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Netroots Nation was a blast this year -- it felt looser and more intimate than during campaign season -- and on Tuesday I was asked to share a few highlights on MSNBC, in an interview with anchor Carlos Watson and The Today Show's Jean Chatzky.  

I focused on donor strikes for campaign finance reform, led by Larry Lessig and Adam Green; the possibility of using ActBlue to raise money for primary challengers before they even enter the fray; and Mike Stark's Street Interviews on YouTube for FireDogLake -- aka sousveillance -- which has discomfited members from both parties.  

Here's the clip, and...

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I'm debating Judge Sotomayor's nomination on MSNBC today at 11:10am EST with conservative writer J.P. Freire -- we've sparred before -- in a segment hosted by anchor David Shuster.  

I will check out and respond to readers' input or ideas before and after the segment. The public debates over this pick have already careened into dark and dumb territory, so thoughts on how to elevate the discourse while beating back attacks are especially welcome.  

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As many DailyKos readers know, a whopping 70,000 questions poured into over the past week, in response to the Obama transition team's call for citizen queries.  After votes from about 100,000 people, the top ranked question asks Obama whether he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of torture and illegal surveillance by the U.S. government.  I've been working with activist Bob Fertik to organize support for the question...

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Harvard invited me to interview Joe Trippi at an Internet & Politics summit they're convening this week, and I'd like to throw it open for questions here at DailyKos.

We're having a "keynote luncheon" conversation on Thursday, which should be available for public viewing. (Some of the other sessions with Obama staff are private). Then the real fireworks come on Thursday night, in a "War Stories" panel with the leaders from both presidential campaigns (Axelrod, Plouffe, Schmidt and Davis, moderated by Gwen Ifel).  Anyway, for Trippi I've been thinking...


As an activist, your final verdict on the Dean campaign is:

27%12 votes
39%17 votes
23%10 votes
9%4 votes

| 43 votes | Vote | Results

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In America's first YouTube election, it turns out the voters were mainly in charge, not the campaigns or news organizations. I think this will interest Kossacks -- and not just JedL...

For The Nation, I just oversaw an analysis of the top YouTube videos about both presidential nominees during the general election, starting in May after the parties' primaries were settled, and found that the most-viewed videos were made by citizens and independent groups...


What's your top source for political YouTube videos?

10%3 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
80%24 votes
10%3 votes
0%0 votes

| 30 votes | Vote | Results

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I just got off a national conference call with Plouffe and senior Obama strategists, as they laid out their current field position in some detail for the press. The main message was a bullish argument that the campaign is on offense and surging in red states, while McCain is scampering to Pennsylvania for an unlikely "pathway to victory," as Plouffe put it.  DailyKos readers already know all that, of course, but there were some new field numbers that I found pretty striking...


Which Bush state is Obama most likely to win back?

63%473 votes
5%42 votes
22%164 votes
2%21 votes
5%41 votes

| 741 votes | Vote | Results

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So I've been happily flying around on "O Force One," Obama's campaign plane, for The Washington Independent, and I'll stick around this thread to chat and take questions live from the trail, as discussed with SusanG. We're in a packed stadium in Roanoke right now (12:20 EST), where Obama will give his only speech of the day -- intro by Jim Webb -- and I just interviewed a senior Obama aide about the Colin Powell buzz...


What's the best part of Obama's current closing argument?

23%1276 votes
48%2643 votes
15%843 votes
12%666 votes

| 5428 votes | Vote | Results

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