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Wed Jun 05, 2013 at 09:33 PM PDT

I have his flag: remembering D-Day

by asilomar

My father skippered the LCT 549.

The LCTs were the landing craft transports that carried soldiers onto the beach, and ferried the bodies back.

Up until a few months before he died in 2006, my father still had PTSD nightmares of the morning before the Normandy invasion.

When I lived in the UK, he visited once. We drove to Slapton Sands, and walked on the beaches where they trained. It was so easy to see that these were friendly, gentle beaches. Not at all like the traps that awaited them on Omaha Beach.

The midnight-early morning of the invasion, the navy of "Amis" (French slang for Americans, it also means "friends"), my father had sailed with the flotilla across the short stretch of water separating the mouth of the Dart River in England from France. The order came for the entire fleet to shift position, to move to the starboard (I think). The line of his LCT got tangled in another ship's line. He watched in desperation as day began to break. He said they were like sitting ducks, stuck in front of the German positions buried into the cliffs above Omaha Beach.

The Germans held their fire.

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A solution to AIDS exists in Nature.

About 5% of all HIV-infected individuals do not progress to AIDS, sometimes for decades. This is due to a still-undiscovered protein in their blood that suppresses HIV replication. As we explain in our video, as long as these HIV-infected individuals ("Long-Term Survivors") naturally produce this protein, because HIV cannot replicate, they remain healthy without drug therapy.

This is California Antiviral Foundation's vision: to isolate this protein, and turn it into a drug - an affordable drug that could treat all HIV-infected individuals worldwide.

We build on 25 years of research. We have access to all the technical resources we need. With enough financial support, we could see first data in patients in five years. Please support our work.

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Thu Nov 04, 2010 at 02:00 PM PDT


by asilomar

No on Boehnercare

Boehner Cares Less

Just say no to Boehnercare


Mr. Boehner, what’s wrong with affordable, quality healthcare?

Boehner Ripoff Care

....your turn to riff...


The fight to keep – and strengthen – healthcare reform begins NOW.

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Dear President Obama

Tonight the press is reporting that you and Mr Emanuel are "caving" on the public option for healthcare.  Earlier today the press reported how lobbying firms are spending an unprecendented amount of money to defeat the public option......

And what can I do? I can write to you at the White House (see note below).  I can call Baucus' office (they hung up when I said I was from California).  I can call my Senators (Sen. Feinstein's staffer was offended when I asked her whether she, the staffer, had health insurance).

From where I sit, it looks like a few well-heeled Senators are making decisions about my life and my future.  I don't have access to them.

You do.

Who will fight for me?

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Dear President Obama

The Bush administration bet on the fact that most Americans were too complacent, too gullible and too trusting to believe that so much evil was done in their name.

The rest of the world is not - complacent, gullible and trusting of their political leaders.  

You closed Gitmo.  Now by reinstating military commissions, you are keeping Gitmo open.  That is how the rest of the world is reporting your move.

I am outraged.  Yesterday Eugene Fidell on the Newshour spelled it out clearly: we have a judicial system (~33 minutes in) that can try these men.  The military commissions were part of Bush and Cheney's dark moves to create an extra-legal hellhole where evidence, laws and righteousness could not reach.

Below the jump is the letter I just sent you.

The Bush administration left a trail of landmines as they exited the White House.  You have a choice: either destroy those mines, or the evil and destruction will become part of your administration.

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As a biotechnology entrepreneur – still striving for success – I offer a plan (Biotech Jobs for America) to add 200,000 bioscience jobs over four years.  (Thanks to friends)

The plan asks Congress to allocate $6.7 billion in additional funding to five existing programs:   SBIR. TIP.  USAMRMC and AFIRM.  CDMRP.  SBIC.

But it's not just about the jobs.

We know that half our OEF/OIF wounded warriors will seek treatment for pain.    

There are currently no programs to fund development of more effective, non-addictive pain meds for them.

My jobs plan addresses their pain, too.

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Like most of us on Main Street, I watched Paulson on C-Span on this past Tuesday morning (OK, so not everyone watches C-Span at 6.15am, but you get my point).

Many of us scratched our heads thinking, "This guy is smart, he's an ex-Goldman guy, and I only have an MBA, but for the life of me, this just doesn't make sense......"

Here's why.  Paulson confuses - and his plan does not distinguish between, nor does his plan address - asset risk, valuation and liquidty risk.

This citizen offers a simple, easy-to-implement plan, using current infrastructure to address our nation's current financial crisis.  Yes, there's oversight, and yes, it may cost a bit - but a heckuva lot less than $700 bills.

Hop over the fold and I'll explain.

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