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That’s how former Texas Governor and Attorney General Mark White described our lawsuit and briefing.

Prominent attorneys and legal scholars including the Dean of the Law School at the University of California, Irvine and the former President of the State Bar of Texas have voiced their support. And, hundreds have signed our petition at

Our idea is simple. Wall Street’s misdeeds caused massive harm to hardworking Americans. And, we deserve to receive damages for Wall Street’s misconduct.

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Wall Street firms have harmed Texas and all of America. I've proposed a State Attorney General lawsuit and to work at no fee to help solve the problem.

Our people are unemployed. Our home values have plummeted. And, our state governments are making savage cuts to our schools, our kids' healthcare and more.

These facts give states, including Texas, the right to sue Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and other firms for wrongdoing.

It's time for state Attorneys General to file these law suits.

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The last days have been issue intense, with many interviews and an update of the issues chart which we posted on-line last night, still the first item under issues at We added several foreign policy positions and quotes.  


Our press release on my  immigration stance, the impact of misguided trade agreements which have attracted massive new influx of illegal immigration, for economic reasons and the massive cost of  opponent's "self deportation" and other wacky proposals  complete with criticism by her own administration, was widely distributed the day before this August 25 news item by Jerome R. Corsii of


What do you think about the Trans-Texas Corridor

5%14 votes
94%258 votes

| 272 votes | Vote | Results

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I believe we must stand by deadlines and goals and withdraw.

My opponent believes we should put more troops and more money into the Iraq quagmire.

The Iraq issue has clearly separated me and my opponent. She was quoted by KLTV in Tyler yesterday saying "I would like to see America put our efforts into Iraq and Afghanistan where we know that we need to have troops there--we need to have more troops there."

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Mon Aug 14, 2006 at 05:48 AM PDT

NASA Funding Debacle

by Barbara Ann Radnofsky

We hope Sen. Hutchison has abandoned the proposition that puts national security at risk of inviting Chinese investment in our space program to offset part of budget tightening. Her misplaced priorities have forced belt tightening in the wrong place for NASA, Texas, and science on earth: cuts in the studying of what NASA learns in space has led to what experts dub "space tourism" and a change in the NASA mission statement to eliminate learning about the earth in which we live.
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