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Rachel Maddow opened her January 9 show with a 16-minute blockbuster dissertation of an alternate — and more plausible — reason for Christie's minions shutting down the GWB local access lanes.  It is as explosive as it is plausible.  Maddow posits that the target of the retaliation was NJ Senate leader Loretta Weinburg, not Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich, and it had to do with the four-year long skirmish over the NJ Supreme Court.  Fort Lee is in Weinburg's district.  This is riveting must-see television and worth the view.

I'm having trouble embedding the video, so here is the URL link:

This is all circumstantial at this point, but it fits with Christie's numerous press conference answers regarding Sokolich not being in his sights and fits in with the paper trail that has been released.  Hopefully this theory gets enough traction that the numerous investigations that have launched will start looking in this direction.  For those who are short on time, the timeline follows below the squigglie.

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David Frum already has a book released on my Romney lost the election, and was on Morning Joe today to promote it.  He made a brutal point as to how the GOP pundits and opinion writers have dishonestly and blatently lied the Republican base, and Scarborough is in total agreement and makes him reemphasize the point.  This three-minute clip is definitely worth the view.

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Other than a major weather incident early in his term when he was out of town (at a fundraiser in Florida from what I remember), I've always given NJ Governor Chris Christie major props on his preparation and performance during natural disaster events in New Jersey.  On Sunday afternoon, he held the first of what mostly likely will be a number of press conferences to discuss the disaster preparations for Hurricane Sandy's arrival.  After a thorough and detailed report of those preparations, Christie finished with some comments regarding President Obama.

One additional positive Christie attribute is his putting the handling of these types of events far ahead of politics.  Christie spoke of his phonecalls with FEMA, and was effusive when discussing the contents of a phonecall initiated by the president regarding potential federal assistance.

Video and more commentary below the fold.

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TPM today highlights a link to the first ad of the campaign cycle, featuring Rosie Perez' brilliant take-down of Mitt Romney over why he won't have Latino support.

Here's the two-minute ad, well worth the look.

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I'm surprised no one has posted this - I'm guessing due to the scrutiny of the Warren/Brown debate.  Last night, however, another interesting debate took place, and it was a knockout:  Wayne Powell obliterated Eric Cantor in their hour-long debate, and it is worth a watch:

Cantor/Powell 10/1/2012 Debate on CSPAN

Unlike other debates this season, the moderator asked tough definitive questions, and on more than one occasion Cantor ducked.  Local polls show the race as closer than expected, so maybe we'll see a "November surprise" in Virginia this Election Day.

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