre 911 and Post 911 benefits.   The Presidential Medal of Freedom for Dr. Ferguson Reid idea I believe so strongly about gave me the perfect opportunity to make the journey.

I orginally had planned and desperately wanted to go to the Roanoke meetup, however
the scheduling of some meetings that were made, the trip distance between my journey from one side of Virginia to the other plus my problem with altitude sickness kept conflicting with the business in DC.  I had to figure out which thing to do and not miss my mission PLUS meet Dr. Ferguson Reid, Fergie Jr. and keep my appointments..  This was really hard.  Sorry Randalt and Gordon..  I really tried to figure it out.

Follow me below the yellow cloud.

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This is an ongoing problem.  I am sickened over this kind of law enforcement.  This is going to have to be stopped.  Our media needs to be attending at least 911 calls.. Jim Crow is alive in 2015.  Where is your special prosecutor Ricky?  Do we get Angela Corey again?   Good Lord !!!!  
The Miami Herald published this video from a dash cam of a cop shooting an unarmed
black man in Florida.

This person was mentally ill.  This person was holding only a broom..  This person's life
mattered.  Why after two months are we just now seeing this?

MIAMI - New videos showing a mentally ill Florida man being shot dead by police call into question a Miami area department's explanation of the shooting, said attorneys for the victim's family who released the footage on Wednesday.
Footage captured from within a police car at the scene show shell cases flying as a police officer shot 25-year-old Lavall Hall on Feb. 15.

Before the shooting, an officer can be heard shouting: "Get on the f---ing ground or you're dead." Five shots followed.

Two of the bullets hit Hall, Miami Gardens police told reporters in the days after the incident, explaining that Hall had attacked officers with a broom stick.

Two months after this horrible incident....we are getting insight but little coverage on this.  You will be hearing more.  
This angers me and it appears, we the people have a friend in a camera.  Lynching, bullets... The truth is people are dying at the hands of authority.  The thin blue line has been crossed.  It is now blood red.
This is surreal in almost mind boggling consequences.   Pretty soon the only children
attending public school will be the poorest of the poor and the teachers will be anyone willing to work for slave wages IMO.  

Diverting......the name of the game in Florida and it is growing.

TALLAHASSEE — Without a word of debate Friday, the Florida House approved a controversial proposal that could require school districts to share tens of millions of dollars in construction funds with rival charter schools.
Just follow the money to find the corruption.....
The bill was one of four high-profile education proposals that won the support of the Republican-dominated House to end the week. The others would:

•Ease the penalties for schools that fail to comply with the constitutionally mandated limits on class size.

•Create a pilot program to give principals more control over hiring and budget decisions.

•Encourage school districts to adopt mandatory school uniform policies for children in grades K-8 by offering incentive money.

All of the Democrats in attendance voted against the charter school bill, HB 7037. But none debated the measure on the floor

On top of everything else, the incentives of money to local districts to enforce school uniforms was added into the mix.  I wonder which uniform company has major stockholders sitting in the legislature.  
The proposal would create the Florida Institute for Charter School Innovation to help new charter schools. It would also make it easier for top-performing charter schools to replicate themselves in high-need areas and specify that charter schools receiving back-to-back Fs would be automatically closed

The bill that passed Friday would ensure charter schools receive about 40 percent of the amount traditional public schools can raise for construction and maintenance, Fresen said.

If the state does not provide enough money in the budget, as it has done in recent years, the school districts would have to make up the difference with their tax revenue.

That Fresen sponsored the amendment was controversial. His firm has helped build several charter schools, and his brother-in-law runs Academica, the state's largest charter school management company.

Fresen said he did not consider the amendment to be a conflict of interest because it would not increase funding for charter schools.

Well this Fresen is a bit delusional me thinks.  Of course public schools will soar and no charter schools will get funding !!!  Really?

One Republican in the article opposed the bill wanting more money to go to the public school system.  There was still no debate on all of this.

The bill creating a principal pilot project, HB 357, passed 100-8. The proposal encouraging school uniform policies, HB 7043, passed 102-8.

