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it gets pretty funny.

  Starbucks sent a cease and desist letter to a tiny brew pub in a tiny town and got the mother of all sarcastic replies.  I'm guessing their business might pick up after this.  At least I hope so.  

Starbucks Letter and Exit 6 Pub and Brewery's reply to Mr. Bucks

Just a small portion of the hilarity.

Britton wrote the brewpub has sold "at least 38 drinks" in Cottleville, and never meant to deceive customers. He noted only three customers "checked into" the beer on Untappd, and enclosed a $6 check for the "full amount of profit gained from the sale of those 3 beers."

"We just want to help a business like Starbucks. Us small business owners need to stick together," Britton wrote.


Buried on Politico, at the end of an article about how emotional the MittBot can be  (in which he mocks Boehner's tears)  there is this little gem from our own would-be Marie Antoinette when they were asked about what groups they would like to have in the White House :

Mitt: “Well, I would certainly want to hear from the Beach Boys, even though I know it's not the same group it used to be,” Romney said. “Also Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith, and today's rock stars—The Killers are one group I enjoy. …I'd let Alabama come back and sing again, and Aerosmith.”

His wife, Ann, noted that they also “have a friend in the Eagles.”

“These are not all Republicans, by the way,” Mitt added. “Some may turn us down, but …”

“No, they would die to be mentioned,” his wife reassured him.


I dunno.... does that just drip condescension or is it just me?  Ugh.  These two are such snobs.


Has there ever been a more arrogant candidate than Mitt Romney?  In the latest installment of "We know what's right for the small folk"  HuffPo is reporting that we are no longer considered "Real Americans" because we wish to discuss anything other than jobs and how awful Barack Obama is.

Romney Senior Communications Adviser Tara Wall Lays Down the Law

Unfortunately it’s disappointing that the attacks, these recent attacks on all these issues outside of what the issues are relative to Mitt Romney are diverting away from what real Americans want to talk about. And real Americans want to talk about getting back to work.
Got that, you people?   They make the rules.  Cease and desist.  Of course that's not a dog whistle.  Never mind that Mitt's speeches now repeatedly refer to Obama as foreign.  If you were real Americans you would already understand these things and not need these frequent reminders.

From Huff Po

Republicans in Congress will file a civil lawsuit over President Barack Obama's invoking of executive privilege in connection with Operation Fast and Furious, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation."
Executive privilege has already been ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court.

I just know that will create thousands of jobs!  For lawyers.  

These guys are despicable and desperate

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Fri Jun 29, 2012 at 09:05 AM PDT

Selling Obamacare via Social Media

by althea in il

Now is the time, the time is now, to let our fellow Americans know just what the ACA can do for them.  What it's doing now and what it is set to do later.  I have already come across a few very smart, easily shared pieces this morning and I hope others will add to these.  

As Rachel said, "Sell it now!"  

Please add any others that you find so that I'll be able to keep my facebook and twitter feeds full!

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Thu Jun 28, 2012 at 12:42 PM PDT

Holder Contempt Vote Advances

by althea in il

From The Hill

Well, we knew this was going to happen.  I bet they were particularly happy to do it after the Supreme Court Ruling this morning.

The House voted Thursday to advance a resolution finding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, and a related resolution that could lead to civil court action against Holder.

Members voted 254-173 in favor of a rule governing floor debate for the two resolutions, setting up more debate and votes later in the day. The rule was approved by every Republican, and 15 Democrats, a sign that the resolutions might win the support of about a dozen or more Democrats later in the day.

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As people have grown more familiar with the aspects of the ACA that have already taken effect, many find they like having insurance work for them, instead of against them.  If we get more time, maybe someday even TeaPublicans might admit it is a good thing, albeit flawed.  (Yeah, I know... in my dreams)  Yesterday the St. Louis Post Dispatch printed an editorial about one of my favorite parts of the ACA and made the point that citizens will lose and insurance companies will win (again) if the Supreme Courtservatives rule against ObamaCare.

Follow me below the squiggle for some links and discussion.

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Last week under a veil of secrecy, the bust of Rush Limbaugh that nobody wanted was revealed at the Missouri capital.  Now, Missourians get to pay for the privilege of having a bust that no one wanted. Story below the squiggle.  Warning... if you click on the link below, there will be an actual picture of the man, so gird your loins.

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It really isn't enough that Republicans are hell bent on dismantling our public school system at all cost.  Promise to eliminate the Department of Education?  Check.  Candidates campaign against higher education?  Check.  Co-opt ALEC position papers in legislation?  Check.  Substitute religion for science in schools?  Hell yeah.

Louisiana apparently plans to up the ante.  
Let's make it legal to discriminate against school children!

Details after the squiggle.

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Honestly, I loathe calling anything a "war on (fill in the blank)" unless it involves actual soldiers with real weapons, but these last few months have pushed me to the brink. Today, when I discovered that Democrats in my home state of Illinois, one of whom I have voted for repeatedly have decided that I am a farm animal, I tumbled over the edge of that brink and am now free-falling into pure rage.  

Rather than eat myself alive with that rage, I'm formulating a plan.

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I've done my part and contacted all the Congresscritters in my area, plus a few out of state. This is the only reply I've gotten, he's my congressman, a Democrat, and this one disappoints me.  This guy is pro union and represents a solidly middle class (what is left of it) blue collar district with only one thriving industry left.  Normally, he comes down on the right side of most issues.  He did vote against cap and trade, but, keeping in mind that the aforementioned thriving industry is a refinery, I sort of  understood that

However, I'm afraid if this is how this guy thinks on health care reform, we may have a problem.


How many congresscritters have you contacted?

73%14 votes
10%2 votes
5%1 votes
10%2 votes

| 19 votes | Vote | Results

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(McCain campaign to world leaders, "Please, she needs the street cred!")

So, obviously the McCain campaign has been shopping their candidate, trying to get her some gravitas.

Palin to meet with President Hamid Karzai per CNN

CNN confirms that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai next week in New York during the opening meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

What in the world could she have to discuss with the President of Afghanistan?  She can't even see it from her house!

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