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Wed Apr 01, 2015 at 01:55 PM PDT

The fix is in ... Indy Star Reports

by annan

Pence received a "fix" from legislative leaders today. While the "fix" deals exclusively with the LBGT issue it leaves the Hobby Lobby/Citizens United/Reproductive Rights issue embedded in the bill. Note that citizens are not being included in the discussions.

Indiana Republican leaders are vetting a deal with key business leaders that grants protection for gay and lesbian residents from the state's controversial "religious freedom" law.

A copy of the language obtained by The Indianapolis Star was being presented to Gov. Mike Pence Wednesday morning. The measure would specify that the new religious freedom law cannot be used as a legal defense to discriminate against residents based on their sexual orientation.

Read the whole story at the Indianapolis Star: Exclusive: 'Religious freedom' proposal with limited LGBT protections taken to Pence

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Sun Sep 07, 2014 at 05:41 AM PDT

Runi, the bio-feedback cat

by annan

Runi is a first rate bio-feedback cat. I used to think he was driving me crazy, now I know the truth: I've nearly killed him a time or two when my craziness takes control of both of our lives. That's the part I want to talk to you about: listen to your cat when he's talking to you!

Continue Reading appears to be down and many people are anxious to learn what their options are. Here's a link to a site to find out what's available in your state. Click your state on the map to get particulars, then come back and tell us what you discover. The good, the bad and the ugly. I'd love to hear what state you're in and how many different providers are offering plans.

Affordable Care Act Exchange Plan Comparisons

I've written several diaries recently about the ACA and the narrow network issues that cancer survivors are facing, particularly as it relates to my state of Indiana. If you're interested in crowdsourcing information about what's happening with the ACA and how we can work to improve a good law that can be better, please stop by. I will be monitoring the comment section of all 3 diaries this week.

It's official: I cannot keep my doctor with the ACA

The ACA: we deserve so much more


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Mon Oct 07, 2013 at 12:49 PM PDT

The ACA: we deserve so much more

by annan

I belong to a sisterhood of survivors. Mostly breast cancer. We've lost many sisters along the way. Now we are the survivors, anxiously waiting for the Affordable Care Act to take us out of the limbo we've been living.

In my own circle of the sisterhood, each of us has been fortunate to maintain health insurance yet we have paid a huge price for that privilege. Not only in premiums and ridiculously high deductibles, but lack of choice.

We've held onto the policies we had as if our lives depended upon it. Which it did and does. Over the years some held onto marriages to keep insurance long after the marriage was dead, some held onto dead-end jobs, some held onto junk insurance, a few managed to navigate the high risk pools. But all of us have participated in the larger fraternity of the health care insecure.

Some years I could afford the insurance premiums, but I had to borrow to pay for care. I rarely met my deductible. Some years I spent $13,500+ on insurance and deductibles without receiving anything from Anthem except a protection racket.

I know I'm one of the lucky ones: I have had insurance, money to pay for it and doctors who were willing to see me because of it.

I also understand that the ACA is going to be a godsend for those who have lacked health care for a decade or two or three.  Please don't accuse me of being insensitive to that. I am aware of my relative privilege.

There are other ACA stories that need to be told. This one is mine.

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So, it's official: I cannot keep my medical team together with a marketplace policy through ACA in Indiana. I am a cancer survivor, 18 years post treatment and N.E.D. For the uninitiated, N.E.D = No Evidence of Disease. For breast cancer survivors, this is as good as it gets, even 18 years later. Follow me over the orange squiggly-do for a reality check.

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Wed Jul 17, 2013 at 05:32 AM PDT

Obamacare comes to Indiana

by annan

Several hundred "high risk" Hoosiers gathered in the Indianapolis Central Library to learn about the coming of Obamacare last night. As participants in Indiana's high risk pool, we were gathered to hear the Executive Director tell us what will happen when the ACA takes over.

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Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 08:28 AM PST

Heads have gotta roll!

by annan

So many wonderful, inspiring stories about volunteers and OFA staffers doing GOTV this weekend! And the one abiding idea that has started burning in my mind is that heads have gotta roll (metaphorically of course) after this election! We must remove from office those individuals - from county election supervisors to Secretaries of State - who are making bad decisions about the way our elections are conducted in this country.

