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Reposted from tmservo433 by belinda ridgewood
Over the last few days at Daily Kos we've had several debates over editorial content and control as well as guidelines that writers follow. As a site that lives as a peer-reviewed source, Daily Kos like many others like it relies heavily on users auditing and monitoring each other to make sure that diaries can be widely spread without fear of significant error.

There are two parts to this: the proof of content, but also the desire for that content to draw attention.

In light of most of the debate, I thought I would offer a few tips.

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Sat May 09, 2015 at 03:00 PM PDT

Welcome New Users: Groups

by Glen The Plumber

In your "Welcome Back" box you will find
many helpful links including your "stream"
and "groups"
Groucho Marx, or some other dead guy once said, “I would never be a member of a club that would have somebody like me as a member.”  Always seemed like sound reasoning to me. But then I joined Daily Kos, and with almost 1000 groups created by community members, it seemed possible to find a place in which even I might fit in.

There are many flavors of groups covering a wide range of topics, so many I can’t cover them all here, but I can give you a taste.  The biggest group is actually a network of local action groups, “Connect! Unite! Act!” Founded by navajo, C!U!A!, has established groups in all but a few states. Besides working together online, these groups actually meet up offline for activism or just to socialize. You can find your local group at this interactive map. Other groups are formed around topics political; Climate Hawks, Support the Dream Defenders, In Support of Labor and Unions - or not; Genealogy, Quilts, Top Comments and Beer. Still others are open threads, a place for people to gather and share the day’s events.

Whether starting your own group or joining an established group, collaborating with other like-minded members can be reassuring, encouraging, and productive. Below we will get into the what, why, and how.

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Mon Apr 06, 2015 at 01:05 PM PDT

Help me with a stupid question

by manoffire

Reposted from manoffire by belinda ridgewood

I have a question about publishing to groups,  I am a member of a few groups, and a moderator of one.  Question: is it possible to publish just to a group? How is this done.  I have read Kospaedia, and I don't see anything specific to this.  How do you post a diary to a group queue for editing?  I clicked on my group, clicked on queue, clicked on new diary and wrote.  When I went to publish, it appears that it will post to Kos in general and not to my group queue.  What actually is going to happen when I post?  Will is queue up? will it post? will it be visible by all, or just those in the group?  Please help me become less ignorant about this.

Thank you, Manoffire.  

I also couldn't find a place to ask an administrator this question, so this is why it is in a diary form.  Sorry.


belindas WNU flag guy
Welcome to new and old users alike from this month's host side pocket. Our group is here to help you orient yourself to the site and answer your questions about how to use it.

When you join us below the orange gnocchi-doodle you'll find side pocket's latest Daily Kos insights. Below that you'll find links to a whole Welcome New Users trove of teaching diaries.

After that you can ask us any questions about the site you want. [If I don't know the answers someone smarter is bound to be along who does, or I'll go find 'em and bring 'em to ya (wink! wink!). Smileycreek assures me that she will be lurking in the background as a welcome backup.

AND-- if you're new and wondering what is and isn't OK around here, read Kos' Community Guidelines. That'll keep you out of trouble!

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Tue Mar 31, 2015 at 03:21 PM PDT

Tuesday is Tagsday.

by aoeu

Reposted from aoeu by belinda ridgewood

Diarists and Trusted Users are allowed to add tags to diaries. It is likely that I am the only active Tag Librarian.

I desire to reduce my workload.

The most common mistakes are simple to avoid.

If you have any inkling that a tag you are considering might be new, please:

Upper Case Every Word More Important Than or, and, or any other word that might be used lower case in a sub headline in a newspaper or magazine.

Names: Please use the name the subject prefers. If it's the governor of Indiana today the tag is Mike Pence. My real name is Rick. My name on official documents is Richard.

Too, also: Firstname Lastname. Middle initials as needed. e.g. George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.

Avoid vague tags: Bush and Clinton for example, in tags, are vague and useless.

Titles: Unless it's the Pope use the name rather than the title. Governor Pence is wrong. People are people and some people change titles.



