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On Tuesday, the New York State Division of Parole deniedMark David Chapman, John Lennon's killer, parole for the sixth time. Today, in response, Chapman released his internal report on Lennon's murder, which shows that a series of failures involving a number of individuals ultimately led to the crime.

Highlights of the full article below.


Should Mark David Chapman Be Paroled?

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93%122 votes

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A year or so ago, I signed up for Red State to join the discussions there.  I was promptly banned--really, within an hour--not for anything I said, which was entirely respectful in my disagreement with some point, but because I also posted to Daily Kos.  What can you do?

I still get email blasts from Red State, though, and today's from Erick Erickson has left me flabbergasted.  How can someone who works for supposedly impartial CNN also act as a decidedly partisan political fundraiser?


How should CNN rebrand itself?

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Republican Jim Bunning was able to shut down the Senate for a week because he won't be running for re-election and thus has no fear of the electorate.  He also has no fear of his reputation being tarnished because the right considers him a hero for his actions.  There's nothing we can do about either of these things.  We can, however, strike at the heart of his fame: his election to Cooperstown.  We can write the Baseball Hall of Fame and ask that he be removed.


Should Bunning be removed from the Baseball Hall of Fame?

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68%139 votes

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As Texas cheerfully replaces history with Republican propaganda in their textbooks; as other school districts fight to replace science with Christianist dogma; as an entire political party is emerging that rejects reason for ideology and anything not American as Unamerican; as a liberal I should be scared, but as a father I am overjoyed.

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The start of the holiday season is Thanksgiving in most places, but in the alternate universe that is Fox News its starts with coverage of the War on Christmas, during which Field Marshal Bill O'Reilly (and, previously, Propaganda Minister John Gibson) orders the network's culture warriors to assault retailers for wishing customers a "happy holiday" instead of a "merry Christmas."  

So what will he make of his own boss's holiday greeting to employees this year?


Why Does Murdoch Hate Christmas?

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45%14 votes

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You have to love the Republicans: always ready to turn lemonade into lemons.  For once they had a chance to act classy by castigating one of their own, Joe Wilson, for his teabagging of  Obama's address.  And Lindsey Graham did slap his wrist, but he couldn't leave well enough alone...


Lindsey Graham

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I wonder what GWB would have said had he been called upon to exhort America's students to reach higher academically...

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Short of not mentioning his death because if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all, conservative blogs are in something of a predicament: how to applaud a person's legendary service to the nation while applauding neither the person, whom conservative's have smeared for decades; the substance of that service, which represents everything they despise; or the legend, which overwhelms that of anyone they've given America?  Here's a sample.

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MSNBC has breaking news on a 42yo man who blocked the back door of an immigration services center with his car in Binghampton, NY, then went through the front door with "guns ablazing," killing 12, then killing himself.

Link to the Times story below, which has the killer being 20yo, which is out of date info.

The surprising thing about MSNBC's coverage is they are questioning everyone they have on whether this was an act specifically against immigrants.  If so, a right-wing terrorist is finally getting some broad notice as a right-wing terrorist, after so many attacks have been pretty much swept under the rug by the mainstream media.  Former hostage rescue expert Clint Van Zandt even related the killings to an increase in anger in America--which I hope is eventually connected by the mainstream media to right-wing fanatics like Rush and Beck who've been fanning its flames.

NY Times


How maddening is it when a president is asked before a big game or series whom he wants to win and he just says, "Well, I don't want to play favorites.  I just want to see a good game.  And the real winners are the American people as we come together to enjoy this event together, regardless of whom you're rooting for." Blah blah blah.  For God's sake, I often want to say, you're from one team's hometown, you have the team's hat, how can you not say you're rooting for them?  Are you so blandly political that you're not willing to risk a vote by have a personal interest?  Have some backbone.

Obama, Mr. Change, is thankfully above all that.  Today he laid out his NCAA bracket for ESPN.  Today a president took a stand.  It's these little things as much as the big ones that make him historic.  His champion and link to his bracket below.


Is it politically wise for a president to pick a favorite in a sporting event?

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We all have a few issues that are most important to us: reproductive choice, the economy, Iraq, etc.  But Obama just came out with one that might pull in a few more conservatives in the SEC states.  

Chris Berman on ESPN just asked Obama: What's the one thing you would change about sports?  Obama said he'd institute an 8-team college football playoff and put an end to computers determining the champion.

While some might think this frivolous, I can assure you that there is no issue that brings out greater fury and consternation in college football fans than the BCS rankings.  There's long been a call for a playoff format.  And as Boomer said, he thinks Obama could get it done.  Would that it be so.


Should college football have playoffs instead of the BCS rankings determining the chamption?

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5%6 votes

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I like to read Red State to see what's going on on the other side of the fence, in part because it's a mirror of DKos, even in its layout.  After lurking for a while time, I finally decided to post, thinking that maybe I could cross the aisle and have a debate.

Who thought I'd be banned based on my first post?


Should I have been banned from RedState

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24%42 votes
62%106 votes

| 170 votes | Vote | Results

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