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Barack Obama Will Wynn!

Those were the words in Austin, Texas last night, at a 3,000-person jam packed throwdown hosted by the Travis County Democratic Party. And they were uttered, of course, by Austin's Dem mayor, Will Wynn.

Wynn's one of the CenTex dems we filmed in our latest episode of Hail to the Hustle, the elction vlog from yours truly at the Austin Chronicle, Austin's alt-newsweekly.

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Thu Oct 30, 2008 at 10:57 AM PDT

Central Texas Dems Get Hustled!

by almighty dollar

Hey there, Wells Dunbar here from the Austin Chronicle. You may have seen our diary here last week detailing how Republican Sen. John Cornyn jacked footage  from our video blog, Hail to the Hustle, for a lame attack ad against Dem challenger Rick Noriega. The story's been getting some traction: read our write-up here, and blog reaction here, here, and here.

But the Hustle isn't one to rest on his laurels. We've been filming weekly vlogs all through November, and we're back this week featuring several Central Texas Dems running this electric election season. See, there's hope for Texas after all!

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Hey there, Wells here with the Austin Chronicle, an alt-weekly serving that blue oasis in the reddest of states – Austin, Texas. We've been covering the November races with our own video blog, Hail to the Hustle, and this week we filmed an interview with Rick Noriega, running to unseat John "Box Turtle" Cornyn for his United States Senate seat.

At an early voting kickoff rally we attended, Rick gave a fiery speech espousing his vision of election night in the lone star state. We wrapped our episode, uploaded it to YouTube, and began work om the next one. All was good – or so we thought, until Friday afternoon.

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