The class size proposal, HB 665, found only three opponents: Pafford, Rep. José Javier Rodríguez, D-Miami, and Rep. Joe Geller, D-Aventura.

The bill aims to lessen the penalties for school districts that don't comply with the constitutional limit on class size. The penalties would now be calculated based on the average class size at each school, instead of the total number of classrooms that exceed the cap.

School systems had asked for the change, saying it was a logistical challenge to meet the requirement and the penalties were too harsh.

All said and done Florida is very busy getting ready for Jeb or Rubio while sitting on Oil infested beaches, high waters in Miami, hotter summers, fracking the everglades and chasing  a little white ball all over the not yet flooded greens of the rich golf courses.
There is a man in power who thinks he is a king and the poor teapublicans running around demanding NO Government intrusion while they dress their kids and grandkids in their little uniforms for King of Medicare Fraud.   No need to educate these children in Florida, they can be educated in the most populated prison system in America that is privatized.   Scott got the prisons, the medical facilities and now he and his minions want the schools... Ahhhh.....Welcome to the Sunshine State.

Florida had better be getting about the 90 for 90 bandwagon to register voters to get these people out of office.  See link about registering voters in Virginia.  Call it what you want but registering people to become aware of what is happening has to be a priority.

I am not in a good mood.  I am going to get that right out front and when I am not in a good mood, a problem in Florida can get a lot of attention from me and anyone I contact.   I am not in a good mood.  There is something really afoot in Florida and has been for a long time but I think I may have a clue..or like I said, maybe just really ticked off or maybe something The Tampa Times, or New York Times or the DOJ needs to check into.   Here I stand....front and center with a whistle and blowing it regarding The CHIP program and Medicaid program demanding to know   just how either corrupt or incompetent this system is in Florida !

Here is the story as I know it.  We have a CHIP program here known as Kids Ease Kid Care..
We also have a Medicaid program that people have gotten kicked off of and no expansion.  We have a head of state and maybe you have heard of a 75 time pleader of the 5th on Medicare fraud called Rick Scott.   Ring a bell?  My bells are ringing big time.
My child has been on Kid Care or Kids Ease....since 2011.  There may be and I repeat may as I wouldn't doubt it one little bit that there is a scheme going down with medicaid or CHIP similiar to the Medicare deal.  

The time came for re enrollment of the CJIP program.  It happens every year.  You have to update the info regarding proof of income, family members and all manner of questions to stay in the CHIP program.   No problem.  You sign on the internet, and you fill out the questionnaire, fax and or send proof of income and you are notified that you child or children are still qualified for Childrens Health Care for a nominal fee.   You have met the eligibility status if this information is submitted to the State.   You can also send it via mail.  This year something different happened.  This year I was told to fax proof of income... I did.  I also sent it in the mail first when Kid Care said they had not received it.   Strangely the stupid recorded info said that your kid IS covered and all eleigibility has been met AND approved for Kid Care.   The one thing that keeps you off of Kid Care is if your child is on Medicaid.  Mine is not.   I took no chances and fax all that info again with all income and we are still qualified for Kid Care for our minor child.
I get a letter in the mail saying Welcome to Kid Care and here is a Thank you for completing your renewal and enrollment process...( it is a pass to state parks for the child)....Then not 10 days later you get a letter from Medicaid... Saying your child is not eligible for Medicaid !  Well you know that....but the letter goes on to say that you as the parent are eligible. WHAT?????????  But I have Champ VA... I am going to be qualified for Medicare in several momths... I already have the Medicare to be activated at 65  card...WHAT ????  I know this is a mistake.. So several weeks ago I made a call to Kids ease because you can't ever but ever get through to local DCF office or Medicaid........and you figure it is a glitch....The lady on the phone says....Oh... I see where this info was sent back for your review and your child definately qualifies for Kid Care and not Medicaid and no of course you are not qualified.   They just must have made a mistake.. I say again, " Why is Medicaid contacting me with conflicting statements ..I have NEVER applied nor has this child.   The answer....Don't worry...just a mistake....  make my 15.00 payment to the State Kid Care Program and assured we are covered but I check out who her Dental health is through as I have received no I am given a list......Now keep in mind I have an account number and my status shows enrollment.   Three days later a nice Shiny Medicaid card arrives with my child's name on it..telling me to pick a Managed care program... Hell No !!!!! I will not.

