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As always, apologies if this has already been diary'ed. But I don't see it.

For the last weeks, I have been wondering about Romney's seemingly unshakeable support in the business community. I understand that the most successful of these guys stand to do very well under a Romney administration (perish the thought.) But there are a lot of UN-most-successful business types, too - and like the rest of the middle class, the Romney-fueled economic apocalypse will hit them hard.

So I was overjoyed to see a biting, economy-centered DIS-endorsement of Romney today in The Economist.


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Note: I don't write this diary to engage in any counter-productive bitch sessions, to throw up my hands in despair, or to vent. I'm writing it because finally, FINALLY, I've seen enough evidence to convince me that I've been betrayed, and that it is time to organize around root causes and realities, rather than to continue to fall for the pipedreams of Obama's rhetoric. I really do recommend watching the John Pilger speech I link to below, "Obama and Empire."

So, my diary:

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Mon Sep 28, 2009 at 07:33 AM PDT

Rapid Response to Reid Rumor (RRRR)

by benvautier

UPDATE: I put the denial in the body, sorry I was at work, didn't get to do this earlier. A bit late now, but better late than never.

UPDATE: see slinkerwink's comment below, Reid's office is denying the rumor. As we knew they would, and as they should.

Also: this really is not an alarmist freak-out diary. It is, as itswhatson writes below, an attempt to take the rumor as " as a prompt to keep these people accountable -- and if they find that a hassle, then they can just try to run a tighter ship."

Perhaps others have seen the piece reporting that an anonymous aide to Reid says he will likely cut the public option from whatever the Senate bill becomes.

Here's the link.

I don't take these rumors all that seriously, of course, but it seems like a good reason to do some calling today.

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UPDATE: here is a link to Robinson's source, an article by the historian Robert Paxton, "The Five Stages of Fascism."  I apologize for posting a diary without checking the original source first, but hope that linking to Paxton's piece will provide a corrective. I'll leave the rest of the diary as I originally wrote it -- no fair otherwise.

I would recommend everyone take a few minutes to read Sara Robinson's thoughtful and utterly necessary article "Is the US on the brink of fascism?" The question of where this right-wing mob of protestors is headed has been more than troubling me lately. I've been on the lookout for a piece written by someone with some deep knowledge about what constitutes fascism, where the US is now, and whether there are legitimate dangers of a truly fascist movement developing.

This is that article.

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Sun Sep 14, 2008 at 11:53 AM PDT

What I Learned Phonebanking Today

by benvautier

I started phone-banking last week, and I've been doing a couple of hours a day since then. Today I called a bunch of voters in Pennsylvania, and had long conversations with five undecided voters.

It was really illuminating. A lot of what I've been reading on this board is supported by my observations, but a lot ISN'T.

First of all, all of the undecided voters I talked to like Palin. They like her a lot more than they like McCain.  They are compelled by her energy and her looks and her demeanor. A couple were pro-life, and McCain's selection of Palin had turned them from "leaning Obama" to "undecided."

BUT, by far the MOST important issue for all of them is the economy. These people are disgusted by oil company profits, disgusted by high gas prices, disgusted that relatives of theirs are losing their jobs and unable to find new ones. They KNOW that the system is unfair, that corporations are bleeding this country dry while they are suffering.

When I spoke to them about Obama's tax plan (the elimination of income tax for many seniors, the tax breaks for middle-class people and the increase for corporations and the rich) - EVERY UNDECIDED VOTER I TALKED TO WENT FROM UNDECIDED TO LEANING OBAMA.

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