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Fri Oct 11, 2013 at 06:05 AM PDT

WHERE'S the diary?!?!

by Wayward Son

Obama hasn't caved on the shutdown.. so where's the diary?!?!?

He also hasn't caved on the debt ceiling... so where's the diary?!?!?

In fact, there should be four diaries there, in various combinations of recognizing the non-caving (unspelunking?) that Obama has successfully avoided not doing.  

Plus Lily Ledbetter!!!!!

Get to it, people.. you either post a repetitive acknowledgement of something someone hasn't done, each second that he doesn't do it, or you hate Obama.  We're watching you.

WHERE'S THE DIARY?!?!?!?!oneoneone//one

(Note:  This diary shall cease to be applicable if in fact any post-diary caving does occur, and will be deleted immediately, never to be referenced by anyone ever again.)



Thu Aug 01, 2013 at 06:27 AM PDT

Hello, NSA. Nice to see you again!

by Wayward Son

How are you and the wife doing?  I heard you were living in your vacation house on the shore, after that strange electrical malfunction set fire to the white house that you had near Philly.  Horrible accident, that.  I hope you saved your collection of vintage hunting rifles, as I know it was quite valuable even though it was entirely non-functioning.  Not to mention, the huge explosions that would have been triggered by all that gunpowder!

It was probably a squirrel.. those little beasts are quite the household terrorists.  They may have chewed through some electrical wiring.  And the house burned to the ground?  If something like that happened to us, I'd probably have to rob Fort Knox and escape to Mexico.  Ha ha.  


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I've always felt a personal responsibility to live up to the expectation of Southern hospitality.  Every visitor gets more than a few chances to be friendly, and only a truly dedicated Yankee would ever see the rudeness simmering beneath my genteel exterior.

However, the good folks at Public Policy Polling have recently discovered that I may be alone in this attempt.. my neighbors in North Carolina truly have reached a limit.  Maybe it's the assault on voting rights ushered in by the Supreme Court.  Perhaps it's the hopelessness of a gerrymandered Republican legislature.  Maybe it's the humidity.

Regardless of the cause, Californians suffering from the recent Sharknado will need to look elsewhere for help.

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Love it or hate it, the designated hitter is a part of major league baseball.  Personally, I follow the NL, and subscribe to the notion that the game is fundamentally better without the DH.  I love the strategy of having to plan for the pitcher's spot in the order, and prefer every player to participate in both parts of the game.  

But I also would like all MLB teams to play under the same rules, and am enough of a realist to know that the player's union would require massive concessions on other issues to be willing to lose 15 high-paying spots for extending a veteran's career.  So, if changes happen, it's a near-certainty it will mean the NL adopts the DH.

Is there a way to keep the strategy of the NL, and also have the DH?  This is my proposal to do so..

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Now that we know promotion of causes at DKos is directly related to the amount of interest you generate, I'd like to perform a public service to help folks learn how to spike the needle.

You're not going to get any discussion at Netroots, or any higher-level promotion, just because your cause is, quote unquote, "worthy".  It's got to have punch.  It's got to pull eyeballs.  

You want to jazz things up?  Follow me..

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Wed Nov 25, 2009 at 04:56 AM PST

You are losing me, Pie.

by Wayward Son

Yes, you are tasty and lovely.  From the moment I first set eyes on you, I knew I had to have you.  Sometimes you are warm, sometimes chilled.. but I have never been able to resist your charms.  

But things are starting to change, Pie.  You're losing me.


I love..

100%796 votes

| 796 votes | Vote | Results

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As has been frontpaged, has an excellent feature on the prevalence of healthcare rationing by the for-profit insurance industry.

This was a response to the current insanity regarding healthcare Death Panels that is circling through the wingnutosphere.  Now, we all know the folks peddling this nonsense don't actually believe it.. it's just a method of attack.  But many of the folks who have had their brains reduced to pablum by FoxNews have been conditioned to believe everything they hear.


So how do we reach them?

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If you are like me, you may have wondered why exactly does Glenn Beck want us to be surrounded?  (For your sake, I hope this is last of our similarities.)  I mean, we can laugh at their pitiful planning and clueless execution.. the Tea Party thing didn't work out so great?  Let's do it again, with an inscrutable name, and a less clearly stated goal!

Regardless, there has to be a reason for this current level of activity, beyond a desperate attempt for control by right-wing nutcases who are starting to understand the duration of their self-imposed exile in the wilderness.  Every out-of-control, futile gesture of anger and impotence will generally lead to someone making money.  And yes, the We Surround Them movement is no exception.

Let me take you behind the green curtain that's behind the green curtain...

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Thu Jul 03, 2008 at 09:30 AM PDT

Olbermann's unfulfilled promise

by Wayward Son

One tantalizing part of Keith Olbermann's recent diary on Obama/FISA was a quick snippet about the possibility of President Bush offering pardons for criminal prosecution of the telecoms that participated in the warrantless spying program.

Olbermann's argument depended heavily on the Obama administration having the option to investigate, and prosecute, potential criminal activity.  A Presidential pardon would remove that option.  When combined with the immunity from civil suits offered by the current FISA bill before the Senate, it would remove any hope of plumbing the depths of the criminal activity of those who participated in the warrantless spying program.

His comment on the subject?  A reference to a then-upcoming article by legal analyst John Dean at the site

And if you ask, Senator, about the President responding to all this by belching out a series of pardons or a blanket pardon to those who broke the law on his behalf, Dean has you covered here, too.

Let's see how covered we are, shall we?

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The following may, or may not, be an emailed response to inquiries about an important Senate vote followed very closely at DailyKos.  If you, like the person who placed the original inquiry, are deeply concerned that the Democrats in the Senate are putting expediency ahead of progressive beliefs in a misguided attempt to gain political advantage, perhaps it will offer some comfort that the Senate leadership does actually know what they are doing.

-- Wayward Son

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I recently posted this statement as a comment in the diary regarding Sen. Feingold's announcement of a planned filibuster.

It was intended to help explain why I, and many of my fellow Obama supporters, could be so angry at his recent announcement of support for the FISA bill.  It is a fine line that we walk, and I am sure that some view us as never truly being supportive of his candidacy.

Beyond any other expectation I may have for Sen. Obama, the foundation of my support is based on his honesty.  I do not mind being told something I do not want to hear, as long as it is the truth.  A simple comparison of his recent statement.. and the truth.. should help explain my emotional response.  If it doesn't, nothing else will.  

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In the never-ending saga of the Michigan primary, another twist has surfaced here.

This 11th-hour proposal is being championed by Govs. (and Clinton supporters) Jon Corzine of New Jersey and Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania. Corzine and Rendell say that a handful of rich Clinton donors (including baseball team owner Peter Angelos, investment banker Roger Altman, supermarket magnate John Catsimatides, attorney Calvin Fayard Jr., and philanthropist Brooke Neidich; see Page 2) are willing to put up $12 million to cover the cost of a new state primary.

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