We are not supposed to be enrolled in Medicaid.   I call Kid Care again and what do I find out... " Oh .......I don't are enrolled in Kid Care ..not medicaid.
I am still not off the chain just yet.   I ask about my payment and why it was reduced from 20 to 15 and told it was because of Obamacare which I know is Bullshit.   I am then told it was illegal to count VA income... Well it has not been for 4 years and last time I checked Social security income was also federal funds.......It was income... Non taxable but there is a little box for VA/Social Security right there on the questionnaire.
She said, " Don't worry......I am sending this back with a copy of the VA income as I am sure it was just overlooked.....AHHHH the bells are started to ring in the distance because I tell her what the Medicaid Letter said...." This card does not guarantee the holder to Medicaid benefits but present it to the provider as proof of insurance...or words to that effect.  I tell this lady...I tell this representative...." Now I want to know these payments I am making is going towards my child's insurance is guarantee of coverage under Kid Care.... Her reply, " Oh yes......she is covered through April and the VA award letter will be resubmitted to eleigibility and if you don't hear from us by Friday.. this was week before last ..Call us back on Monday.   Well I call all week and get this....You are covered crap.   I go to the mailbox just before making my March payment and lo and behold I have a letter of cancellation of Kid Care telling me my child is on Medicaid.....I also have another letter saying I too have been enrolled.

Today bright and early I get up and call these folks again to be told they are showing a substantial amount of income not on the form ,,no... totally eliminated and Mother and child enrolled in Medicaid.   The answer then.... the answer is "You will have to call Medicaid and straighten this out".  I am becoming very angry and said, " Why should I fix your screw up and why did you screw up after being warned?"  She said, " It is out of our hands".  I called the number that was given to be told... "I don't show you in the sytem...or the child.   I then hear but this is not unsual... We have had over 1000 calls regarding this kind of problem.   Now I am off the chain.  I explain to the woman not to take what I am about to say personally but I want to educate her a little on how screwed up this is and can become.   I proceed.   Now you listen to me....I want my child and me off the Medicaid rolls because we do not qualify and that is real taxpayer money and other people qualify not to mention we probably are shown qualified on paper only not to mention you have mentioned Obamacare at least five times blaming the president for confusion AND I am on Social Security and we not only want to do the right thing but your telling me over 1000 have called with this kind of nosensene which opens them for fraud charges is not going to happen... and the response is, " That determination was made at Kid Care/Kid Ease...and you need to call DCF,,your local DCF as we have no control over this kind of thing.  Here goes the Buck passing.

I take a sip of coffee and pull up the Health and Human Services number in Tallahassee
 on one phone and the DCF office on the other where I was told there was a 25 minute wait.

I finally get someone in the Special Council office in Tallahassee and have had time to fume to a full blown outrage.......I calmly but firmly say, " You are who and I sure hope this phone call is being recorded for quality assurance because you will not snatch insurance from a child ...enroll me in a progam I am not qualified for and her as well plus I understand this is the office for license and accountability of health care in Florida.
The lady says yes.... I say..." Allow me to introduce myself.  This problem will be solved today or I swear I will be contacting the Tampa Times, The New York Times, the Office of Inspector General and the DOJ if necessary.. I tell the story and the woman said, :Oh my ...let me get someone to immediately get in touch with you".   Keep in mind I am still on hold on the other phone with DCF.   I tell her.... You may or may not even get this resolved before I publish this to the public as I am VERY concerned about your boss and this administration whereas any federal and state medical funds are involved.  She tells me she will take care of it with the proper people.   I hang up.  Now the other line becomes available as some rep from DCF tells me this is all Obamacare fault.  I know now I am in a talking point.  I said, " picked the wrong person on the wrong day to be doing this not only to me but according to Medicaid...over 1000 people in Florida.   She asks for my social security number but no account number of the Kid Care...and said," So you want to be removed from the Medicaid system"  WELL DUH....I am now completely off the chain.  I say, " I should never have been in that part of the system.. Not me... My daughter should have and should be in the Program for CHIP whereas we pay our premium,   The lady says, " We will remove you and you can reapply for Kid Care".   I said, " How did you remove me from something Medicaid said there was no record of ...What the hell is going on??????  I want that in writing.  She said " We will be sending you a letter".  I asked, " From who?  Kid Care or Medicaid?  Where Medicaid  records show we do not exist?   Akthough our daughter has a card I will not use and a letter cancelling her from Kid Care and a rep reporting under income  reports which they clearly have the document as they read it back to me......with the exact figure...  The woman says, " I think from Medicaid".  Since Obamacare this has been very confusing.  I say, " What is confusing"?  She didn't marry, turn 18, the income is the same with just a cola increase and WE DO NOT QUALIFY and  I am on Champ VA and Medicare come June.

