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I've been lying low lately, lurking mostly, and commenting very little. I have also been reading up on climate change and keeping an eye on the paid hacks from the energy multinationals. They abound in all media outlets, doing their bidding spreading indefensible theories but it seems that some climate skeptics have accepted the main tenets of climate science: that the world is indeed warming up and that we humans are largely to blame, which brings me to the GOS Weekly Review.

A few weeks ago Bionic and Mnemosyne have teamed up to produce a magazine for iPad, with the brief of including trending news topics such as environment, civil rights, women's rights, community, the body politic, healthcare, economy, media, science, OWS news, education, energy, LGBT and marriage equality news and short, a neatly condensed weekly review of the best posts that this site has to offer. Animal Nuz and fresh snark complete the roundup!

We have just published number 4, titled The Times They Are-A-Climate Changing, to reflect the seriousness of what I (personally) think is the premier issue of our times.

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Ever since that heartless Patric Juillet dropped me like a sack of rotten turnips three years ago on the other side of my pond, my life became a roller-coaster of miseries, forced labor and interstellar mishaps. Lonely & hungry, ipso fatso, I roamed the countryside in search of lovely carrots and maybe a lawyer but came across a bunch of giggling surfing hippies who gave me a couple of blue pills. They said my life would improve. Vastly.


Well, it didn't. I decided, maybe rashly, that I should nick a boat and cross the pond to seek my revenge on that despicable faux French (I happen to know that he's really from Iceland, and just because he can boil a potato it doesn't make him an authority on spuds!) He doesn't fool the ass! When I catch up with him I will tell him properly to "potes meos suaviari clunes!" Yes I will.

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GBCW? No fucking way! I'm not going anywhere, but that Asinus Asinum Fricat that has been impersonating me is getting ditched! Yep, the ass gets the boot! He's history. Dead as forty dodos!

AAF was my nickname at school, I was in the habit of making an ass of myself, got myself into much of it so I kept it for good luck. And lucky I did get.


Why the change? I'm going legit. I'm writing under my own name from now on. I have reasons, some of them valid and some of them plain loony (see poll below).

I have a new cooking series on the works and it's going to be called "Tales From The Larder". Hopefully it will be a weekly affair so press that subscribe button when the first one shows up, towards the end of this month.


Now for the loony reasons: didja change your name because:

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32%108 votes
12%41 votes

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Now that TripAdvisor spilled the beans last year about our sleepy village, the secret is out in the open.



Mind you, no one minds here, it's good for the economy. Follow me for the goods on Dingle!

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Water apocalypse? Yep, coming to a reservoir or an aquifer near you, in the not too distant future. Water is the essence of life, sustaining every being on this planet. Without water, there would simply be no plants, no animals, and us, the main culprits. But the global water supply isn't just at risk, it's already in crisis as I post these links below the fold. This scarce resource is facing heavy and unsustainable demand from users of all kinds, and farmers increasingly have to compete for water with urban residents and industries. Scientists and resource specialists say freshwater scarcity, even in unexpected places, not only threatens farm productivity, but limits growth, increases business expenses, and drains local treasuries.

“I truly believe we’re moving into an era of water scarcity throughout the United States,”

said Peter Gleick, science advisor to Circle of Blue and president of the Pacific Institute, a think tank specializing in water issues based in Oakland, California.

“That by itself is going to force us to adopt more efficient management techniques.”

Water scarcity is not just an American problem, it's being felt worldwide.

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Dear Monica, according to you:

The majority Democrats, intoxicated with power, are brimming with a haughty self-righteousness that is now veering into a prideful arrogance and self-destructive narcissism. Having misread their 2008 election victory as a mandate to push through liberalism on a grand scale, they are now stunned by opposition to their radical plans. To them, the depth and intensity of the dissent is unexpected and shocking.

One thing about liberals: It doesn't even occur to them that there is another side to an argument. They are so convinced of the righteousness of their own position that it doesn't dawn on them that a reasonable person might have a different viewpoint.

So, hum, Monica, liberals are intoxicated with power? From across the pond, where I stand, I see things a tad differently.

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Apologies to John Lennon. But yes, we should eat more peas! A new study reveals what we have known for quite some time: producing one single kilogram of beef has the horrifying side effect of producing 15-25kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

Across Europe a movement towards avoiding meat one day a week to help address the impact on the climate is gathering pace and adherents. The obvious aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cattle.

This follows a similar initiative in the Belgian town of Ghent, where town officials will eat non-meat meals once a week; from September schoolchildren, too, will go meat-free for a day.

Closer to home you have the brilliant series, up every Mondays by beach babe in fl who does a stellar job of gathering mouth-watering (meatless) recipes on this site.

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As a former chef I know too well the importance of fresh, clean water: no water, no food, no life. Water is far more vital for human life than oil as environmentalists, corporations and governments increasingly recognize its unequal distribution around the globe. A severe shortage will lead to concomitant environmental degradation and intense conflicts in the years ahead. Clean drinking water and free access to it will be as important in global geopolitics and economics in the years ahead as oil was in the post war period.

I have observed first hand the gradual soil erosion and the accompanying decimation of cattle in some parts of Australia during the great drought of the seventies and it is no accident that I chose to live in Ireland, a country blessed by generous rainfalls.

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So, It's July, it's hot, we're working double shifts to keep the tourists on their toes and relatively happy. Laughter is a must when the pressure mounts and the lines of customers thicken. Laughter is also a powerful and pervasive part of our lives, an important component of that behavioral bedrock of our species known as human nature.


Did you know that laughing acutally increases circulation and improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to body tissue?  Humor evens lowers blood pressure and aids the immune system in doing its job properly and also wards off respiratory problems. Laughter reduces stress hormones, helps control pain by increasing endorphines, so go on, laugh away!                                          

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Should John Steinbeck be alive today he would not like this: that seventy years after the publication of his masterpiece (August 1939), The Grapes of Wrath, places like California - among other states - have not eradicated hunger, and in fact it is a long way from it.


I think that his novel - which is a story of human unity and love as well as the need for cooperative rather than individualistic ideals during hard times - fits well with the general theme of NFTT, a collective effort in raising funds and garnering awareness for the plight of the soldier, thousands of miles from home and family, slogging it hard under dire conditions. This is why you should donate to this worthy cause, if you can. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.  

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Yesterday xxdr zombiexx posted a diary on the quality of life which pegged Costa Rica as the number 1 country in the world in terms of happiness and being "green", America came in at 114. Some of the commentaries quickly turned to health and France was mentioned as being the number 1 country for its health system. Being French I can report that it is correct (some of you would have read Jerome a Paris's harrowing story about his son and his first-hand dealings with our system) but there is a major factor at work besides having an egalitarian approach by a responsible government: it is called moderation. And moderation is drilled into us from early age through to adulthood and stays with most of us for the rest of our natural lives.

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There is nothing more annoying than trolls, and as trolls go, they need to be properly fed as they do possess not only numbskulls but highly developed digestive systems (though some might argue that it is usually the retentive kind). Having spent the best part of yesterday under an usually hot sun, I became feverish and "cooked up" the following recipes, which you can steal and post appropriately, whenever needed. Sarah P., please note.


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