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I have been a member of this site for 10 years, a lifelong democrat, and one of the champions of the healthcare laws Obama put into place. Now I am finding myself on the wrong side of bureaucracy. I just turned 26 (yes, I've been a member since I was 16!). This meant that I was dropped from my fathers insurance on my birthday. I signed up for Obamacare over the phone, got all of my IDs ready, and was told that I was enrolled effective September 1st. What has happened since has been a nightmare.

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Anyone feeling like we got the short end of the stick should read the comments. You'll enjoy them. Consider this your little bit of zen.

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So... backwoods republicans in Texas are taking it seriously that they've got "100,000 signatures" on an online website asking Obama for secession. So we Austinites came up with our own petition... help us out! :) I don't care where you sign it from, just like they don't seem to care that many of their signatures come from out of state either.

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We are witnessing the end of an era, where people my age (under 30), people who came out in a LANDSLIDE for Obama, are being rewarded with the end of prohibition that disproportionately affects my generation, especially minorities in my generation.

SEATTLE — Prosecutors in King and Pierce counties announced Friday that they are dropping pending cases of marijuana possession after state voters legalized the drug in Tuesday's election.
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If anyone knows my history, they will know that I have been here on Dailykos almost since its inception. For such a liberal group, I realize that Dailykos actually skews a little older than much of the rest of the internet... and for such a liberal group, marijuana issues do not seem to be very big or central. They are certainly given the backseat to other issues, like what a woman can and cannot do with her own body, or gay rights, but please realize that the marijuana issue is just as important for the very same philosophical reasons you support those other two positions: the government should not tell us what we can and cannot do when we are consenting in terms of our own bodies!

A long time ago, I wrote an article called "An Honest Talk about Marijuana." It remains to this day the most read article about marijuana on this site ever. Today, I am proud to say, for the first time in history, people came together and said "we will no longer enforce these laws against our people."


Will you get behind the movement?

92%78 votes
5%5 votes
1%1 votes

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He just updated again, he forgot to include a couple of polls...

This is pretty much pre-Denver numbers.

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Niiiiice :D

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Obama 50, Romney 47

Obama 49, Romney 47

And shows that Romney is one point ahead in Florida.

Looking good folks!

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GREAT new poll, not even posted on the pollsters sites yet but just tweeted by politico and Huffpo.

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No text from Nate yet, but...

Current chance:

Obama: 77.4%
Romney: 22.6%


Obama: 79.5%
Romney: 20.5%

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I don't know where else to post this. Sandy crossed the gulf stream and is intensifying. The pressure from recon keeps dropping. They just found a 937mb central pressure, that's the lowest pressure ever found north of Virginia. The "bomb" scenario is underway, the perfect storm literally is occurring, and it could not be hitting in a worse place for NY Harbor. Because of the strengthening, meteorologist Joe Bastardi just tweeted this:

Meanwhile, watching the New York Harbor webcam is like watching a train wreck in slow motion...

Here is the graph of the tide at Battery:

PLEASE, New Yorkers, be prepared, our hearts are with you.



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