 I will not be held accountable on a fixed income for defrauding the State for a State screwup not just on me but what I was told thousands of poeple.  I want an explanation and letter of retraction from the medicaid program.  
   I am then informed that all I have to do is re enroll in Kid Care but guess what Kid Care after cancellation can charge full price of regular premium which would not be at that 20 dollar rate...... But can disqualify us period because we refused the Medicaid.   Now I am really pissed.   I call Special Council and told them to relay to Scott that I was going public and I was bringing the press and the law with me.  With this diary I will send a copy to the DOJ, the Tampa Times and the OIG .  I finally got a call from some insurance company after the call to Medicaid and asked  did we want to enroll in a healh care program?   I hung up.  My question to Kid's Ease was Where is my 15.00 dollars? Where is the coverage I paid for in advance that was cancelled.. I was told it was creditied to my account .  I said, " An account that I do not have?"
No answer except a credit...I felt as though I was talking alien to these people.  I added up 20 to 30 which is average for CHIP X 1000 or more is staggering and then these children have fallen through the cracks and have no healthcare or do and the parents or guardians are investigated and have their federal compensations frozen to pay back.

There it is...... If I am right this is how the State is making money off the poor because one is a mistake..1000 is a plan.  A plan to keep kids from any healthcare or a plan to screw folks on fixed incomes.   The state would win in a huge amount of money.... The letter that accompanied that medicaid card keep in mind did not guarantee coverage.
What are the 1000's this is happening to?  Playing chase the tiger's tail in a circle?  Not this lady.. I am calling the State and Scott out !!!!!


Oh this is not the usual , " Hey we have a meetup scheduled".  That would be exciting but we do have some business that needs immediate attention and back up for Pajoly.
I need the help becasue Florida is too big and Sem Dem , Ole Hippie Chic and I found this out the hard way.  This is our idea endorsed and encouraged by Navajo.

The Connect, Unite and Act Series is a great series that is right here on Daily Kos every day.  This community is here for all sorts of things and we can do better as a State with boots on the ground.  

The Marti wrote a diary about blue states helping out red states and actually we are all just States but engulfed in a sea of conservatism of extreme radical politics, corrupted to the core.  

Howard Dean had a great message with the 50 state strategy.  That works locally.   We need our own progressive leadership in areas  for our out of state progressives to actually start helping us out.   I am open to any and all suggestions of division and anyone who wants to lead that territory.  We can all come together annually or semi annually but the truth is we need to be in a war room setting of good food and ideas in different parts of the state.  Please let us start with folks starting their groups.  Shoot Navajo off a Kosmail and she will promote the group as I will as well.  It takes just a few minutes to start a group like, North and Central Florida Kossacks... Any name giving an idea of location will do and just write a diary asking folks to join....It is actually fun to do.

Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, Ocala, Gainesville, Titusville, Jacksonville and The Keys...East Coast, West Coast, Panhandle, and every area imagined to take this bunch of crooks on with support from doing away with Stupid laws and  putting progressives up for election.  WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR THIS STATE but one or two cannot do it.  We need teams.  

