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The BBC have really produced an excellent video, which demonstrates to anyone with their eyes open what the true intent is behind the new "voter fraud" acts in various states ( link below)

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Tue Jan 26, 2010 at 11:17 PM PST

She stuck her tongue out

by ahyums

An update on the situation with my mother as I head back into the whirlwind.

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Mon Jan 25, 2010 at 06:09 PM PST

I need help

by ahyums

I'll probably delete this when I come to my senses but for now it's better than just sitting and crying.

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So once again I had to watch the start of the O'Reilly factor to see more of the interview with Obama. O'Reilly began the show with a classically hypocritical talking points memo, claiming of all things that the AP has a left wing bias and the ripping into MSNBC claiming they're corrupt and support Obama endlessly - generally as hypocritical as could be imagined from Fox's  lead commentator.

Next the third part of the Obama interview aired, this section being about Obama's so called questionable associations. As in the other sections I thought Obama performed brilliantly.

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    Just about everyone here is well aware that the myth of McCain as honest principled maverick is very different from the reality - and still reigns supreme in the media narrative.

The media still seem to be absolutely determined to keep this image of McCain up. It’s as if they find it impossible to alter their framing of him to fit the facts. The truth I suspect is that they don’t want to change for a variety of reasons whether it be laziness a corporate desire to see McCain succeed or simply the fact that the narrative just seem that much more interesting when one of the protagonists is an independent action hero, as keen as they were in assisting the undermining of Kerry in 2004 the same just does not appear to happening this time round.

If this were to continue to remain unchallenged through November I think you'd find that McCain would receive many votes primarily based on this myth , of a bipartisan moderate honest and principled man.

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