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1. You ignore the record income inequality created by Democratic Party and Obama admin economic policies.

2. You decouple harmful and irresponsible policy from those implementing it.

3. You find any way possible to frame objective criticisms of the President as racism.

4. You ignore and excuse illegal domestic spying with obfuscations and messenger targeting.

5. You love Nate Silver when his projections are weighed toward Democrats and demonize him when they don't.

6. You praise the tax dodging, corporate welfare receiving, ponzi scheming, privacy invading, Libertarian paradise Silicon Valley as a Democratic economic success story while its "Caligulian" residents gleefully inflate their newest destructive bubble and mock the poor and struggling.

7. You still believe "voting against one's best interests" can be applied exclusively to conservative whites voting Republican.

8. You use the phrase "get the popcorn ready" when referring to beltway machinations that adversely affect the lives of real people as if it were a daytime soap.

9. You make excuses for the corporate / government orchestrated violent response to the Occupy movement.

10. You refuse to acknowledge an objective argument based on who is delivering it.

11. You reject electoral levers proposed from the left of the Obama admin with cries of "Naderism".

12. You cite millenials who are left of Obama as the future of the Democratic Party yet argue that adopting policies they favor as impractical and imposisble.

13. You cite the rigged stock market as a sign that the economy is improving.

14. You make excuses for blatant propaganda.

15. You ignore the labor participation rate under the Obama admin.

16. You  pretend that the current gross economic injustices are not a direct result of Democratic Party policies.

17. You condemn the big banks and Wall Street while excusing their enablers.

18. You excuse the increase in poverty under the Obama admin.

19. You criticize "the left" for being unorganized then shoot them down when they try.

20. You frame conservatism as liberal pragmatism.

21. You do not hold the President accountable for his wasted opportunities.

22. You use the phrase "I have nothing to fear because I have nothing to hide" in reference to domestic spying.

23. You agree with Nancy Pelosi when she says only Republicans are corrupt, and excuse the corruption in the Democratic Party.


I performed a quick search and didn't find any similar diaries. I'll gladly delete if this has already been covered.

My incredulousness rapidly growing daily, in part with help from great diaries like those coming from The Troubador, I am challenged this AM to extend my jaw beyond the floor after reading this account from the NYT regarding Russia's state TV and its "surprising," apparently slant free coverage of recent protests.

I'm quite honestly at a loss as to how I should present this, but here goes.

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Given that there appear to be no diary entries regarding the ad being touted by Republican strategists, I thought it pertinent to post it in all its underwhelming glory.

Here it is.

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My apologies for this being short, however it struck a chord with me personally so I felt I should post it.

In yet another display of the kind of callous disregard and hollow sense of empathy that typifies today's mainstream media, the NYT manages to turn the death of a young man into an advertising opportunity.

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Yesterday evening, after having applied what I thought was a fresh anti-conductive sheet of Aluminium (that's al-yoo-miniyum) to the four walls of my isolated mountain cabin, switched my dKoser ring to the conspiracy receptor frequency and made my nightly entry in my manifesto, I came across what may be the most devastating blow to tin foil hattery since the government switched to Kool-AidTM...


I totally lose it after the jump.

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I will admit that I have suffered a similar letdown based on the limited indictment. But only for a moment, and not in relation to what I'm writing here. Fitzgerald is so good at genericizing the circumstances, and sticking to the book, he could qualify as being a tease although the subject of said teasing may be absent. That said, here's a potential "silver lining", if one can exist in this scenario.



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The FBI's "Obscenity Task Force" has begun its fascist war on freedom of speech, the right to privacy and adult consent on behalf of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, and more profoundly on behalf of the Christian Right minority dictating the preznit's policy.
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Just to let everyone know, the GOP Rita spinning has started.
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Mon Sep 19, 2005 at 11:55 AM PDT

Coke, iPods and Democracy

by averageyoungman

Having spent the last nearly 15 years in the graphics, branding and technology fields, I tend to have - in some cases - a somewhat different analytical perspective regarding how we are viewed externally. By that I mean those unfamiliar with the movement, language and idiosyncrasies of the progressive culture, which constitutes roughly the majority of the American population. To most people news is nothing more than a brand, and they focus on headlines that quantify issues for them, not granularities that - although vitally important - are hard to digest and understand without the all-important and increasingly fleeting investment of time. In contrast, the vast majority of  KOSSACKS understand the terminology, focus on the granularities and revel in the stimulation deriviative of such intellectual pursuits. For most, however, this is too complicated. They need Coke, iPods and neat packages.
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DISCLAIMER: This is my first diary entry. Pop!

Being one that is constantly in search of an answer to the collective American apathy, I was struck - however marginally - by a short article I just read on the SF Gate.

The article contains two examples of what I consider to be behavioral - or cultural - examples of what motivates the average American to leave said apathy behind - direct, personal, monetary hardship. The collective American apathy, it appears, is only a byproduct of the collective American selfishness. Not that this is some kind of revelation, at least for the relatively informed.

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