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They say a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Apparently that doesn't apply to women. . . .

A Texas (where else) teenager (fourteen) showed up behind Pasadena High School for a challenge by another girl she barely knew, over a boy.

She never expected the other girl's mom to show up too.

"I saw her and heard her," Victoria said.

But she didn't realize how bad it was until she saw a classmate's cell video, believed to show 33-year old Viridiana Alvarez.

"I didn't know she had a gun until after I saw I picture of the fight afterward," she said.

Alvaraz denied there were ever bullets in the gun and said it was only there to intimidate. By the time a school officer came to break things up, witnesses said she had tucked it away in her purse.

She now faces charges of aggravated assault.

The girl's father was sickened when he saw the mobile telephone video of the woman pointing a gun at his daughter's head.

The full article is at KHOU here, with video.


A Motel 6 in Warwick, Rhode Island, started faxing its guest list daily to the Warwick police department, after the motel made seventy-nine calls to the police resulting in seventy-five arrests.

The police did not ask for the list; the Motel 6 in question faxed it on its own.

More below the orange surveillance fax paper.


How should the "free market" respond to this?

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The link above goes to the Morrill County (NE) Democratic Party Website.

Take a look, and note it hasn't been updated since 2010. (That, and it seems to have been put together by someone who knows less about Web design than I do.)

The Democratic Party has called several days in a row, hanging up each time when I answer the telephone immediately. Yesterday the person on the other end of the telephone actually spoke when I said "hello." More below the tangled orange landline.


Should the Democratic Party invest time and money in "fly-over" states?

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In a bizarre twist that could only come from Hollywood, Variety reports that Paramount Television is shopping around a reboot of the 1999 film Galaxy Quest.

More below the orange cloud of interstellar dust.


Can a cancelled film franchise about a ficticious cancelled television show be revived as a real television show?

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My family is in the United States because it fled Poland just before Nazi Germany invaded it, so this sort of propaganda (the idea that conquered nations were somehow complicit in the Holocaust) particularly irks me.

It especially irks me because Poland was erased as a nation in WW2. Germany slaughtered three million Polish Jews, and three million other Poles in the Holocaust.

More below the orange barbed wire.


What should Mr. Comey do?

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Post Office rededications by the Republicans get a pile of grief here. (Not because the Republicans are passing ceremonial legislation, but because it seems they can only pass ceremonial legislation.)

Yesterday, my wife and I attended the rededication of the Chadron (NE) Post Office. More about that below.

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Huffington Post reports on a fascinating use of your tax dollars: holding a woman from Australia in immigration detention who was trying to get her visa fixed so she could leave the country.

Instead of simply fixing her visa, they threw her in immigration detention instead, so ICE can deport her at your expense. (She was going to leave at her expense.)

Additionally, her family was planning a trip to the USA this summer, to travel across the country (and spend money here), to gather information to reverse some of the negative perceptions abroad about our country.

I suppose that isn't going to happen now. By deporting her, she will not be allowed back into the USA for ten years.

The start of the article (the rest appears at Huffington Post here):

Sarah Jane McCrohan, a 24-year-old Australian, says she stayed in the U.S. for about 11 hours longer than she was supposed to, and it's landed her in detention for three weeks.

She was traveling from New York to Ottawa on March 26 to go to the Australian embassy when a Canadian border officer noted that she had been in the U.S. longer than the 90 days allotted by the Visa Waiver Program, according to McCrohan and her boyfriend, Chauncey Carter, who was with her at the time. The officer suggested they go back to the American side to sort it out, they said, and they wanted to do the right thing. The point of going to the Australian embassy was for McCrohan to speak to someone there about legal avenues for her to return -- she said she hadn't even realized she had overstayed and had intended to leave the U.S. on time.

So they turned around and went back to the American side of the border crossing. Once they got there, officers detained McCrohan, and she is now set to be deported to Australia.

McCrohan, her lawyer and her supporters aren't disputing her removal, or that she stayed longer than she was supposed to, albeit unintentionally. But they say it's absurd that she has been detained for so long based on a mistake.


Should we throw the book at this hardened criminal?