We already have media attention.  They know who we are.   We now have a civil rights activist lending their support to Florida and we have people in Blue States willing to help us.   Now, we need to divide this state up and get some Kos leaders to set the places for different meetups and strategies.  Are you saying, " Oh I am not a Kos Leader".  Really, well maybe you are.  All you have to be is willing to give up a little time for some meetups once in awhile.   It really is not that is just that Florida is just that big.
It is like herding cats from a large demographic nightmare ... We also need people with knowledte of their own territories because like Texas, Florida is a whole other state.  The Northern area is not like the Panandle . The Panhandle is not like the Keys and everything in between is unique in it's political makeup.  The one common thread is that the Conservatives have a stronghold on the state, legislatively.

If you read this diary of Pajoly.....You know how important of an issue this is.

We have Nancy Jones with the Dream Defenders trying to work in that area.

We have Gulf Gal running from here to North Carolina doing much.

We have very smart progressives and really too many to mention.

We have a lot of good people , we just need some good organization to pull it together.

We have corruption on every ballot box in Florida and we are being smothered in Hot Tea by the King of the Tea party himself...Rick Scott.

One person can make a difference.. Just one.   I will go on Winkk's and Justice's programs to promote any and all meetups and ideas you have.  Shoot, I will rekick another show weekly if necessary.

We can change things here in Florida for the 90 for 90 to meetups coordinated all over the state.

What say you Floridians... We have Jeb down here.  Wanna take this on because we live here and we need to quite the laughter from the world.

Please respond !!!!!!!

Here are a list of diaries below that need out attention for activism.

These are pressing issues... More coming down the  pike everyday.  We need to stop the laughter.  Only we as progressives can do this.


Fri Feb 27, 2015 at 07:38 AM PST

Family or Job? Choices of a single Mom

by Vetwife

There are choices a single parent makes everyday regarding their kids and work.  I have no clue other than reading an excellent diary this morning about taking a sick day for a family member and it being such a stressful decision, what made me think of this story.  It should not be a stressful thing to do what is right but big business employers make it so.  

I was reminded of a situation in 1977 when I was working at a place called Restaurant Equipment and happy to have a job close to home without a commute to Atlanta.
I was not that happy with the job because it was one of the most boring and unrewarding jobs I have ever held.  

Back in the 70's there were not the many opportunities for parent and child to have a school lunch together, or at least in my neck of the woods.   The company I worked for was a family owned local business but very successful and the owners were wingers before it was popular.  They were retired school faculty that was comprised of two brothers and one sister and now running their parents very succcesful  business revolving around making money and getting rich.   I wonder many times what kind of teachers they were as I know some fine, wonderful educators but these three did not seem to possess any of the skill I would want my child to learn from.   They were big churh goers who held high office in their churches.  

I worked in an office or a closet as I called it sharing the small space with no window with three other people.   I would be at work at 7AM each morning and get a 30 minute lunch break and get off at 5:00.   I had no insurance benefits and it was a chore to even work there.  I was salaried and it was less than 200.00 a week before taxes.

I would hear the owners come in each morning and talk about Johnny doing so well in his extra curricular activities.  Each day brought excitement to them and nausea to me regarding how cute Johnny was at the Top of Peachtree dining with them and getting chocolate mousse all over his new expensive suit and tie and oh how cute he was.   I would hear about Jill's ballet lessons and how to remind them to pick her up early as she had a recital practice.   I did not envy these people at all.  I just got tired of their bragging like the rest of us had no pride in our children.   If we talked about our children and their accomplishments they would change the subject or say nothing.  

I often heard them gossip about how they just could not understand why parents let their children attend school with worn out clothes or shoes.  I would hear how parents who chose to work outside the home just never had time for their kids.   It was usually followed up with " Bless their heart".  I , one day made the suggestion to them if they knew some folks needed help why didn't they bring it up to their church and make a school mission to help.  Lo and Behold, you would have thought I was robbing them at gunpoint for such a suggestion.    This was classwarfare , in your face and personal.  It was hard working at this place.  After my suggestion, they pretty much kept their bragging rights and gossip to themselves.   They only spoke now when they had questions about invoices or work related matters.  That decision  suited me just fine.  