19%5 votes
11%3 votes
46%12 votes
23%6 votes

| 26 votes | Vote | Results

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belindas WNU flag guy
Welcome to new and old users alike from this month's host smileycreek. Our group is here to help you orient yourself to the site and answer questions about how to use it.

When you join us below the orange gnocchi-doodle you'll find both basic and more advanced tips for navigating the Comments sections of diaries. Below that you'll find links to a whole Welcome New Users trove of teaching diaries.

After that you can ask us any questions about the site you want. [If I don't know the answers someone smarter is bound to be along who does, or I'll go find 'em and bring 'em to ya (wink! wink!). ]

AND-- if you're new and wondering what is and isn't OK around here, read Kos' Community Guidelines. That'll keep you out of trouble!

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Reposted from Eric Nelson by Angie in WA State Editor's Note: A lovely entry with visible HTML code to assist you in embedding SoundCloud recordings! Thanks so user Eric Nelson. -- Angie in WA State

 Today in Jotters High Impact Posts in the "Two Years Ago In Daily Kos" section was a Diary by Meteor Blades titled Antonin Scalia on tape that included links and an audio recording of Justice Scalia's argument for gutting the Voting Rights Act.

  Cutting through all the "argle bargle", Scalila's basic argument for removing the section 4 formula that gives section 5 it's teeth - the pre-clearance requirement of the Voting Rights act for repeat offenders -> (those states and precincts in the US that have a history of and continue to disenfranchise voters they don't want voting to this day) - is this. What Scalia was trying to sell as justice is his claim that the Voting Rights Act amounted to nothing more than:

              “The Perpetuation of Racial Entitlement”

  Scalia's judicial or theoretical "purity"or whatever it can be labeled is completely backwards. In reality his extra-judicial ministrations achieve exactly the opposite in the real world. Protecting the historically privileged and entitled while disenfranchising the "others" - imo

  This isn't the first time I've wanted to embed a soundcloud audio file, so in the next step I'll try and show a way to do it


Was this useful and would another Diary on Daily Kos search engine stuff be worth it?

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Reposted from Paul Hogarth by smileycreek
We all come to Daily Kos for our fix of political news. However, many diarists who contribute to the site bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and analysis that enriches the community beyond any single news cycle.

And just because a blog post was written months (or years) ago does not mean it is irrelevant, untimely or not worth sharing. In fact, in many cases we have learned just the opposite.

Every once in a while, an oldie-but-goodie pops up on Chartbeat (a website Daily Kos staff use to measure site traffic)—totally organically. One blog post published in 2011 wakes up so frequently that we have dubbed it the Brigadoon of Daily Kos diaries. It has now been viewed by more than 6,000,000 people—just since the start of 2014!

When we include one of these “classics” in the Daily Kos Recommended e-mail (or post it on Facebook), sometimes it gets read and shared with as much intensity as any breaking news—proving that one of our site’s most valuable resources is the reservoir of over 1.3 million community diaries that have accumulated over the last 12 years.

This is why we started Daily Kos Classics, to curate and reintroduce these quality diaries to our readers. Sharing good writing is what draws new people to the site, and we are committed to growing this community for America’s progressive movement.

Recently, we have collected over 100 diaries that have been organically shared long after they were first published—and will be rolling them out here on a regular basis. What's more, while normally you cannot comment on a Daily Kos diary after it has been published over nine days ago, re-publishing it in Daily Kos Classics re-opens that window and lets a new generation of readers comment and exchange ideas.

Now we want to hear from you! What are your favorite diaries that are just as readable and shareable today—months, even years, after publication—that new visitors at Daily Kos should read? What do you think should be included in the Daily Kos Classics group?

We are eager to find even more gems from our past. Please tell us your favorites in the comments, and join us at Daily Kos Classics to be part of the discussion.


