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Thu Jan 29, 2015 at 02:30 PM PST

Observed in Meet the Press Bathroom

by WheninRome

   Brendon Ayanbadejo, formerly a professional football player for the Ravens, and other teams, posted this image on his Facebook page on January 14, 2015. You may remember Ayanbadejo for his activism in support of legalizing same sex marriage. He and Chris Kluwe, punter for the Minnesota Vikings, made the rounds on various media outlets, and they filed a joint amicus brief to the Supreme Court for the case involving Prop 8.

  By all accounts, Ayanbadejo is a bit of a renaissance man. He is politically active, well educated and successful. He has two cute French Bulldogs. He seems to be thrifty but generous. He came out for a controversial issue which caught him some flack in the macho environment of the NFL. Maryland State Delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. wrote a letter to the Raven's owner, Steve Bisciotti demanding, ""take the necessary action ... to inhibit such expressions from your employee.". Thankfully Bisciotti did no such thing and Maryland passed same sex marriage. It was close, but it passed.

   What would you think if you encountered this in the bathroom of MTP? Ayanbadejo doesn't indicate exactly when the picture was taken. A cursory search puts Ayanbadejo's interview on May 5, 2014; David Gregory anchoring.

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This very day, Bethany Rodgers [the reporter that got the order from Kirby Delauter not to use his name while journalizing, without his express permission] tweets:

Why is this interesting, you ask? Well because back before Dec. 1, 2014 when the former form of government for Frederick County was a board of 5 County Commissioners, Blaine Young was the President of said Board. Having lost the election for County Executive to Jan Gardner in a very contentious contest, Blaine Young had some strategies. Or at least we think he did. None of them panned out. The first posited theory was that due to his preternatural support of Ellen Bartlett for the District 1 County Council seat, Blaine was hedging his bets. Ellen Bartlett is the wife of former US Congressman Roscoe Bartlett for Maryland's 6th District. Let's just say that Ellen likes goats and she has been the President of various homemakers clubs over the years in the County. Those were the main takeaways from various debates that I attended. It was generally assumed that if Ellen were to have won, she would bow out and the Republican Central Committee would install Blaine in her seat. We can't prove it and Blaine would have had to move to District 1, which isn't too much of a stretch really, but that was the accepted scenario among most skeptics around here.

Anyway, the District 1 race was a nail biter, because very close to half of District 1 voted for her. It took some time for a recount and then the absentee ballots were necessary to put Jerry Donald over top by like 24 votes or so. Many of us are still in shock that it was so close, as goats can't vote......

Meanwhile Blaine made noises after his loss to Gardner that he was going to recede and we wouldn't hear from him for awhile. A lot of us thought that would be peachy.

Two days before the inauguration of the new County Council and County Executive, the last official meeting of the soon to be defunct Board of County Commissioners met. Lo and behold, Kirby Delauter, Billy Shreve and Paul Smith [then also Commissioners] brought forth a nomination for Blaine Young to become a citizen member of the Frederick County Planning Commission. It passed.


Who will provide the next installment of Frederick County Government inanity, that goes global?

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Nope. This is not fiction. One Kirby Delauter, recently elected to Frederick County, Maryland's 5th District County Council seat has a tantrum on Facebook and it goes global.

#3 on twitter trending........not promoted.

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Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County, Maryland
  Sheriff Chuck Jenkins, of Frederick County Maryland, just one county away from DC, is going to Texas to get some info on the border issues. Sponsoring his trip is FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which has a record of racist, anti immigrant views and its leaders have ties to white supremacist groups. This according to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which tracks hate groups.

  Jenkins has been described as second only to Joe Arpaio on the rightwingnut law enforcement intolerance meter. Frederick is the only Maryland county to enforce/cooperate with the 287[g] program which involves the county detaining suspected immigrants for ICE. All other counties have declined or have dropped their participation agreements.

  Jenkins has also been involved with the unnecessary death of a local Downs Syndrome man, Ethan Saylor, which has made national news; a lawsuit over detaining a woman with no probable cause which wound its way all the way to SCOTUS which denied cert, and several constituent deaths which were unnecessary and deaths in the County jail where ostensibly a failure of supervision and training of staff come into play.

