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Fri Nov 02, 2012 at 12:03 PM PDT

Ras. OH O 49% R 49%

by adocarbog

Last poll had Romney up 50% to 48% for PBO.

This is a 2% improvement for PBO.

Wonder is Rasmussen last OH poll will show Obama up 2-3% to get in line with others.

Rasmussen this morning showed the general election at 48% to 48% tie and I think they are getting back to a respectibel middle to protect whatever reputation they have.

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PBO down 1% in CO

PBO up 2% in OH and FL

PBO up 5% in VA


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As a former member of the BOD of our regional chamber of commerce (Cedar Valley in Iowa) and a business man and an employer I receive surveys to sometimes fill out.


I took

14%1 votes
0%0 votes
71%5 votes
14%1 votes

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Mon Nov 10, 2008 at 07:49 PM PST

ALASKA Stevens Begich answered

by adocarbog

This is a short diary to stop the conspiracy theory crackpot diaries. Dailykos must be a respectable site so please do research before posting nonsense.


You are now well informed and

100%148 votes

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Sun Oct 26, 2008 at 09:07 PM PDT

Chuck Todd calls it for OBAMA

by adocarbog

"BECAUSE OF SO MUCH EARLY VOTING IN THIS COUNTRY, WHERE THIS RACE IS ON OCTOBER, 15 IS WHERE THIS RACE IS GOING TO BE." Chuck Todd, September 9, 2008 on KO.     It is the last 15 seconds of the video!!!!!

On September 9, 2008 RCP was showing national polls at:
Obama    45.60%
McCain   48.00%

This was due to the post convention / Palin bump. However on that day, the polls already were showing an Obama movement.

For example NBC/WSJ had Obama back up to 1% as well as Rasmussen.


Surprise state on 11/04/08 will be

0%3 votes
17%149 votes
0%2 votes
43%366 votes
2%18 votes
13%110 votes
1%13 votes
11%99 votes
0%2 votes
8%74 votes

| 836 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon Oct 20, 2008 at 09:10 AM PDT

VIRGINIA New Rasmussen O +10%

by adocarbog

Obama   54%
McCain  44%

OH Suffolk

Obama  51%
McCain 42%


Obama   50%
McCain  44%  

7% swing to Obama from last SUSA poll

National CNN

Obama    51%LV     53%RV
McCain   46%LV     43%RV


Obama up +11% RV and +5%LV traditional  and +9%LV expanded

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It is ARG but still it has been one of the most unfavorable pollsters to Obama in the past. Since last poll this is a 12% Obama swing.
Obama 50%
McCain 42%

other states:

Obama down by 5%   (3% McCain swing since last poll)

Obama up 3%    (9% Obama swing since last poll)

Obama down 19%  (2% Obama swing)

Obama up 9%   (12% Obama Swing)

Obama down 3%  (2% Obama swing since last poll)

Obama up 1%   (unchanged from last poll)

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Mon Sep 22, 2008 at 01:37 PM PDT

NEW CNN poll O 51  M 47

by adocarbog

CNN has a new poll and their story about it is Obama positive for a change.

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New polls by MARIST are out

Rasmussen also just released McCain up by only 2% in IN with Obama being supported by 92% of Dems higher than McCain support with Reps.

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First of all I am a left wing leftie nut case and I am even left handed.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed". 2nd Amend. US Const.
Now what does this mean???
It's the US constitution, so we better know what it means. As far as laws go in this country the US Constitution is "GOD". No higher laws exist, and only the United States Supreme Court can interpret the meaning by having a final say.

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for Florida and New Hampshire.



53%95 votes
46%83 votes

| 178 votes | Vote | Results

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It's all screwed up!!!

McCain ties among the young
18-34  McCain 48%  Obama 48%

Obama wins among 65 and over 48% to 39%

McCain wins 35-49 by 11% and Obama wins 50-64 by 12%

POBLANO (Nate) please downgrade SUSA not because of poor Obama showing in this poll but because they (SUSA) should know that these cross tabs are just crazy.


SUSA has cross tabs

10%17 votes
89%144 votes

| 161 votes | Vote | Results

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