Thu Feb 19, 2015 at 08:44 PM PST

A Note to Old Time Kossacks

by rexymeteorite

Reposted from word. by side pocket

Ya know, I have been here for a long time now. I know, to a lot of commenters, I do not have a particularly low user ID. I actually arrived here right after Barack Obama's election in November 2008. I had always heard of dailykos before that, and of course I had seen Markos before on Keith Olbermann and other shows on MSNBC (anyone remember when Kos regularly went on MSNBC? LOL that ended quickly. Fuck Joe Scarborough by the can never be said enough), and I had heard of dailykos before December 2008, but I never really bothered with the place until that December. I remember what originally brought me here was the promises of actual discussion, and not just shouting talking points past each other. Before I got here, I had been posting on and off at, fighting the good fight against the hundreds of right wing trolls that invade magazines websites. I remember, right after Obama's election in 08, on the article announcing his election I posted "SEE NO SOCIALISM! SKY ISNT FALLING! WERE NOT ALL MUSLIMS! WATER STILL WET" or something to that effect and got a ton of attention from it, both positive and, unfortunately, extremely negative. I tired of the hours I spent toiling against the idiots, and just wanted to talk to someone, anyone who got me.

I was 22 at the time, just starting at Chemeketa Community College, bright-eyed and hopeful about PRESIDENT Barack Obama's election. I wanted real discussion about the way forward, from a progressive perspective. And boy, did I fucking find what I was looking for, and so much more.

This place has been...I dunno, a godsend in my life. Throughout college, this place pretty much taught me how to write persuasive arguments. I had never really written anything political at all before, my writing had always been terrible attempts at Sci-Fi or Fantasy (I have gotten better, but god, some of my old shit is horbs), but my first attempts at substantive political writing have all happened here. Like I said, I was always a serial commenter, but I never produced any content of my own. This change pretty much immediately as soon as I discovered, and signed up for, dailykos. I am 100% sure that the 3.86 GPA and the summa cum laude honors I received with my bachelors degree is the direct result of sharpening my argumentative writing HERE first.

When I first got here, I thought that I was a pretty savvy liberal, but jesus was I wrong about that. I quickly learned how much I didn't know, how many blindspots I understanding race in the united states, holy god jesus was I turned around ass-backwards on race. I was a little "color blind" racist asshole, and I'll fully admit that up front right now. But slowly, and with the persistence of patient, insightful and awesome kossacks, I got better. Not saying I am no longer racist, I grew up in america with white skin and a penis, of course I am racist, but I came to realize it, accept it, and actively work against it with all my intellectual might. And that is just one example, there are plenty more. Slowly, I realized how much I didn't know and dedicated myself to understanding, to insight, to knowledge. All of it would have never actually happened had I never been here.

Jeez louise, I am rambling now. Long story short: without the help of old timers, the ones who came before me, I would not be the person I am right now. If I had made a mistake, or posted the wrong thing, I was usually pretty gently corrected. And there was a lot of patience as a learned, and grew, and began to understand the ins and outs of this place. Not always the case of course, there were plenty of assholes, but the community didn't ream me for not knowing something.

I think that sometimes, now-a-days, we have become used to the troll invasions, the constant noise of right wing assholes coming into our home and shitting on our floors. As an understandable result, I think our collective tolerance and patience of newbies who are still earnestly learning has gone way down. Look, I get it. I have a pretty low UID (199775, of course not as low as many old timers, but pretty low now that we have like bajillions of users), I have become pretty suspicious of newbies too. If they aren't trying to fucking sell me a rock crusher, they are trying to tell me about how much they hate vaccines, circumcision or Obama. Dkos can be rough and tumble, and a jaundiced eye is often turned on newbies.

But it is not incumbent on us, as regulars, to identify and notice the good newbs who are just here to learn? Seems to me that sometimes that goes under the radar and our automatic mode is to attack anyone whose name we don't really recognize, or it used to be. I have noticed that Welcome New Users has been out in force lately, identifying credible new users and tagging them, which is very useful for me as an old timer, because it signals I have to give this person patience. But I think we could all do more to welcome new diarists and commenters better than we have been, and giving them more leeway on not only stuff like typos and weak theses but also stuff like referring to the democratic party as the democrat party...shit like that. Look, fact of the matter is that is how the rest of america outside of politics refers to us, the right wing has been effective at framing our party the way they want to in the perceptions of non-political observers. I think it would be more effective to be patient with the new user who accidentally spouts a right wing talking point than to automatically throw them under the bus, hop on the hide-rate express and pile on the hr's.

