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If you thought Greg Abbott still didn't have enough explaining to do, I'd love to see how he tries to explain the position his party's candidate for state controller has taken on raising sales taxes.
The GOP's controller candidate, Glenn Hegar, has proposed jacking up our state's sales tax from 8.5 percent (at least here in Dallas County) to as much as 20 percent. So much for Republicans as conservative taxpayer's champions.
Here's an ad from the campaign of Hegar's Democratic opponent, Mike Collier, featuring Hegar's own words on his proposal:
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The question in the Texas governor's race has become even more obvious with time-- when will even the reddest of Republicans acknowledge what has become very obvious-- Greg Abbott lacks the judgment needed for any public office, even the one he now holds.
It's bad enough he has palled around with the moral mess that is Ted Nugent. It is even more horrific that he used the views of a white supremest to support his views on education.
And now this.
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Greg Abbott's fatally flawed judgment in giving a glowing introduction to the morally flawed Ted Nugent has drawn still more fire.
This time, it's from a rape victim featured in a well-done Wendy Davis campaign ad. The ad, compounded with Abbott's introduction of Nugent, has raised severe questions about Abbott's judgment.
Now, you'd have to wonder about Abbott's judgment when it comes to his own chief strategist-- Dave Carney. Responding to what the rape victim said on Wendy's ad, Carney was completely without either empathy or understanding.
Here's what he had to say:

"You can play the victim and the over-outrage so many times."
Putting it mildly, the Carney response made me sick. More below.


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I never thought I'd see the day that the Dallas Morning News would come down hard on a GOP candidate for anything.
Then again, how could the DMN NOT come down hard on Greg Abbottand his continued lapses in judgment.
The first two paragraphs of the DMN editorial were spot on:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott seems to have a lock on the GOP primary for governor. Even in the lead-up to November’s general election, his campaign could cruise to victory with minimal effort, since the steep uphill task of convincing skeptical Texas voters belongs to the likely Democratic nominee, state Sen. Wendy Davis.

Why, then, would Abbott take the reckless step of inviting an ultradivisive American personality, hard-rock star Ted Nugent, to campaign with him this week in North Texas?

Why indeed, especially given Nugent's past? I can go on and on about the moral failure that is Nugent, but this sure raises questions about Abbott's judgment.
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I have been waiting years for a Texas Democratic candidate who was not afraid to fight for us and aggressively attack Republican claims that they stand for "Texas values."
Wendy Davis did it in an email responding to Greg Abbott's palling around with the misfit that is Ted Nugent.
Wendy began the email with the Dallas Morning News headline about the Abbott-Nugent event:

"Abbott under fire for hosting Nugent — a rocker with a history of young girls"
- Dallas Morning News, 2/17/14
What Wendy had to say made me even more proud of her.
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I just received an email from the Democratic Governors Association. Putting it mildly, the news it reported on Wendy Davis was very encouraging.
Here's part of the email's text:

This just in: a new poll shows Wendy Davis down just 8 points to Tea Party candidate Greg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race – with an incredible 50% undecided.
This race is winnable, but Wendy needs the resources to get her message out – we know Abbott will stop at nothing to get into the governor’s mansion, and the attacks will be nothing short of nasty.
Want proof? One of Abbott's allies called Wendy “abortion Barbie.”
Already sitting on a war chest of $20 million, Greg Abbott is an extremist with cash to spare. He and his cronies won’t hesitate to come out strong with the attacks."
"Abortion Barbie," eh? How about someone who wants government out of the business of a woman's private affairs, especially decisions that should be private ones between women, their doctors, their families, and their consciences.
And who's yelling "Abortion Barbie?" Well, folks who say they want government out of folk's lives but believe in interfering in a woman's private reproductive decision making.
And yes, those yelling "Abortion Barbie" are the same ones who support politicians like Greg Abbott who claim they are pro-life for babies before they are born, but oppose everything to help babies after they come out of the womb.
So much for the "Abortion Barbie" crybabies who claim they are pro-life but are really anti-babies' life (after they come out of the womb" and anti-woman.
I have some other thoughts below.
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I suspect there will be a major break of the vapors among Republicans and their mainstream media enablers over this, but I love how blunt President Obama is speaking when it comes to Mitt Romney's lies.
Here's part of what the Huffington Post is reporting:

President Barack Obama used a profanity to describe GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in a Rolling Stone interview, according to an excerpt released Thursday by Politico's Mike Allen.
Douglas Brinkley, who wrote the Rolling Stone article, recalled an exchange with Obama and Rolling Stone executive editor Eric Bates, who said that his daughter told him to tell the president, "You can do it."
Obama reportedly grinned. "You know, kids have good instincts," he said. "They look at the other guy and say, 'Well, that's a bulls****er, I can tell.'"
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It's bad enough that the U.S. Supreme Courtallowed our state's restrictive voter registration law to stand. It's even worse that Texas' Republican attorney general, Greg Abbott, has demonstrated once again that he is (contrary to what he claims) not for protecting vote integrity but protecting Republican political interests.
In his statement defending the law, Abbott claimed that the law was necessary to protect against what he calls "voter fraud," but if you really wanted to know what his-- and his GOP colleague's-- motives regarding this law, you don't have to look very far.
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After hearing this segment on "Up With Chris Hayes" on MSNBC, I'll be curious to see how Mitt Romney defends his cruel remarks to a group of his funders about how 47 percent of Americans don't pay income taxes.
One of Mitt's fundraisers and economic advisers, Emil Henry, said he would "triple down" on what Romney told his fundraisers.
So what does this mean? Is he going to raise taxes radically on average folks like me while cutting taxes for the richest 1 percent even deeper than anyone could imagine? Is Romney going to explode the federal deficit even more than Bush and the GOP Congress did when they first cut taxes for the richest 1 percent?
These Republicans have no right to blame President Obama for exploding the deficit when it was the policies that they enacted when Bush was in the White House that did the deed.
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I don't know if anyone has diaried about this, but I hope this is just a beginning of tons of Florida registrations that will undo the damage to democracy done by dictator Rick Scott and his Republican tools in his state's legislature.
Here's part of what was reported on Rachel Maddow's blog:

A federal judge said Wednesday he would permanently remove harsh restrictions on third-party voter registration groups that have handicapped registration efforts in Florida this year. U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle said he would grant a motion to permanently remove the restrictions once he receives confirmation that a federal appeals court has dismissed the case (the state of Florida has agreed to dismiss their appeal).
The suit was originally filed back in December by the League of Women Voters of Florida, Rock the Vote, and the Florida Public Interest Research Group Education Fund. The Justice Department opposed the restrictions in a separate lawsuit.
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When I heard this on our local ABC affiliate (WFAA in Dallas), it reminded me of what I heard a Republican official in our state say about teabagger U.S. Senate nominee Ted Cruz: "If Cruz gets nominated, it'll turn Texas from red to purple."
That Republican just might have been right about Cruz, especially after he said the following:

“We have so many things to be thankful for.  So many blessings, including even we can be thankful for Hurricane Isaac.  If nothing else, it kept Joe Biden away,”
It's bad enough that Cruz has been so open about his support of voter suppression (or what I call disenfranchisement) laws and his opposition to the Affordable Care act that prevents insurance companies from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions, among other things. But this latest remark about being grateful for Isaac is so beyond the pale it makes me sick.
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If you didn't think that there is an effort to subvert democracy in Ohio this year like what happened in 2004, check out who's participating in a seminar being conducted by the voter suppression group that calls itself True the Vote.
There's nothing true about True the Vote, as the Rev. Al Sharpton reported last night on his "Politics Nation" program. Here's a link to that report:
What scares me even more is the fact that the very person in charge of supervising Ohio's elections, Mr. Husted, is listed among the participants in the "True the Vote" program.
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