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I am running for County Council District 2 in Frederick County Maryland.

We are having the inaugural election for a newly minted Charter Government, which was a regular slate of 5 Commissioners. I filed at the last minute because no Democrats came forward. The present commission is all Republicans.

If you have time or the inclination, please go like my my Facebook Page

If you have spare meta, please deposit it in the comment section.

Thank you for your support.

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5:00 EST this 5th day of March, 2014 on THE ED SHOW.

Ed started out on the fence and maybe slightly in favor, maybe leaning because of Governor Schweitzer and Bakken, but he made a herculean stab at getting the info and now he is dead against KXL.

Video to follow when it is put up.

5:20: of course a commercial FOR the pipeline appears in the break........

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Filing can be viewed here:


Tue Oct 01, 2013 at 01:07 AM PDT


by WheninRome


Those on Mt. Doofus in the domed building are farting thunderbolts in our general direction. Us lowly pawns are down here in the dirt with no national parks or panda cams or mortgage processing or Mars rover activity will just have to suck it up and watch the shutdown porn on the TV.

The POTUS made a nice speech. Well it was sort of boring. He should have thrown some terriers and hostile allies and arsonists in there. Something we can all hold onto and repeat while we go about our drudgery with no gubmintzes. Make the pie higher!

Meanwhile back at the healthcare.state site, there is no going forward past a certain window. Says: "No Updates". I will try again and see if I am incredibly stupid or they are waiting for business hours.

News from the real estate world: The government has drawn new flood maps. something something global warming, sea rise, bad weather patterns, higher flood insurance premiums or no coverage after bean counters crunched the data on hurricane Sandy.

Rain tax: really dumb. srsly? rain tax? I live in a watershed, I thought that was the point, the whole point. I may just cut down all of my trees and plaster the yard with a huge solar array, the trees are messy anyway. Then I'll take all my runoff and sluice it through a hydroturbine.

While we're witnessing the artificial craptacularfest  in the Capitol, Fukushima is worse than ten Chernobyls and nobody has a clue how to deal with it. Radiation is wafting throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Fun times. Time to find a non-flooding high altitude abode in South America I guess. I really don't care for quinoa.

Off to sharpen my pitchfork........


I'm seriously considering

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The Camp Pendleton Speech by POTUS was on and I was listening. There's a lot of bellicose talk going on there along with salutations for those lost in the quagmires. Hoorah! Nevermind suicide rates are astronomical and veterans wait years for benefits because mountains of files are waiting to be gone through. We have a sequester you know. Nothing like reneging on our duty to support the troops and actually give them what they deserve, right?

We're bad ass and we're not going to back down! Terrorists! Amurika! Pretty formulaic, Go Corps! Then.....

But, of course, the end of the war in Afghanistan doesn’t mean the end of threats to our nation.  As I’ve said before, even as we decimated the al Qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11, al Qaeda affiliates and like-minded extremists still threaten our homeland, still threaten our diplomatic facilities, still threaten our businesses abroad.  And we've got to take these threats seriously and do all we can to confront them.  We’ve been reminded of this again in recent days.

.....still threaten our businesses abroad. What? OK, I get the "homeland". I prefer our own soil or the land within our sovereign borders etc., but "our businesses abroad"? No. Full stop. That is not our function to go about the globe protecting our businesses. The US doesn't have businesses. It is a government. Citizens have businesses and the US Government should not be used to protect them or promote them in other countries. It's a far stretch to have the military protect our diplomatic facilities as well. That's not according to Hoyle, the host country is supposed to do that.

But businesses? Since when? Hey businesses, if you want to do your thing in another country, you pay your money and you take your chances, you don't get to take the Army as your personal muscle. Go hire Blackwater or something. Don't expect US taxpayers to subsidize your risk. And POTUS.......I noticed this remark. It stuck out among the rest of the glory glory US mean old terrorists schtick. I didn't see this business protection in the Constitution. The Constitution is about here, in this country, for our citizens, not for businesses who flit about the planet. If you go to another country to do business, then you have to deal with that country and all that entails. Military protection is not for businesses it is for national defense, which definition has been stretched to the breaking point at this juncture anyway. Now you want to add businesses abroad? Forget that. I can't believe you even said it.


