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OK I really should not be spending time on a diary but sometimes you read something and you just have to get it out. So if I'm not around in comments, apologies in is nuttier than squirrel turds, but one of the things that gets me apoplectic is part fascination and mostly blood curdling fury at those who maintain the bullshit nostalgia of the Confederacy. To paraphrase "Sam I Am" from Dr. Seuss: I do not get it not one bit.

The title is the title from an article at The Guardian and to summarize, while thousands were commemorating what any sane people recognize as brutal and awful historic moment, others were nearby having a pity party  and practicing their free dumb that their beloved Confederacy was being so callously maligned.

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Jordan Davis was the unarmed young black man murdered by Michael Dunn. It is now both legally and morally correct to say murdered since the jury just convicted his ass.

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That's a statement from papa Zimmerman from an upcoming interview that will appear in next month's GQ magazine.  As reported by TPM

Robert Zimmerman told GQ that his son is nervous about his safety in general after becoming the focus of national attention following the shooting. He also said his son is concerned about the possibility of being charged with federal civil rights violations, despite being acquitted on state criminal charges last year, according to the magazine.

He's worried "if FBI agents come and kick in his door, he's probably gonna shoot a few of them," Robert Zimmerman said, according to GQ.

WTF? Maybe the family is feeling neglected now that other killers of unarmed young black men are getting all the attention? Dunno.

And why would you be so worried that the FBI was going to come and kick in your door unless maybe you were up to things that might bring the FBI down on you? The local police barely bother with him. After all, it's not like he's an unarmed black guy.

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In case there's anyone left who wants to insist that these wristbands weren't real, I think the fact that the DOJ has issued a cease and desist to the Ferguson PD should serve as proof that they were.

Christy Lopez, deputy chief of the special litigation section of DOJ's Civil Rights Division, sent a letter to Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson on Friday indicating that Jackson had agreed to prohibit Ferguson officers from wearing "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets while in uniform and on duty. The letter said Jackson had said he would make sure the other municipal agencies working in Ferguson would prohibit their officers from wearing the bracelets as well.

Lopez said St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar and Missouri Highway Patrol Ron Replogle had indicated to Justice Department officials they also would ban the bracelets.

"These bracelets reinforce the very 'us versus them' mentality that many residents of Ferguson believe exists," Lopez wrote in the letter.

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The recent incident involving actress Danielle Watts is not an isolated incident of black women being assumed to be prostitutes. If you're unfamiliar with that story you can read more here.

I almost diaried my own experience and didn't, but I will now as part of this diary.  


Kantaki Washington, the executive director of Sol Afrik, and her two friends were invited to the downstairs bar at the swanky West Village hotel by a group of men they met in the lobby. An African American man walked up to their table to talk to the women but was quickly escorted out by a security guard, which the women thought was "odd."

However, before the security guard walked away, he looked at the three women and said, "Come on, ladies, you can buy drinks here, but you cannot solicit."

Washington and her friends were confused and questioned the guard.

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Tale as old as time. Just like your imaginary friend "wasn't me" did it when you were a kid and you got in trouble, another way that black lives, black male lives in particular, have been and continue to be disposable in America is the trope of the non-existent black guy.

From the Southern white woman archetype like Mayella Ewell in "To Kill A Mockingbird" and which resulted in real life lynchings and killings of black men, to the modern interpretation of the "average black male" descriptor that's an easy reach for people; the non-existent black guy is all too convenient a cover for too many white people still.

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I struggled with what to call this diary because I have a bunch of thoughts swirling in my head so bear with me if you've come this far.

What started it:

Sen Kirsten Gillibrand has a book coming out next month. In prep she did an interview w/ "People" magazine in which she discussed portions of the book including sexist comments made by colleagues. Colleagues in this case being elected and taxpayer funded members of Congress. You know, people who ostensibly work for us aka "we the people"

In one incident from her early days in the Senate, Gillibrand describes an older senator who approached her from behind and squeezed her waist. "Don’t lose too much weight now," she recalls him saying. "I like my girls chubby.”

It's one of many episodes she recounted in an interview with People magazine that is not yet online but which was reported by the New York Post on Wednesday. Most of the remarks were directed toward Gillibrand during her self-described struggle with her weight during and after her second pregnancy.

In the House gym, she recalled, another of her male colleagues advised her to work out to avoid getting "porky."

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What the actual fuck. Governor Nixon just imposed a curfew in Ferguson. He has just made a horrible situation worse and I didn't think that was possible.

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Wed Jul 02, 2014 at 07:21 AM PDT

Target Speaks: No Guns

by Vita Brevis

Short diary but Target has finally broken its silence ( his/hers...since corporations are people not sure of the appropriate pronoun) in response to the Open Carry fetishists. No Guns.

Target: Don't Bring Guns Into Our Stores

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Yes that really happened. In 2014. But hey, "he was joking". Of course.

Roosevelt High School student Jabre White, 17, recalled to The Des Moines Register the way his teacher, Shawn McCurtain, had told the class to head downstairs for a final exam in economics in mid-May.

“Yes, sir,” Jabre White remembered telling the teacher.

“You meant to say, ‘Yes, sir, master,’” McCurtain allegedly replied.

Jabre's mother wasn't having it ( nor would any parent I know including me) and appropriately contacted school officials. Their response was less than satisfying.

Nicholle White said that she contacted school officials after finding out about the incident, but they never would tell her what disciplinary action was taken. So, the mother took her story to the Register‘s “Reader’s Watchdog” column.
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I read a blog post by EJ Johnson (Magic Johnson's son) this morning: It Shouldn't Take Magic to Be Accepted

And yesterday I read a wonderful post by Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post:
Mourning Stormé DeLarverie, a mother of the Stonewall Riots

Each of these pieces is worth their own  read but the reason I'm bringing them together in this diary is to say Thank You. Confused ? Over the fleur d'orange

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I made a comment in Boise Blue's diary "I Love Men. And Women" and was encouraged to turn it into a diary so here 'tis.

Like so many of us here, male and female, I've struggled with how to respond to the events of the last week. The misogyny that led to the murders and worse, the misogyny that surfaced as women shared the reality of the fears we've faced in our lives.

There has been some good discussion and some not so good discussion. We have a long way to go. These discussions, the good and the bad, are the other side  of the same coin that those of us who are people of color have tried to explain.

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