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Mon Nov 25, 2013 at 02:32 PM PST

Keep Your Plan BCBS

by astage4444

Not sure how widespread this is. Just got a postcard in the mail today concerning my sons BCBS plan
"Prompted by the challenges to complete the enrollment process on the Health Insurance Marketplace, BCBSNC is automatically renewing your current plan to extend into 2014. You don't have to do anything.
You still have the option of switching to a new health care compliant plant, as long as you do so by December 15
They promise an updated 2014 rate information.
In his case this may be a good thing. Healthy 40 years old no doc visits for over 3 years. Has been buying a high deductible plan and has a HSA savings account. Not junk insurance but I really have to dig down in the details to see what is best to do
I wonder if this will stop some of the complaining?


Wed Oct 09, 2013 at 07:16 AM PDT

ACA Benefits and Side Effects

by astage4444

As a self-employed 62 year old woman with no health insurance I am thrilled with my choices under the ACA, and have already signed up with a  Silver plan with a very narrow network,  but that I can live with. The monthly premiums won't be that much higher than my current costs for docs, labs, and meds, and I will be covered in case of emergencies or additional surgeries I may need in the next few years. I lucked out and hit a sweet spot in the income range that makes me eligible for a health subsidy, but not so low I would qualify for medicaid which is not available in NC anyway. The less money you make the more screwed you are here in my lovely state.
So I am happy happy and grateful to have it.  
 I do have some thoughts on how the benefits and side effects of the new law. Some good, some not.
 The main difference The ACA will make in my life is the end of the constant collection calls about medical bills too steep to pay, and the end of getting in any deeper in debt to a for profit healthcare system that is known for aggressive collection practices. Will even be able to get some preventive check ups long over due.
 Of course in a rational system I would be able to buy into the Medicare system and cost you younger folks less money.  Meanwhile we work with what we have. The ACA needs to be protected and improved and I entertain hopes that it will be. One thing we may want to talk about when the time comes  is ditching the limits on catastrophic plans. These plans need to be transparent about the real costs involved - but  in the end it should be up to individuals what level of protection they decide they need.
 I am not clear on the reason for limiting access to these plans. How does it tie in with providing plans for people like me who really want and need good comprehensive coverage? Who came up with it - the insurance companies or HHS? A wide spectrum of people like these HD plans, my 40 year old son one of them. He is one of those who thinks he's immortal and has only seen a doctor a few times in his life. Other folks I know like the flexibility of paying for alternative medicine; treatments like acupuncture, herbs, and supplements with HSA funds.
I wish we were able to have commonsense discussions on improving the law, but there needs to be someone rational to talk to.

PS. No deals until a clean cr and debt limit raise. At all.


Fri Oct 04, 2013 at 09:16 AM PDT working enrolled

by astage4444

I have had a PEC since my early 20s due to RA arthritis. and am self employed. Now thanks to obamacare I will have insurance for the first time in 20 years.  
And the great thing is it is affordable! Yea!!!
Finally was able to get on and finish my app this morning. I may have had a headstart as I created an account last month before the site went live. Site is still slow and buggy but working. Was able to compare plans and pricing. Much more affordable than I had even thought it would be.
But I am still unhappy because so many people are left in the dust here in North Carolina due to  medicaid expansion rejected by our new Repub gov.
Many people I know, friends and neighbors will still have no regular access to doctor until they have to be carried into the emergency room.
The sad part is either they don't vote, or vote republican and are so misinformed about "Obambacare" they still think its a socialist plot to steal their freedom.
I can only hope that reality will win the day (someday)

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