One day, in March I remember a flurry of activity of these people of self importance making plans to eat lunch at school with their little ones.  I had not heard a thing about any such new thing happening at school.   The school had started a Parents Day?  At this School event a parent could go eat lunch with their child or grandchild?  I was confused.  I had heard nothing from my little boy about today.  Not a peep.   These folks I worked with had said nothing.  I asked one of the owners, " What are you talking about having lunch today with your child"?   The remark came back, " It is something you have to plan ahead for and today would be too late and besides your lunch time probably would not line up with your child's."  They also remined me I had only 30 minutes so it would be impossible.   I was furious.  I walked back to the warehouse to pick up my daily invoices of merchandise being shipped and saw a person I knew standing on the docks smoking a cigarette.   I walked up to him and asked, " Are you having lunch with your little girl today"?  He said, " Are you kidding"?   I asked to get off yesterday and was told absolutely not.  My litle girl cried herself to sleep.  Here is your invoice, I don't want to talk about school and lunch."  Well I was still confused as why I had heard nothing about this from them, or my son.   I was absolutely nauseated by the fact disappointment weighs heavy on children.

I walked back into my closet, as I referred to it in my head and picked up the phone.  It was now about 10:30 AM and I called my son's school and wanted to know his lunch schedule.   I was told by the secretary that he had lunch at 12:15 but unless I had made arrangements, I could not eat lunch with him.  I responded to her that I said nothing about eating with him but sitting or standing could do no harm.  She added my name to the list.

At 12:00 and my lunch was at 11:30 I picked up my purse and walked out to the parking lot and headed for the school.  I saw a packed, packed lot and had to walk down to the school parking lot several blocks away and fortunately the school was close enough to my work it only took about 5 minutes to get there.   I saw a huge line of children accompanied by a parent and then I spotted my child.  He was all alone and shifting his foot back and forth.  I walked up to him, put my arm around his and whispered, " Did you think Mama wouldn't find out you were having parents join in for lunch"?
He busted out in smiles and hugging me.  I said, " Son, why didn't you tell me"?  His reply to this day breaks my heart.  He said, " Mama, I didn't want you to know cause you would lose your job.  I knew them people wouldn't let you come so I didn't say anything".  I said, " Well THEM people..( instead of those people) couldn't stop me.  He almost cried.   I made a decision.  It was the right one.

When I got back to work, I was immediately summoned to the office on the carpet.
I was drilled of where I was and why I was over an hour late coming back from lunch.
I told them I did not take my lunch.  I went to school to be with my child who was every bit as important as their child to them.   They were angry.  They said, " Do you value your job here"?  I looked around for a minute and shook my head and said, " Not reallly".
I don't think these people had ever had truth spoken to them before.   I replied, " Come to think of it, I don't think I want to work for you anymore.  I can tender my resignition or walk out now.  Your choice?"

They said, you can leave now and your check will be here on the 15th .  I said, " Good, make sure you don't dock lunch, I was salaried."  I had another job in about three weeks but today I think the classwarfare is even worse.  I still think I did the right thing.
I often paid high prices for doing the right thing but oh the sweet feeling of not being bullied was worth and is worth it all.

The next job I got had benefits.   I lost a couple of paychecks.. I definately made the right decision.. Jobs are a little harder to come by nowdays but I would do it today because too many times, it is the little things that matter so much in a family.

Dr. Fergie Reid from Virginia was the first black person to serve in the Virginia state assembly after reconstruction.

  The times were hard and Dr. Reid was already active and a hero in his own right in the African American Community before he won the seat in his congressional district.
GOTV efforts and much hard work had to be accomplished for an African American to win a southern seat during the Jim Crow era, not to mention his activsim brought about the first black governor of Virginia.   All of these firsts paved the way to electing a young senator to later become our first Black president not once but twice,  President Barack Obama.  