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Guam's Attorney General (Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson), an independent, has directed Guam's Public Health Department to begin issuing licenses for same-sex marriages.

From the Guam Pacific Daily News (full article here):

The attorney general said she is directing the island's public health department to immediately start issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.

"The Department is advised to treat all same gender marriage applicants with dignity and equality under the Constitution of our nation, and the ruling of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals," Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson said in a legal memorandum to Public Health's acting Director Leo Casil.

Her decision was based on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' Oct. 7, 2014, decision, according to the memo.

That decision made Guam's marriage law unenforceable till a U.S. Supreme Court decision, she said.

"While the (Public Health) Department was acting in accordance with Guam law, the Ninth Circuit's recent decision has rendered Guam's marriage statute legally unenforceable until such time that the Supreme Court of the United States alters the holding of the Ninth Circuit of Appeals," she stated in the memo.

The case was filed Monday by lawyers representing Kathleen M. Aguero and Loretta M. Pangelinan, two Guam women seeking to get married locally.

It names Gov. Eddie Calvo (R) and the Office of Vital Statistics registrar as defendants.

Their case challenges an existing law that restricts marriage to different-sex couples.
Attorneys for the couple are basing their arguments in Latta vs. Otter.

In that case, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that marriage laws that exclude same-sex couples are unconstitutional.

Because Guam falls under the Ninth Circuit, the lawsuit alleges that Guam has no basis to continue to enforce laws that a higher court have already deemed unconstitutional.

That turned the Guam government upside down. The Public Health Department has stated it will not do so. Governor Calvo stated he would make a statement Wednesday.

Of the United States's territories, that makes Guam the first to allow same-sex marriage, though a case is pending before the 1st Circuit Court in Boston from Puerto Rico.

Huffington Post has more:


Ya gotta hand it to South Carolina: they really have chutzpah. South Carolina is arguing in an amicus brief against same-sex marriage to the Supreme Court (linked below) that the XIV Amendment (equal protection), in an originalist interpretation, prohibited discrimination based on race (thus miscegenation laws under Jim Crow were unconstitutional). Under the marriage laws at the time, women had no rights (and thus that argument could be used against same-sex marriage as gays also had no rights).

My arguments for same-sex marriage have always been "I need to hear a secular reason why it should be banned, not a religious one." Well, it appears that South Carolina obliged me. Wow.

More below the wadded up unpassed Equal Rights Amendment.


South Carolina: Ready to Enter the XX Century Yet?

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24%18 votes

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I am off to bed so no comments for a few hours from me, but something for y'all to chew on for your morning wake-up.

The BBC is reporting that a man is being held by the FBI over a car bomb plot at Fort Riley, in an apparent suicide plot on behalf of Islamic State.

A 20-year-old US citizen has been charged with attempting to explode a car bomb at Fort Riley in Manhattan, Kansas.

John T Booker Jr was making final preparations to carry out the suicide attack on behalf of the Islamic State (IS), the FBI said.

Mr Booker previously had tried to join the Army, but was denied entry because of internet posts about "jihad".

The article continues at the BBC link above.

I am coming to believe that Ted Nugent is suffering from some sort of mental breakdown.

The draft-dodging singer-come-right wing darling is blaming President Obama for veteran suicides.

I don't suppose that it really might have something to do with war being hell and the GOP consistently voting against any sort of veteran programmes to help those who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Nope, must be President Obama. Does Mr. Nugent have any shame at all? He wouldn't know the first thing about patriotism if his dog got up on its hind legs and recited the Declaration of Independence aloud.

Huffington Post has an article about his remarks, including an embedded YouTube video of him making them.

The comment section there takes Mr. Nugent to task for it.

Perhaps we can start a Go Fund Me campaign to pay Mr. Nugent never to speak again about veterans issues.


I would have written this yesterday, but the Internet service to our town has been down for three days (thanks to First World infrastructure).

On April 1, 1968, my father was killed when the P-3 Orion he was an aircrewman aboard was shot down over a disputed island between South Vietnam and Cambodia, by the Cambodian Army.

It was the only P-3 ever lost in combat.

It has taken a long time for me to get past that. More below the orange barbed wire.

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