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How would you feel if you found this "Emergency Notice" on your local school web site?

The purpose of this message is to inform you that today, Wednesday, January 15, 2014, a student transported a rifle to school and brought it into the High School building. The rifle was in a transport case. When the case was opened in a classroom, the teacher immediately secured the weapon and police were notified. The weapon and the student are now in police custody. No students or staff were threatened or injured during this incident and the police continue to investigate this incident. As a District, we wish to reassure you that all of the students and staff are safe. If you have any questions, feel free to call your school's main office.

This is the actual notice about what just happened at Indian River Central School District in upstate New York.

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Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 02:08 AM PST

FYI: New York SAFE Act FAQ

by WakeUpNeo

New York SAFE Act Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NY SAFE - Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act

Below are FAQ intended to help gun owners in New York understand and comply with the NY SAFE Act enacted on January 15, 2013. If your question is not answered here, please continue to check back, as this list will be updated regularly.

Q: What does this law do?

A: The NY SAFE Act is designed to make New York a safer place to live by reducing gun violence through common sense and reasonable reforms. The law respects the right to bear arms and the interest of hunters, sportsmen, and legal owners who use their guns appropriately. The law protects New Yorkers by:

Keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons and potentially dangerous mental health patients.

Banning high capacity magazines and assault weapons.

Ensuring all gun purchases are subject to a background check.

Toughening criminal penalties on those who use illegal guns.

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Thankfully only a near-tragedy this time, but could have ended much differently. At a middle school basketball game in Utica, New York the game ended early when a 14 year old teen was spotted with a gun by police after he dropped the gun on the floor. A chase followed, and early reports indicate the teen foolishly pointed the weapon at two police officers, but eventually was convinced to hand over what turned out to be a BB gun.

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This comprehensive report from the New York State Independent Living Council (NYSILC) contains valuable information that may be eye-opening for you if you live in New York State. Elsewhere, this might also suggest many interesting questions about how your state population compares. Some highlights are listed below, and many more interesting details are available in the full report, available for download from the links below.


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Sun Nov 18, 2012 at 10:00 PM PST

Watch & Share: Medicaid Rocks!

by WakeUpNeo

On YouTube: Medicaid Rocks!

The New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty is dedicated to advancing economic and social justice through education, advocacy and litigation. We work with low-income New Mexicans to improve living conditions, increase opportunities and protect the rights of people living in poverty.
The New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty

Leer sobre El Centro en Español

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Several sources are currently reporting that Gen. John Allen, the top American commander in Afghanistan, "is under investigation for alleged inappropriate communication with a woman at the center of the scandal involving former CIA Director David Petraeus."

Below find an excerpt from some early reporting on this rapidly developing story.

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Daily Kos members and readers regularly and faithfully honor the service and sacrifice of our Service Members and Veterans, all year around, year after year:

I Got the News Today is a diary series intended to honor, respect and remind.  Its title is a reminder that almost every day a military family gets the terrible news about a loved one. Diaries about the fallen usually appear two days after their names are officially released, which allows time for the IGTNT team to find and tell their stories.
Find the series here: IGTNT

With Election Day 2012 now behind us, as we prepare to observe yet another Veterans Day, please note how our Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama responded when asked to discuss his, "most unforgettable character."  

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The Center for Disability Rights (CDR) works all year long to support seniors and people with disabilities living in the community. What follows is a GOTV message from CDR with a clear focus on three major issues that deserve our careful and continued attention, now and after the election: Medicaid, Olmstead enforcement and the Community First Choice Option.

Please take a moment to review and share with people you know who may also be interested.


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From today's Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) Blog:

Mobile Devices Bring Sesame Street’s Message of Resilience to Military Families

Posted by Lynn Chwatsky, Sesame Workshop vice president of Outreach Initiatives and Partners on October 4, 2012

Lynn Chwatsky has been overseeing the Sesame Workshop’s initiatives with military families since 2006.

When we think about the challenges of military life, we sometimes forget the transitions the youngest members of our military families go through. Our service members’ young children are faced with a number of uniquely difficult circumstances: repeated relocation, the deployment of a parent, homecomings, injuries, even the death of a parent – to name a few. For years, Sesame Workshop has been providing resources that help both military parents and their children stay resilient during those trying transitions. Now, those bilingual (English and Spanish) resources are available on our new, free military families mobile application.

The “Sesame Street for Military Families” app includes videos, articles, storybooks and caregiver guides on how parents and children can communicate and express their emotions about challenging transitions.

Sesame Workshop has long been dedicated to the well-being of military families and their children. We reach out to families wherever they are: online, on mobile devices, even on the road. Our partnership with the USO, which brings “The Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families”to thousands of families around the world, has provided infinite smiles and messages of love and support...(continues)

Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) Blog

So once again, military families do not rank a position on Mitt's "laundry list" !!!


FYI to draw your attention to this breaking news just announced via email by the New York Times --- someone with more knowledge than me regarding financial matters might want to pick up the ball.

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Please see photographs at the link below:

Sgt. Samuel Nichols, USMC

Sam’s Retirement from the Marines
August 11, 2012

Today was Sam’s retirement ceremony from the Marines.  He is officially retired on the 31st of August 2012.  There were two Marine colonels a first sergeant and a whole Marine honor guard present for this occasion.  We didn’t know there was going to be so many Marines supporting Sam today, but when you think about it, the Marines have always been there for him.  When I walked around the corner of the building and saw all the flags and honor guard, I actually got all choked up.  Many wonderful words were spoken about Sam’s sacrifice to his country and Erin’s dedication to her husband.  Please enjoy the pictures…I think they speak for themselves.

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The struggle to end the ongoing practice of torture against people with disabilities at a so-called "school" in Massachusetts is not yet over. This update comes to advise you of an action by Occupy JRC hoping to finally stop the practice of using painful electric shocks and other "aversive behavior techniques" at the Judge Rotenberg Center:

Citizens of America, we are calling upon you to gather your strength and join us in Albany, New York on Thursday, August 9th.  We will gather on the Capitol grounds from 12pm to 4pm for a peaceful protest and rally.  There, we will demand that New York cease sending students over state lines to a school that abuses the children it claims to serve.  Without New York State funds, JRC will be seriously impaired and potentially irrevocably crippled.

Occupy JRC will not be stopped or discouraged until this practice has met its final end.

Occupy The Judge Rotenberg Center

My earlier diary on this subject appears below. Please note the petitions related to this effort appear to be still active and accepting additional signatures (links below). Please check the Occupy JRC web site for additional details and further updates.

Please share this information with others you know who may also be interested.

Thank you for your attention, and for your action! ~ WakeUpNeo

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