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My name is Barry Welsh.  For the past two cycles I have been the Democratic Party nominee for Indiana’s 6th Congressional District in opposition to Mike Pence.  

I am once again on the ballot for the May 4th Indiana primary and for two reasons.
First, I was told a few days before it happened, that Evan Bayh was going to retire and that Mike was the chosen one from the Republican party to replace him which would leave the seat open and possibly give me a legit chance of winning, and second because the only other person that filed for the party nomination had run as a Republican in 2006 and a Libertarian in 2008 so he might as well be a tea bagger.   I am NOT asking you for donations.  I am not actively campaigning for the nomination here or in my district.  I was going to be totally quiet and just give the voters a choice.  I had considered withdrawing even if I won the primary with no activity.  I was going to be silent through the process but after all that has happened to my fellow Democrats and in some cases, my friends in Congress, I cannot be silent.

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Sat Feb 27, 2010 at 03:18 PM PST

IN-Sen Hill will not run

by Barry Welsh

WTHR the NBC affliate in Indianapolis is reporting the Congressman Baron Hill will remain in the race to keep his 9th District House of Representatives seat and will not challenge for the Senate seat that will open with the retirement of Senator Evan Bayh.

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Sat Feb 20, 2010 at 07:16 PM PST

IN-06 NO Man's Land

by Barry Welsh

It has been quite a while since I have done this so I hope I remember how this goes!  

My name is Barry Welsh and for the past two cycles I have challenged "The NO Man" Mike Pence for The United States House of Representatives.

First I want to once again say THANK YOU to all on this site and across the country that supported our long shot efforts.  THANK YOU!

Second I want to tell you what it is like in his NO Man's Land.

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I’m Barry Welsh and I am the Congressional Candidate for the Democratic Party in Indiana’s 6th District.  

Tomorrow, many of the voters in my district will travel to our state capital, Indianapolis, and I will join them, as we will gather to hear Senator Barack Obama, the next President of the United States, address a record crowd.    

More below including campaign update:

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I am Barry Welsh and I am running against Mike Pence for the Sixth District Seat from Indiana in the United States House of Representatives.  

Our campaign has released the following Statement to the Media across the district.

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I am Barry Welsh and I am running for Congress in Indiana’s 6th District.  Last night I posted a diary IN-06 "Walking with Giants" Senator Birch Bayh and in the diary I asked for funds for radio and cable TV spots.

It costs on average 12 dollars for a 30 sec radio spot and we can buy cable in the largest towns for 6 dollars per thirty second spot.

I just wanted to write and thank those that contributed and let them know that I booked  an additional ad buy of radio for election day and the four business days before with the money raised last night.

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I am Barry Welsh and I am going to be the next Congressman from Indiana’s 6th District, and yes Indiana is going Blue.  First I want to thank the thousands of early voters that have already voted for us.  Second I want to thank the Obama Campaign for targeting my district and our state.   Thrid, it is only going to get better here and it is pretty good already.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to campaign with singer/songwriter Carol King, Jane Pauley formally with the Today Show, Former First Lady of Indiana Judy OBannon, Co-Chair of the Iraq Study group, Co-Chair of the 9/11 Commission, President of the Woodrow Wilson Institute for International Studies, and former Congressman from the old Indiana 9th, and Indiana’s greatest Statesman, the old 9th  is the Southern half of my district, Lee Hamilton, and former Senator Birch Bayh.  In one day, I campaigned with Mrs. OBannon, Lee Hamilton and birch Bayh.  In Southern Indiana when you say Frank, OBannon, Lee Hamilton, or Birch Bayh, angels sing.

More Below.

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I am Barry Welsh and I am running a grass roots, people oriented campaign for Congress against Mike Pence in Indiana’s 6th District.  An update on the campaign below but first, Senator and the Next President of the United States Barack Obama will be back in Indiana tomorrow.  

Senator Obama will be in Indianapolis tomorrow at 12:15 at the historic Indiana State fairgrounds Coliseum.  The Coliseum is one of the few buildings still standing nationally that have hosted The Beatles, John F. Kennedy, Elvis, and The ABA Indiana Pacers.  

This may not be new News but I did want to remind Hoosiers to come and see the Next President.

Our campaign update comes below.

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The Indianapolis Star has new poll numbers out today.  Obama 47 McCain 44.  The link above leads to some internal questions and features worng track numbers of 79

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First we are in a contest with other great Democrats through the Blue America PAC and Howie from Down With Tyranny, one of the sponsor blog sites, contacted me with the info that REM had donated through the contest to our effort.  I am asking you to join them, and give if you can here

Second, my opponent, Mike Pence was supposed to speak at the RNC tonight and was cancelled.

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WISH) - The pace picks up in St. Paul tonight at the Republican National Convention.
Congressman Mike Pence was scheduled to deliver a speech tonight, but at around 11 a.m. he was informed he's off the schedule.
Organizers said it's because of reshuffling after Monday's cancellation.


My response and more below

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I’m Barry Welsh and I am the Democratic Candidate for Congress running for a second time against Mike Pence for the privilege of serving the people of Indiana’s 6th District.

You might have heard Mike on CNN saying they were going to be staying indefinitely, as long as it took for The Honorable Speaker Pelosi (My words not his) to bring the House back into session and have an up or down vote on drilling.


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For those that don’t know, I am Barry Welsh and I am the Democratic Party Candidate for Congress in Indiana’s 6th District.  My opponent is Mike Pence.

The Campaign for Change held a forum in my district today to announce the Obama Economic package and in the forum compared it to the McCain Economic plan.

If you read no further, read this; The McCain plan is NOT more of the same.  It is not A 3rd Bush Term.  It is much much worse.  

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