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As others have stated about themselves, I’m still in shock at the recent passing of Bartcop “hisself”—Terry Coppage.  According to his website, as posted by fellow Bartcopper “Chicago Jim”, Terry died Wednesday morning, March 5th, 2014 of complications due to Terry’s struggle with leukemia, pneumonia, and flu.  Thankfully, and hopefully truthfully, Jim posted that Terry died peacefully.  I certainly hope that’s true—and I thank Chicago Jim for his brief-but-timely posting, as well as that by “tarkangi” here at Daily Kos.  Many there called for a “proper diary”, by a “proper wordsmith”.  

I don’t know that I can lay claim to either, but my handle and my heart are in the right place; for better or worse, I’m compelled to give it a go....

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I am writing to request help for a political campaign from anyone with a digital camera living near or visiting the Texas State Capitol in Austin; help you can provide with your camera shutter finger (no, not that one).

A campaign I'm working on needs a picture of the Ten Commandments monument placed at the Texas State Capitol in Austin, similar to this one at the State of Texas website.  The need isn't immediate, but I'd like a clean, well-lit image by the end of March, if possible.  And I need your permission to use the image in print and website advertisements for (actually, defending) my candidate.  If more information is needed, leave comments to that effect and I will respond as I am available.

While I am putting this, my first diary, together hurriedly and with a very specific goal in mind, it broaches a larger topic I'd like to start (or continue, if others have already started):  a discussion of how we can harness the collective brainpower of this wonderful, savvy, and passionate community in the service of running successful progressive political campaigns.


Does the idea of a Daily Kos-wide political campaign consulting advice and service network appeal to you?

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