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Fri Nov 04, 2011 at 10:34 AM PDT

This Land is Your Land

by annan

I've always been annoyed by the lyrics of our National Anthem ... "bombs bursting in air .... rockets red glare". I mean, come on. Too aggressive, too militaristic.

According to HankNYNY's diary about #OccupyTulsa, protestors sat down and sang the National Anthem just before being arrested Tuesday evening.  I get the sentiment. Sit down and sing a patriotic song. But our National Anthem is hardly peaceful and doesn't really seem appropriate. However, their peaceful tactic seems like a good one.

I guess I'm not alone, because several posters suggested alternate songs in that diary's comments thread. One comment in particular jumped out at me, so I want to bring this idea to a larger audience: This Land is Your Land

In 1940 Woody Guthrie believed that Irving Berlin's God Bless America was a little too syrupy and well ... godly. His response was to write "This Land is Your Land" a song that never fails to give me chills. Please follow me over the jump ...

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Sun Sep 28, 2008 at 06:56 AM PDT

Green the Bailout

by annan

Tom Friedman has a great article this morning in the New York Times: Green the Bailout

Friedman says that we need to add a buildup to the bailout and that it should be green.

In a green economy, we would rely less on credit from foreigners "and more on creativity from Americans," argued Van Jones, president of Green for All, and author of the forthcoming "The Green Collar Economy." "It’s time to stop borrowing and start building. America’s No. 1 resource is not oil or mortgages. Our No. 1 resource is our people. Let’s put people back to work — retrofitting and repowering America. ... You can’t base a national economy on credit cards. But you can base it on solar panels, wind turbines, smart biofuels and a massive program to weatherize every building and home in America."

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OK. Enough already with the shiny, shiny object named Sarah Palin.

Is ANYONE paying attention to what's been happening in St. Paul?

A few of us are. We've been writing diaries and making comments. But the 24/7 Palin distraction has drowned out the effort.

People! The police state is alive and well in the twin cities.

Unprovoked arrests of journalists, videographers assaulted while filming police abuse, home raided without warrants, 17 year-olds detained without charges and no access to phones, swarms of black clad thugs without identification (and I'm NOT referring to the anarchists) spraying pepper spray from cannisters at fleeing protesters ...

On and on it goes. Below I'm posting another email from Starhawk documenting the aftermath of this disaster.

Please add what you've seen and heard!

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I hesitate to post this diary. I think: am I making myself vulnerable? Yes. It's true. I am. Linking myself publicly to anarchists at the RNC isn't to be taken lightly.

So I sit, contemplating a post about magic and anarchy in Minneapolis, wondering if "they" will eventually come after me, too? Such a simple thing, to pass on this information. A simple attempt to educate people about political dissent from the comfort of my home.

And yet, I hesitate. Yes, I feel somewhat intimidated. Slightly fearful.  

Droogie made himself vulnerable posting about the AP and "they" came after him. Fortunately, it turned out OK for Droogie although it was a cautionary tale for all of us.

So where is that line between caution and cowardice? Am I being a drama queen? Or just realistic about the current political climate toward dissent in America?

Well, I've finished writing the post and Starhawk's bravery has seeped into my bones. So this is how magic works. Follow me over the jump to see if her courage seeps into your bones as well.

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Sat Aug 30, 2008 at 09:02 AM PDT

Police raid RNC protest center

by annan

In Minnesota a "convergence center", where protesters were organizing protests for the upcoming Republican National Convention, was raided by police last night.

This is the America that eight years of the Bush administration have brought us, a place where dissent is no longer tolerated, where pre-emptive strikes have become the strategy of choice for those who hold power, where any group can be accused of ‘bombmaking’ or ‘terrorism’ on no evidence whatsoever in order to deter dissent.

Please stand with us. Because it could be your home they are raiding, next.

I just received this email describing the raid from Starhawk, a writer and seasoned activist in the peace and justice movement. She is also a leader in earth-based spirituality movement and the author of The Fifth Sacred Thing, a book as powerful and cautionary as Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale.

Below the fold I have posted her email in it's entirety.

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