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Warning: Going in depth as much as I can here folks which means mainly religion in this one and my take on the heretical Prosperity Gospel teachings. (There will be links for reference as I go, because some this has to be heard to be believed). I may have to include the Dominionsm commentary in this as well since the two teachings are intrinsically linked and generally taught by the same people. If that's the case then this may be a long one. Just so everyone knows.

As always lets keep it civil guys. I like talking to people and this is meant to be my response to what I see as a growing problem and, hopefully, present a solution of sorts. This will be a series of diaries as it will make things easier for me to write and for you to read. We begin after the orange corndog thing. (for the record: quoted Bible verses are from the KJV version since that's the one most often used by these ministries)

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Head's up all: This is going to get into matters of religion, my personal faith, and spiritual matters big time. Keep it civil please. If this isn't your thing just remember I gave fair warning up front.

We need to talk. No more than that, we need to communicate. Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a young woman at Det Con 1 in Detroit and over the course of it when she found out that I was a Christian and had certain concerns about the way certain players were trying to move the chess board she was surprised because she didn't know that there were people like me. That's more than a little troubling for a variety of reasons, so I'm going to take a few moments to talk about the big problem here and just what is going on and, hopefully, how we can solve it.

The mainstream of Christianity, or at least the one most covered by the press, has been utterly corrupted by two heretical teachings: Dominionism and Prosperity Gospel. For the life of me I can't figure out why so few people haven't seen right through these teachings, but I have my suspicions. Both rely on using quotes from scripture out of context and wild misinterpretations from men who claim to know God yet say things that utterly contradictory to the teachings of Christ. Seriously sit down read the Bible and compare it to the things some of the biggest proponents of those two teachings say and you'll be shocked at how much they've jumped the shark (if that's an appropriate allusion). In fact  I'll say it straight up, the Church triumphant has become so corrupted by its involvement in politics that we've lost sight of our original purpose and care more about money and power than the people Christ came for.

Until more of us are willing to stand up and say no more, this is not going to change. In fact I'm betting it's going to get much, much worse given how hateful and mean spirited politics is becoming.

It honestly makes me want to weep.

That's all for now

God bless you all

End of line

EDIT: I changed a phrasing as I was alerted that the one I had used was one that wasn't used much anymore due to its racial undertones. I think the new one works just as well, maybe a touch better; but I didn't want to offend accidentally.


Tue Jun 24, 2014 at 10:05 PM PDT

Where I Stand

by bayushisan

So, it's been some time since I last posted and I've done quite a bit of thinking and I wanted to share some of it as my means of coming back. Kind of like a phoenix, but without the flames and the burning and such. ;)

I no longer claim any political party. I have ideas and thoughts on politics, to be sure, but there isn't really a party that reflects my thoughts and beliefs these days. On most social issues I swing hard libertarian. The government should leave a person alone for the most part if they aren't hurting anyone, of course this angers many conservatives because it means I actually believe in the tenth amendment and that those powers not explicitly given to the fed are constitutionally those of the individual states. (for some reason several of them think that this means I want to kill babies, smoke lots of drugs and have gay I don't want to do any of those things I tend to look at them confused and wonder just why their brain went in that direction)

When it comes to economics I favor Distributism as endorsed by G.K. Chesterton with the modification of having a social aid program for those in need. It's actually a very good economic theory, based on a cursory reading and my limited understanding of such things and it emphasizes using the idea of the Just War before getting involved militarily in things. (one example being WWII as a Just War in that scenario, while Iraq would not have been). Chesterton would also have been one of the first to call for breaking up the banking conglomerates into smaller, more community based entities.

I am, as ever, a Bible believing Christian. I have no desire to force anyone to believe as I do. All I can do is share my faith and if a person chooses to take that path as well, then that's the best I can hope for. If they choose not to I have to respect that choice because it's their choice and only they can make it. I try to live each day by the ideals of love they neighbor as thyself, love thy enemy (as Chesterton put it "probably because they're the same person" lol), forgive 70 x 7 (which is a hard one for me) and to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I try not to hold anger in my heart toward others (another one that very hard at times) and I'm not perfect. I make mistakes as anyone else and I fall down from time to time. I do keep trying though.

I'm continuing in therapy for my mental health issues and continuing to see my oncologist (least aggressive cancer there is. only taking oral medication and on it for the next couple years).

I'm at peace and I'm trying to get to that place where I can be happy. :) Many times I am, but I have good days and bad. As for the future? We'll see.

That's all for now

God bless you all

End of line

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