Dr. Reid was a surgeon in a MASH unit in Korea.  This fine civil rights Icon not only served his country in the Navy but was also a trailblazer in the medical field by working as one of the first black surgeons at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

He will turn 90 in March and I believe this man derserves more recognition than he has received.   He is a Civil Rights Icon and after 90 years still encouraging the GOTV.

Listen up my fellow Kogs and Kossacks, this idea of 90 for 90 in Virginia will work nationwide as written  in this linked Article.from the Baltimore Post.  If this tribute  can register a quarter of a million voters in the Old Dominion, then Dr. Reid needs a long overdue major recognition and his lifetime achievements should be noted.

It’s the cusp of his 90th birthday, but civil rights icon Ferguson Reid is still gearing up for the long haul.

“We have the races in 2015, 2017, and 2019 to get the majority,” he tells me, referring to the off-year elections for control of Virginia’s state government. “And this election will determine whether or not we’re able to get a House majority for 2021.”

The Democratic political veteran seems happy and relaxed in our conversation, even as he acknowledges the challenges his party faces in Virginia. He shows an encyclopedic knowledge of his state’s history and its current crop of candidates, sounding upbeat about Democratic chances this fall despite the steep hill they need to climb in one chamber. Republicans rule the roost in the state House, where they’ve set up a firewall against Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe’s priorities. And thanks to a computer-drawn map that’s gerrymandered the Old Dominion to within an inch of her life, the Governor’s naysayers seem secure in their power – at least for now.

Dr. Reid is a walking political activist, and history lesson.  

The article went on to say:

The 90 for 90's Project

Voting is a great equalizer,” Fergie tells me, “because believe it or not, on Election Day our votes count as much as the Koch brothers’!”

There’s some joy in his voice as he observes the fact. And despite all of the decades he’s had to dwell on this truth, there’s wonder, too. He’ll never take this right for granted, he says, because freedom is not free, and neither is it eternal. What one Amendment allows, another can undo.

Activists in Virginia aren’t taking it for granted either. In honor of Fergie Reid’s 90th birthday on March 18, a massive voter registration drive is underway. The “90 for 90” project plans to register at least 90 voters in each of Virginia’s 2,550 precincts, to help commemorate Reid’s legacy.
- See more at:

This is such a great tribute that the 90 for 90 are doing.  Who do we see about getting the well deserved Medal of Freedom awarded to this great man?  There was only one Medger Evers, only one John Lewis and only one Dr. Ferguson Reid.   Many think his time for such an award is long overdue and that includes me.  He, by the way keeps up with some of we activists right here on Daily Kos.
glance at the electoral map reveals what a game-changer this could be. If the “90 for 90” project can register the 250,000 new voters it intends to – or even achieve half of that – it could lock out Republicans from the Electoral College for good. It’s hard to see the GOP winning an electoral college majority without Virginia. And their situation is even more tenuous with the Clintons’ family friend and firm ally Terry McAuliffe in the Governor’s mansion. The “90 for 90″ project logo “If Hillary wants to win Virginia,” Reid said, “Terry should get involved in the 2015 elections now.” The rationale is simple: Every dollar that is raised for Virginia’s 2015 off-year election, every voter who becomes registered, and every canvassing effort will fine-tune and strengthen a Democratic machine that will need to be in top form in an election where the Kochs and other GOP donors are expected to spend more than $1 billion.
- See more at:

This fine hero does not want recognition but he deserves it.   He is a soft spoken man who is sharp as a tack so age cannot hold us back any longer.  This man is more than willing to continue his quest for voting rights and getting out the vote at almost 90 years of age.  

I spoke with him tonight and it was such an honor to actually speak to an icon of history.
We need to give flowers while people are living and not wait and pass honors on to family members..  Again I say, " What is the process of nominating the Presidential Freedom Award to an individual"?  

I also have good news for Virginia Kossack Meetups.   Dr. Reid is willing to speak to activists via conference call to help GOTV.   He said it would be his joy.  He is also willing to help any way he can in helping elect better and more democrats.   He told me,
" We use our vote or we lose it, and the money people like the Koch people are trying to buy our democracy".   What a statement.

