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So the wing nuts and their media mouthpieces are all upset about Libya. They don't feel they have been given enough information, that they are concerned about the mission, etc.

Kinda funny, isn't it? I mean seriously now. After cheering on Captain Codpiece and his fake war built entirely on lies, why exactly should we listen to simply anything wing nuts say about anything, let alone foreign policy in the Middle East? The country is is still trying to clean up their disastrous mess and they have the gall to say anything but "sorry"?



Jerry Brown heads back to Sacramento. Barbara Boxer holds on and things look pretty good down the ticket...Oh yeah, and it will be 75 degrees and sunny in downtown San Francisco tomorrow for the Giants ticker-tape World Series parade....

The Dream Endures....Or something.

But pot is still illegal.


I remember back in the primaries when anyone questioned anything related to Barack Obama and his campaign that we were scolded and told that we didn't understand the type of politics he was playing, that he was engaged in some type of multi-dimensional chess that no one, least of all those of us who supported Hillary Clinton, could understand.

So, I guess my question is: is this part of the multi-dimensional chess playing that I still don't understand and is all just part of the plan all along, or is this not part of the plan?

Because I am pretty confused right about now.....


Lest anyone forget what happened to the "march towards impeachment" in the aftermath of the 1998 elections, when Democrats gained seats in Congress, in reaction to the Ken Starr-GOP witch hunt focused on Bill Clinton's penis...

Remember how all all the Beltway goons thought that the repudiation of the rethuglicans would slow impeachment?

Well it didn't. It only sped it up.

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The anti-American thug who disrespected the Office of President of the United States is Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC). He is to be considered an enemy of the United States




Looks like his website is down right now. The battle lines have been drawn. The mission is clear.


As I wrote in a previous diary, the vile disgusting attack on President Obama about linking 9/11 to service and volunteerism is really among the most stupid, hypocritical and silly things the wingnuts have really ever done and that is really saying something given the last few weeks.

Maybe the clowns making these charges and smears are just teenagers now and were 8 or 9 in the real aftermath of 9/11, but, in fact it was their warrior-savior-Jesus Christ-in-human-form, George W. Bush (and his Republican party) who first made the link from 9/11 to volunteerism.

Unfortunately for the crazy wingnuts, there is something called the Way Back Machine at www.archive.organd it provides full access to Bush's old volunteerism site, USA Freedom Corps, the federal government volunteer initiative that he launched in 2002 in response to 9/11.

I encourage everyone to use the Way Back Machine to review the old USA Freedom Corps (originally found at and post what they find. Bush's own site provides all the evidence we need to push back on these outrageous smears.


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Eight years ago today, five right-wing SCOTUS justices decided to attack the very pillars of American democracy. Stop counting votes, they said, since counting votes hurt the chances of the manifestly unfit thug George W. Bush to become President. Worse, our legion of corporate media whores said we had to embrace the horrific decision and "Get over it."

Well, to be blunt, I NEVER did "GET OVER IT".

Since that miserable day in December 2000, this country has been damaged in ways that may be beyond repair:

-We are on the verge of another depression
-New Orleans was destroyed
-Detroit is near collapse
-The American economy is in shambles
-The military is stretched to the breaking point

And on and on...

This massive assault on the foundations of this once great country began eight years ago today. And I have not forgotten.

I just hope it is not too late...


Did you get over it?

100%99 votes

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So, Barack Obama has officially made his first major appointment to his administration.

And, shocker, his first appointment was not a Muslim terrorist as Secretary of Education, the appointment that was going to launch a policy of mandated attendance at madrassas for every child in every city and state in the country.

Actually, his first major appointment was a tough Jewish legislator as his chief of staff, a man whose father is Israeli and who is well-respected by Jewish organizations in Washington.

I know lots of people around here don't like Emmanuel because of his disagreements with Howard Dean and his policy roles in the Clinton Administration.

But if any appointment ever exposed the lies of the Republican Party, the Republican Jewish Committee and the entire right wing neo-con smear machine, it is this one.

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GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bush v Gore. The 2000 election. It may be strange to read a diary about that horrific period today...Yet, for me, my vote tomorrow and, hopefully, a massive Obama victory and strengthened Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, will start my process of coming to terms with the 2000 election.

Because, to be blunt, I NEVER did "GET OVER IT".

I still remember December 12, 2000 like it was yesterday. That, of course, was the day that the SCOTUS attacked the very foundations of our country's democracy. Worse, our legion of corporate media whores said we had to embrace the horrific decision and "Get over it."

Well, I didn't "get over it" and I still haven't. And, in many ways, the country hasn't "gotten over it."

Just look at the past eight years...

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What on Earth is this all about? Bush is going to establish ties with the great Satan? And he is delaying this announcement so as not to interfere with the Presidential election....More like he is holding off this stunning announcement so as not to embarrass McPainBushn any further....I mean, if this is true it would totally invalidate the foreign policy criticism of Obama once and for all...

Is this true?

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Proving that McShame stands for nothing, America's most preeminent liar jumped aboard the Smear Gwen Ifill express today, just one day after praising Ifill himself.

Yesterday, Lying McShame said:

"I think that Gwen Ifill is a professional, and I think that she will do a totally objective job because she is a highly respected professional. Does this help that if she has written a book that is favorable to Senator Obama? Probably not, but I have confidence that Gwen Ifill will do a professional job. And I have that confidence."

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