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St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch is up for reelection again in 2018.  That's plenty of time for angered residents of Ferguson, Missouri to find a candidate to oppose him in the Democratic primary.

I hope all the protesters will begin to focus their energy on finding an ethical Missouri attorney who's willing to run for district attorney.  We're looking for someone who will pledge to enforce the law in an even handed fashion.  Once a suitable candidate steps forward or is recruited, people will have to do what is necessary to get this person on the ballot.  This means that everyone who was angered by Mr. McCulloch's conduct before the grand jury investigating Darren Wilson will have to become registered voters.  The next step will be for voters to turnout in the Democratic primary to oust Mr. McCulloch.  We will then have a new, ethical Democratic candidate to run against the Republican.

Once the new Democratic D.A. is sworn in, he or she can file charges against Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown.  I do not believe double jeopardy has kicked in since a non-indictment does not prevent state charges from being filed in the future.  Keep in mind there is no statute of limitations for the crime of murder.  I still believe we can get justice for Michael Brown but it will require long term commitment.  We cannot afford to be enraged for a while and then simply move on; the status quo is unacceptable.  Organizing and voting are the most productive ways to protest.

Let's get this done.


In 2008, Vincent Bugliosi, one of the the most well respected prosecutors in American history, wrote a book entitled The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.  In the book, he lays out an airtight case that President Bush took the country to war under false pretenses and establishes jurisdiction for all 50 state Attorney Generals and most county prosecutors within those states (if a resident of that county died fighting in Iraq) to prosecute George W. Bush for murder.  So far, no American prosecutor has elected to empanel a grand jury.

But there is no statute of limitations on murder so it's not too late.  I am encouraging everybody who's reading this to call the Attorney General or county prosecutor in their state to urge them to bring George W. Bush to trial in an American court.

Allowing George W. Bush to walk away into the sunset without having to answer for the unspeakable horror he caused in Iraq sets a terrible precedent for our country.

Here's a link to the book's website:

Mr. Bugliosi talks about his legal theory against Bush for murder on Democracy Now:

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