Mon Aug 05, 2013 at 02:50 PM PDT

Impeach Obama

by WheninRome

it black handwritten caps on white poster board.

Right at the place where you turn into the newly minted Sheetz on 85. On the other side of the entrance is a table with a brightly colored umbrella and it says: "Glass Steagall", then "Wall St." and on another poster: "Ambassador Died."

This is pretty inflammatory stuff to see on my way to Lowes to get paint and the weather is strikingly beautiful and not humid, and it is coolish. The clouds we have had this year are nothing short of spectacular, yet odd. July and August around here are usually sweltering muggy smoggy torrid......

"Glass Steagall?", I say. "Well that is puzzling, because that is due to Clinton and Phil Gramm and his nasty wife, how is that part of an impeachment strategy?

"Glass Speigel" says the bald one.

"No." says I and then: "Glass S-T-E-A-G-A-L-L, you know, the thing that crashed the financial system, that used to keep commercial banking and speculative banking separate? Glass Steagall was repealed during Clinton. Glass and Steagall were actual dudes in the 30's....with their names on the bill." Then he relents. He knows better than to trifle with me on spelling and pronunciation.

I am musing: "Well I wouldn't impeach him for Ambassador Died because that sort of stuff happens and that has to do with black sites and the CIA messing around and detaining people and it's too convoluted. Wall St. is doable. He and Holder have let JP Morgan Chase and BP and HSBC and USB off with slaps on the wrist. If you are going to impeach it should be over the NSA spying or not prosecuting financial crimes."

I am thinking the umbrella poster kiosk is a right wing attempt at getting some sort of impeachment going, there are more than plenty of baggers in Frederick. But what struck me is the disjoint approach that has some overlap in the discontented column such as Glass-Steagall, but with Benghazi thrown in. Benghazi does absolutely nothing for me and my fellow citizens, it's a meh issue. I don't aspire to be an ambassador, nor do many people get that position. I'm more worried about regular people doing regular things and not renditioning in foreign countries without a large military back up system. I'm sorry it happened, but it doesn't get me or the average citizen anywhere.

Is this the kitchen sink approach? Did they throw Benghazi in for the potential Fox motorist? Glass Steagall I am all for bringing back, it doesn't have anything to do with impeachment though. Maybe I should have stopped. Although the bald one would not have gone for that type of investigation, especially after correcting SPIEGEL. Anyway, I was surprised to see such goings on around here. Sorry I don't have a picture.


Tue Jul 23, 2013 at 04:12 PM PDT

I mean really, Anthony......

by WheninRome

I've been married for almost 25 years. My husband has made some mistakes. The most notable of which was after sawing through a maple tree limb and getting the saw stuck, he grabbed the branch, hung from it, and it came crashing down, breaking his leg at the ankle. He got on the phone and dickered with the doctor and then presented himself to be casted.

The cast was supposed to be on for 8 weeks. But he had a vintage Italian trials bike he was getting a lot of enjoyment from and after a few runs through the creek [even with a garbage bag wrapped around the cast] the cast got soggy and he began cutting off the non-stiff parts. Luckily he was/is a fast healer and the bone stitched up nicely.

That's the kind of dumb stuff my husband gets up to, or used to do. Now if he's got some spare moments he reads biographies or schematics. Or he picks up a guitar and practices. Or keeps up his chops on a drum kit. Or he may call some friends to gab about gear and and ask about their happenings, or he mows the grass, or he's fixing something, or listening to music.

The only persons he texts are our daughters, because they trained him to do it. And only if he is forced to because they are working or not picking up and he needs to get them info.

He hasn't flirted with anybody ever, nor has he cheated. Occasionally he will steal my chocolate or gummy bears and eat peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. I accept these transgressions.

I don't think he's that unusual. Maybe he is. But you can imagine why people might think you are a bit of a freak with too much time on your hands and not enough ambition for avocations to keep you in good stead with with any political vocation you might want. You are embarrassing. You are inappropriate. You have no self control. That is all.


My husband's most annoying behavior is:

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On TV now. Juror B37.

Juror says: Rachel Jeantel not believable. Says Jeantel didn't want to be there and was embarrassed of her lack of education

Screams on 911 tape were George Zimmerman.

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