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Are we immune from the conduct of genocide? Do we support such practices?  Do we profess principles that we in fact suspend when we find them inconvenient?  Is this more than just the practice of a hypocritical government that we all condemn, but actually in our own behavior as critics, as well?  This entry is a look inward at our own hypocrisy.

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The showing of Simone Bitton's film, Rachel, at the Castro theater in San Francisco on July 25, 2009, as part of the Jewish Film Festival, was a landmark event in changing attitudes toward Israel.  Although the film itself is deserving of the attention given to it by both the press and the public, the real story was audience itself.

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Wed Jan 23, 2008 at 12:08 PM PST

No More Gaza

by Another Paul in Berkeley

This was posted elsewhere less than 24 hours before the wall between Gaza and Egypt was destroyed.  It's more applicable than ever.

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Israel needs to periodically renew its mandate to "redeem" the Land of Israel - i.e. to clear the land of its non-Jewish population and make it available for Jews.  In order to do so, it must demonstrate that its pursuit of peace goes unanswered and that it therefore reluctantly practices ethnic cleansing as its only recourse.  The Annapolis Peace Conference, like its many predecessors, is designed to give a U.S. blessing to further repression and dispossession of the Palestinians.

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As I prepare for this summer's activist work on Palestine, the march on DC marking 40 years of brutal Israeli occupation, the breaking of the siege of Gaza, and other local events, I have been looking for ways to break out of the usual routine and audiences for the work that I do. After looking at many online forums and consulting with fellow activists, Daily Kos seems like just the place for many reasons. As a blog committed to changing the poltics as usual in Washington and the democratic party, it is imperative that the nature of the discussion on Palestine (and many other issues) change dramatically, and I hope that my posts here can contribute to that.

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