Come on people...We have a country to save and a country about to become a Koch enterprise if we don't follow this man's advice and get busy.   Please re read The Marti's diary and let's put some boots on the ground and expose the money machine for what it is.   There is power in the vote and we stil have icons out there fighting for you, our children, and our children's children.

Rick Scott is just teflon so far but thanks to the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, they are trying very hard to make his corruption stick somewhere.   The 10 times Pultizer Prize winner, The Tampa Bay Times has filed suit joined by the Miami Herald against Rick Scott regarding his violation of the Sunshine Law and his secret emails.

Several media groups have joined the suit against Scott.  This man thinks he can plead the 5th over and over and over.

This Scott bunch has a lot to hide.  We are definately sitting under corruption.   People don't hide that which is legal.  We need help down here with people standing against this administration and The Marti's diary was very timely.  We did not vote for this crook and we don't deserve him.  

Come on Republicans, run him for president...  What do you party leaders know also?
I mean he is twice elected governor of a big state like Florida !
He is a tea party favorite !
He wears his navy hat everywhere !
Doesn't he belong  in the presidential clown car with Walker?
He can bankroll his own campaign.
What do you RNC people really know about this guy?  Answer the question Conservatives...Why is Scott not being run for president?  Afraid of what he has hidden?
News media is digging for those answers and you all know something or he would be right up there with Scott Walker and Jeb in the clown car.

The media outlets' emergency motion, filed in state court Monday, focuses squarely on Scott's controversial record in maintaining public records. They cited the mass deletions of emails by Scott's transition team in the hectic weeks that preceded his taking office in January 2011 and a policy by Scott's office that allows employees to subjectively destroy records they consider "transitory" and not subject to the state public records law.

"The governor has had what can best be described as a series of unfortunate incidents when it comes to preserving records that he was required by law to preserve," wrote the attorney for the plaintiffs, Andrea Flynn Mogensen of Sarasota. She wants a court-ordered inventory of all systems and content to be preserved during the lawsuit and trial.

More than a dozen media outlets, including the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald, filed suit against Scott and all three Cabinet members this month, accusing them of violating Florida's Sunshine Law in the ouster of a top state law enforcement official in December. Other plaintiffs include St. Petersburg lawyer Matthew Weidner and the Florida Society of News Editors

Image #: 2625014    Former President George H.W. Bush, U.S. President George W. Bush, and Governor Jeb Bush, leave together after the christening ceremony of the USS George H.W. Bush at Northrop-Grumman's shipyard in Newport News, Virginia October 7, 2006
Lobby, Medicare, Florida, terms like this guy is just getting started and has more enemies than even I imagined.   I read a piece today at Crooks and Liars and well well, Jeb is making news in all kinds of ways.   Jeb Bush might want to reconsider that run because he is everything Bush and that is all bad.   The Bush family has always had scandals and blood ties but this article surely topped my little diary last night of his stand on the Iraq war.

The race looks like it is just beginning to drag out laundry on Jeb.   Please proceed Governor.  Jeb is beginning to look like the really bad boy of the bunch.  That is saying quite a bit considering most think of his brother as a war criminal and his grandfather a Hitler supporter.

WASHINGTON -- Jeb Bush personally lobbied the secretary of health and human services, while his father was vice president, on behalf of a Miami figure who would later flee the country accused of one of the greatest Medicare frauds in the program's history.

Bush pressed then-HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler to give the man's HMO a waiver so that it could accept larger sums of Medicare money than it otherwise would have been allowed, Heckler told The Huffington Post.

Miguel Recarey Jr., head of the health maintenance organization International Medical Centers (IMC) who often boasted of connections to the Miami Cuban mafia, paid Bush $75,000 in the mid-1980s. Bush has acknowledged receiving the payment but said it was tendered for real estate consultation. But the deal he consulted on was never closed.

Jeb has more skeletons falling out of his closet than a storage closet the day after Halloween.  

2016 is going to get nasty for the Bushs.   Couldn't happen to any better family.

( Quote from Jesse Jackson)
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