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People seem to have made the same mistake that Stephen Colbert viewers did, when people freaked out "oh my God! He said 'Ching-Chong Ding-Dong'! Obviously he's bigoted against Chinese people!"

I won't link to the million diaries screaming at the dead people, while France is still mourning. But I think that even if they were completely racist, it would not be appropriate to do that.

It seems, though, that people aren't aware even of the fact that Charlie Hebdo is a leftist paper, and not a right-wing one. They were constituted specifically to go AGAINST the right wing, as their editorial mission. Charb, in this interview, approvingly notes that "Charlie Hebdo is the child of May ’68, of the spirit of freedom and insolence… " referring to the leftist student revolts of the hippie era in France then. Hardly something any right-wing raver would invoke. Nor would they say "myself, I am communist," as he says here. Plainly, then, he came from a communist and 60s counterculture tradition, which included atheism and a rejection of establishment power.


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Thu Jan 08, 2015 at 08:50 AM PST

There Is No God

by Whamadoodle

I might have continued: "There Is No God but God, and Mohammed is his Prophet." But you murdered me before I could finish.

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[Koch Brothers send trolls to disrupt site; some pretend to be atheists, some religious, posting the following to disrupt site; other posters who really are atheists and religious come to site, also posting the following]

[Atheists Convene to Mock "Invisible Sky Friend," Or Other Such Incredibly Hackneyed Phrase; Complain of History of Ill Treatment; Make Clear Their Views on Religion, or On DKos's Religious Folks' Treatment of Atheists, Won't Likely Be Changing Any Time Soon; Takes Ranting, Confrontational Tone, Ostensibly Aimed at Like-Minded Atheists; Secretly Longs for Posts from Antagonists]

[Butthurt Religious Person Ignores Clearly-worded Atheists' Posts; Posts to Try to Change Their Views On DKos's Religious Folks' Treatment of Atheists; Protests Own Ill-Treatment; Adds Note On Own Cosmology, which Any Child Would Know Will Be Laughed out of the Room by Those Who Find it Fantastic]

[Atheists Mock Post; Other Atheists Explain Coolly that in the Marketplace of Ideas, Some Ideas May Be Mocked, and that It Is Inappropriate to Take Offense at This If One Is Going to Post them]

[Butthurt Religious Person Posts in Snide Reply to Mocking Posts, But So Sharply as to Be Trolling, and Actually WAY more of a Jerk than What S/he's Replying to]

[Atheists Who Just Posted That It's Inappropriate to Take Offense Get Offended]

[Atheists, Religious People Take 10000 Posts, each doing exactly zero of substance, each simply listing either real, imagined or exaggerated offenses, only from the other side to their own side, while failing to acknowledge the slightest fault from their own side]

[Israel/Palestine posters are flattered by the imitation of their pie-throwing; raise thumb and forefinger to make the "perfect!" sign]

[Harmonious Kossack Work to save the environment, save people from suffering violence, or get progressives elected, forgotten]

More (and more, and more, and more) below the fold


Are both sides full of intelligent folks making themselves ever dumber with each self-defeating, monotonous, droning, endless, bickering fight, or just one?

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I share the concerns of all who agree that the Iraq War, and most of the other wars we've entered into since World War II, have been ill-thought-out wars of aggression. Yet must it imply complete military isolationism?

Your answer may well be "please--how many times are we going to put roller skates on the elephant and send him careening through the china shop, before we just admit that roller-skate dancing in china shops just isn't our forte?" Put another way: "if we make war, even if we conceive it as defensive, or as living up to our duty to defend the defenseless, we'll screw it up."

This seems so obviously true as to be beyond question. However, I've wondered recently: why on earth do we on the left move instantly to throwing up our hands and saying "forget it! Forget it all! Shut it all down and get us out (except a nominal defensive force, just for our own borders)" when faced with the idea of military force? Do we throw up our hands like that on any other issue, say, on energy policy? No--we address it far more carefully than that, aiming always to cajole, to tweak, to fine-tune, and only dreaming of the day when we might be granted our wishes more generously. Yet when it comes to military force, or our engagement in foreign policy full stop, America is becoming more and more isolationist.

This Pew poll from last year shows that those agreeing that the US "should mind its own business internationally," and let other countries fend for themselves as best they can, went from a low of 30% in 2002 (following the 9/11 tragedy) to an all-time high of 52%. More below the fold.

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