Again, I am not saying this happens a lot, or even some of the time, but I think when it does happen, it deals a ton of harm to diversity of thought in the community. If we are to survive as a political forum, I think diversity of thought is extremely important so we don't become a fucking echo chamber. I hate just screaming talking points, thats why I came here. But if we eject newbies because they accidently do something society has taught them to automatically do, we are potentially excluding a person who might have been a fantastic diarist, a fantastic commenter, who the fuck knows, maybe the next big contributor to the front page. We can't just turf a person because they made a mistake that, honestly, so much of America believes.

YMMV of is incumbent upon every TU to deal informed HRs. In the past, I did not take that responsibility seriously. I have flung donuts like a Krispy Kreme employee more than a few times myself, but I take my power as a TU far more seriously now than I ever did back then. That includes copious research into the previous commenting and diarying history of the commenter. Of course, if its a clear and egregious case, and the comment remains unhidden I will add a hide to tip the comments into hidden territory. But if its a grey area, if the comment is already hidden, if there are already multiple admonishments and this is a new user, why pile on? Why turn them away? Why show them the worst of dailykos right up front? Killing them with kindness, patience and time, I think, is a far more effective strategy for the long term survival of our community than it is to show someone the door for a few small violations of community norms.

"But shouldn't they be lurking before they join the fray" is the usual refrain. True enough. But still, lurking could mean waiting a year to join up and make your first comment or waiting 48 hours to make your first comment. I made my first comment pretty much immediately. I wrote my first diary pretty soon after joining. And even though it was OBVIOUS I didn't lurk, people were still patient with me. And over time I became an "old timer"...I dunno when it happened, but eventually it did.

Again, not sure what triggered this. It wasn't any one particular thing. It wasn't a specific instance here, this isn't some backhanded response to some other diary that everyone missed today. It was just an idea I had.

Reposted from Paul Hogarth by belinda ridgewood
Sign at University of Essex, March 2011
Politics is about the personal. We come to Daily Kos to read about politics and make the world a better place, but we also come with personal stories that shape our politics.

And as we learned in campaigns for marriage equality and immigration reform (for example), these first-person stories can be very powerful and persuasive at moving hearts and minds.

Do you have a personal story to share that shaped your political perspective? Please tell us that story by logging back into Daily Kos, and writing a diary.

We know it can be intimidating to write about politics on Daily Kos, but no one is a better expert on your own life than you. Your story offers a perspective that can make a difference.

For a little inspiration, click below the fold to check out a few community diaries—written from a first-person perspective with a powerful political message.

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Reposted from Wee Thoughts by Wee Mama

Folks may not know that anyone and everyone can send in top comments. The great crew that keeps those diaries going are always happy to have more nominations. Over the years I've refined the technique for sending them in, and now it is almost as easy as thinking of doing it. It just takes three steps the first time, and two steps after that.

Add the top comments address to your email address book

Their address is <>. This only needs to be done once.

Open the top-worthy comment in a new tab

The date on a comment is a link to the comment and all its children. Use that date to open the comment in a new tab (this trick can be handy in comment-heavy diaries, too).

Use your browser to send the tab with the comment to Top Comments

Exactly where that mail button is will vary with browsers. Most have some kind of built in mail capability, and all let you add variants. It's useful for lots of things, so if you can't mail a tab yet add that as an extension. Because you added the address to your address book, the mail program will suggest the full address after two or three letters.

It's kindly to include a little info about why you think a comment is top worthy, and if you include your screen name they can credit the submission to you.

Happy top commenting!


WNU group logo
Welcome, New Users, to Daily Kos, from your host Angie in WA State. This Diary is intended to help you orient yourself to the site and ask questions about how to use it.

Below the orange gnocchi-doodle Fleur-de-kos you will find links intended to get you participating more effectively. Also in this edition Learning the Lingo or What in the Hell does THAT mean???

After that you can ask me any questions about the site you want. I may not know the answer, but someone else will - or I'll fetch someone who does.

AND-- if you're new and wondering what is and isn't OK around here, read Kos' Community Guidelines. That'll keep you out of trouble!

There is a baseline rule, easy to remember and it will keep you out of trouble in most cases here: DBAD (don't be a dick) Everyone follows THAT and we'll all get along just fine!

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