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Democrats need to figure out the Rush-led NeoCon attack plans the soonest to best begin generating antidotes, preventions and counter attacks towards the important Nov 2010 elections..!

Becoming complacent with a winning offense without a solid defense is risky

As the dangerous CPAC Rush-bots openly cheer marching orders to attack, harm and fail the President of America; consider understanding their actual plans now being discussed and implemented..?

The wealthiest 2% were showered with $trillions$ under Bush and now control 95% of wealth like squirrels with trees packed of Acorns and are prepared for a "long freeze".

Hence, the wealthiest have pushed down hard on the Dow (accelerated since Nov elections) and now can HOLD DOWN the Dow for 18 Months and until after the NOV 2010 election by falsely blaming President Obama for the continued bad Economy they generated to enable RepubliCons selected to majority Congress and render Obama neutered...

That is why our President Obama is attempting to do everything possible right now

* In case He loses the Congress in 2 years as did Clinton!   (read more)

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Mon Mar 02, 2009 at 08:36 AM PST

President Obama - Fool Me Once..?

by Will Call

President Obama is an intelligent, analytical man.

"Changing course" is sometimes what intelligent folks do after obtaining and analyzing new information or data.

In fact, that is what "Artificial Intelligence" programs are designed to do:
Continually use feedback to make calculated adjustments towards ultimate success.

Q: Is the President likely over compensating $$ in his new requests based on what He already learned from the RepuBully Recovery obstructionism stunt?

On the Recovery Bill, He commented "perhaps I should have started with NO Tax Cuts instead of the Tax Cuts that I (president Obama) really wanted and let the Republicans think they got something"

So, He is perhaps asking for way more $$ expecting to eventually settle on the realistic amount He actually wants after all the arguing, bargaining and chest pounding from the Congress.....

For now, He can neither admit nor deny that this strategy even exists as that admission would immediately render the plan void.

GOD Bless our intelligent President Obama!

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